The One [World] Order
And our [EU] globalist elites!
, lovely Jos,
One (EU) world !
The EU (big) [Institutions]
The elite (of global) rule
The (absofreakinlutely spread of) global bureaucracy,
that resentment !


The (world, EU, BG) globalists agenda [of Elitist paternalism],
that absofreakinlutely want to govern the world/EU!

dream of Europe -
the EU !

The dreamed unification by the internationalists-globalists,
The globalists want { for the common good(ness)}
to rule
the (whole) world! Its the collectivistic idea(l)!
the American dream (EU) !
, lovely Josephine,
absofuckinlutely -
all the collectivist thinking [nations]!


& economic) !
[ , () , lovely Jos,
) ( ) !
: ,
the ( great) EU ,
aka the EU Structure,
is superior to all the ppl in (all of) EU!
The great dream (for the future):
One Global
(absofuckinlutely centralized) Government!
, lovely Jos,
the ( of the) public servant
(their own) -
of the chosen few, in the
(fed) State of EU!
, lovely Jos,
, & ! ?
For the absolutely huge majority of (EU) ppl! OK?
the " (EU) "! ]

Building the new structure,
building the NWO; building the NEUO;
(global) sovietization of the world; sovietization of the EU!

The elites long-sought (vision of a) World [Centralized] Government!
elites & their vision for an EUs [Centralized; Regional] Government!
of Political class

The European project
[ the federal
sticking a few groups in togetherness and take the strongest group and make it a leader
i.e. setting up a new collectivism (
Thats the balkanizing! Oh, that balkanization!
Do you remember, lovely Jos,
the disintegration of
into multi-conflicting separate ?]

of the globalists;
of the Elite(s) & its institutions; the Ppl(s).
The ppl of the EU , that force the egalitarian [relativistic] morality
and its - politics, economics & culture
all the 500 million .
Imagine there's no countries, no nations [, but only regions]
Imagine no possessionsa brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world
Welcome to
the new (One) world order!
And the world will be as one
yes, thats utopian dreaming!

Yes, lovely Jos,
thats the (emotionalism of)
lack of true rational thinking! Its collectivism i.e. statism!

The God of ;
the (political) globalists; the collective burocratic Authority;
the westernized (
-) (-)socialism!
[Do you speak (), lovely Jos?! Dont be stupid!]
The domination of (EU) & over the individual

The neo-authoritarianism (of EU); The global governance (of EU)

universalism of globalism its anti liberty;
its the One
New (EU, world) Order (of government). Its collectivism i.e. corporatism!

The relativists-: wrong ppl

The neo-collectivism  -
the irrational guiding principle of the EU structure

EU !

The Corporatism & -
breaking of (the ppl of) Europe the coersive into oneness of the New Order!

Its the (egalitarian) party man. And the EUs .

All the
to the ppl
much - of the reality, it ;
usually its actually much worse.
The EUs

 - the individual!

The neo- of the (United States of) EU;
the Superstate
of EU
the drug
of EU political power - the false hope;
the authocracy of
& the teaching the values of the relativism!
- the tool of Germany

The EU
- the junior version of USSR!


The EUs !
and its according politics,
economics and reality media shows!
Unite, unite Europe - sing it, ?! the European dream, the EU collectivism fantasy world! !

Oooh, it's the killing Machine! Really, - for the productive individual!

Yes, it is a real killing Machine;
its the collectivist institutions of EU!
Its the (EUs) irrational perspective!

is silencing its ppl - for the worst!
Its the

[] of

, , culturalism & constuctivism (& )
of democratic (inter-) (-)!
s the , lovely Josephine,
based on
() principle of
of the results of the
and ppl!


Its the (same) ideology of the (neo) One World (EU) order!

Its all about the ideology
of the centralization of
the power of the
a (self-interested) Establishment:
the morality of
the secular e(n)li(gh)te(ned) & the religious e(n)li(gh)te(ned)

, () the leadership of - chaos &
- delusion - ()


The -Administrative /EU -

against the rational & the secular the IR!
-. And its statism/.

- the (neo-)common European good quest for power

The delusional State of the One European Union -
[The statist indoctrination in the world of EU]
The absolute & universal agenda
(BG, EU, world) (of the todays Establishment) - the One World/God Order!


The democratic unified giant establishment of Euro Socialism//collectivism:
Eur of all the nations in Europe ..

Unified Dictatorship of the Big Government & Big Banksters .. the Euro Elite ..

super-centralization of power on EU &
[coercive] redistribution of the wealth
by the EU

The (new) Unified EU mega-State ..

The New European Order i.e. the One EU utopia
collectivism, of the Super EU elite;
the new inter-
oligarchy, represented in the SuperNatural Body of the EU Parlament

& of the , ergo criminality the groupthink :

" (EUs) !
All power in the hands of the EU
State! From each according to his ability, to each according to his EU(s regulated) n-e-e-d!

A, kak?

the means of /enforcement -
the use of
force and central planning i.e.
restricting the freedom of the individual & increasing the collectivism i.e.
to coercively produce equality, &

The morality of the democratic &

{ experiment of the well connected & hugely well paid , , , banksters & parasites .. communitarians,

- of communism
- ,
SS /God//New Order,
& all over Europe/world;
oh, that Marx, oh that Lenin, oh, those communists and their hungriness for absolute/total power }


[vs the right : Europe of the ,
trade & communicate together, based on the principles of free market economy]


of enslavement of the , !

[ ,
() & Co
and their !]

{ EU project -
- -, , peace , hidden ,

do, do, do overconsolidation & overcentralization of polit-economic power;

, of -- solutions,
immensely destructive results;
Dont you,
in 21 century, get a , lovely Jos? No?
Let me spell it for you - because you are young & free luckily the times.
the idea is:
local () sub-units The Big & EU Parlament,
the ,
- the , in fact,
the absolutely
the & the Wisest of .. the Great !
Its the same absolutely bad
being applied by the same absolutely bad
of the ------------
ako fully really , , the same & of Europe, !

And do remember
, lovely Jos,
the EU project,
every other mafias -- organization cannot & will not be ever really reformed from within or changed by itself! Why?
Its really the ///groupthink/statehoodness. Yes. The superbadness.
() , the ideology/ - , ! , , lovely Jos, turn that away,
or else it really eat you - all the way.
Its really up to you! Yes.
Its really up to you!
You are choosing!
So, do it
rationally, consistently, seriously, & persistently, lovely Jos! its your life, liberty, property & that are really at stake!
you ought to really/ grasp, , recognize, understand the whys, the whats and the hows -
of the real
the really challanging, the really inspiring and the really beautiful the rational/practical morality/values, ideas and method.
And of course, that I
will really help you, lovely individual! Rationally - , & based on the right principles.
All I have to do is to really activate, really stimulate & really mobilize the really rational faculties of your individual
you lovely Jos, OUGHT TO really know why you do what you do. And I really mean it.
Let me lead the way -
& the truth; a true vision!
/ should & could really be, with its really principles, method & .
, , an irrational character, Jos! ?
an irrationality is really badness, no matter if religious secular!
badness e happiness; an irrational (fe)male UNhappy, cannot be in the long run. non-moral. How come?

- the only fundamental & ultimate of every human! OK?
Only the rational
is the [objective ] good - can be the successful the , ! OK?
in reality moral purpose - qua human: to be really flourishing in real IHS terms! OK?
only the rational
is the really moral; the irrational is the immoral. No matter within the - Strata. OK?
, lovely , let me tell you, it really aint easy to be a rational character, it is very, very much easy to be a non-rational personality! OK?



/ , , - ;

they know bulk psychology, of the masses!
national - , ,
international statists unearned/undeserved , security & ,
the rest of the ppl, nation! , , , // & unite!
elite of () - the national !
They are very corrupt, unfair and powerful
, we the ppl () . !


Margaret Thatcher: Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.


: If you just set out to be liked, you will be prepared to compromise on anything at anytime, and you would achieve nothing.
(Oh, () , /, , by the masses/ppl/Society - (morally, / intellectually) compromising !
secular & religious . Confusion. Weakness, feebleness. : non-happiness.)


US Bill of Rights ([Amendment X.]): The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively or to the people.


(e the founding fathers , 1952 .)

" // -, , .
, , (polit) ."
, the k of the SuperState of EU - the junior version of the ,
of in fact, lovely Jos, absofrekinlutely -!
Do you wanna come back to USSR,
. How about
s & - -, ?!
No, lovely Josephine, the ppl of Europe do not need that absofuckinlutely !
What we the ppl of Europe really need is the - of (free market) capitalism!
Thats the New European Project,
, , to reproduce the , but to produce the ͈! OK?
͈ & ( ) ,
units, based on their self-interests, the absolute of protection & of the IR! Thats real (free market) capitalism, lovely Jos!]


Thomas Sowell: It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

, 1979-90: .
, .

, , a commi - 2003-13: .
, .
200 - , .

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn (classical liberal) [The right stands for free, organically grown forms of life.]:
The right stands for liberty, a free, unprejudiced form of thinking; a readiness to preserve traditional values (provided they are true values);
a balanced view of the nature of man, seeing in him neither beast nor angel, insisting on the uniqueness of human beings which cannot be transformed into or treated as mere numbers or ciphers.
The left is the advocate of the opposite principles; it is the enemy of diversity and the fanatical promoter of identity.
Uniformity is stressed in all leftist utopias, paradises in which everybody is the same, envy is dead, and the enemy is either dead, lives outside the gates, or is utterly humiliated.

Leftism loathes differences, deviations, stratifications.... The word one is its symbol:
one language, one race, one class, one ideology, one ritual, one type of school, one law for everybody, one flag, one coat of arms, one centralized world state.





Its pathetic! Yes, it is!
Pathetically awful and completely unsustainable paradigm.
Immensely dangerous & harmful.
An threat to liberty, private property and of the (productive) individual.
! bsolutely!

, based on wrong (core) principle!

of [postmodern]
[, based on the - of the - i.e. based on / of ) - (, - & the justism]
, , , !
Its the
collectivistic model!
United () States of Europe!
The full
governing (by the EU ) of the EU !
It is all about creation of:
a common [& centralized] EU
a common [& centralized] EU Government,
a common [& centralized] set of EU laws,
a common EU
, EU & - policy,
a common
[& centralized] ( ) policy,
a common
[& centralized] ( ) industrial policy
a common
[& centralized] army (and EuroPol)
i.e. a common
[& centralized] policy for everything! for the common good(ness) of the ppl! !
absofreakinlutely full domination [& centralization of power] (by the EU ), lovely Josephine,
over the [lives of the] ppl in Europe! The polit globalization [of EU (institutions)]!
The model, lovely Josephine,
by the - the media, , politicians, juristical system, and banksters.
The model of the political globalism, political God-like Establishment, global

[, absofreakinlutely free trade regulations, controls, taxes & agreements, that abuse ;

e.g. , , , , , , , ]!
Its an anti free market force, in reality!
[of political globalization], lovely Jos,
is really awfully ,

the (productive) individual. of the individual!
, lovely Josephine,
is really great
the Establishment! Absolutely.

Its absofuckinlutely horrible [idea(l)] - for we the (productive, non-parasitic) ppl, !
And lets be clear, lovely Jos,

it is not about race (or ethnicity)!
(all) about ideology!
The irrational ideology of
(a version of religious / social )!

OK? Get it?




What about the public funding for the collective interest? How about the public ownership for the common goodness? !


[New] Europe, lovely Josephine,

[of 21 ; the new UN Agenda, Agenda21,
is a
part of the idea of the New World Order & global one time wealth taxation!
, step by step, global taxation! the EU, and its grat(est) the European Commision!
Its the UN
( ; Collective of nations) , the united/!
() , ?
, ,
absofreakinlutely , , , , ?!
, !


[, , lovely Jos,
, ,
real ,
EU was launched as project (US of Europe), not as economic one!
-, -, -
, - - New EU,
-banksters & the (EU and USA) monetary system!!!
, , lovely Jos,
in a huge economic mess of D&D!
Its a great
; its a , & crisis; its a social !

It all starts, is regulated, is controlled, is dictated through this very powerful, absolutely & tottaly centralized system,
/financing ,

.. & the democratically controlled/regulated .
very evil & - tool, ,
-, -, - , -
IT !
Please, remember this,
because it is
fundamental principle of
Unified Democracy:
the monetary control/regulation
of the people
of Europe!!!
Marx: Democracy is the road to socialism; socialism is the road to communism. Proletarians///elite of all countries, unite!
, totally irrational,
the BG ppl , ,

, support ,
a good & true) ,

. , !


. . . Evil!
, lovely Josephine!
We dont need the
f King/God!
Whos the King/God

Its the real
& [i.e. in the ],
, lovely Jos,

very, very tiny elite
controls & regulates
(.. coersively / i.e. d-i-c-t-a-t-e-s)
everything (i.e. ;
labour, business, &taxation ;
executive & ;
, &
; etc.;
its fucking everything, centralism,
its democratic decentralization of all powers into one
by its own
& interests
i.e. it is breaking the
productive individual [producer]
the non-productive [] ppl!



EU () , lovely Josephine,
real stuff;
really thoughtless, , & absofreakinlutely ,
to say anything and do anything

the main , lovely Jos,

EU :
of the efficient & effective regulation, [coercive wealth] redistribution & control
of the , into all political, economic, media & cultural
the public good(ness),
, of course! !

And do have a look, lovely Josephine,
at the
absofuckinlutely & corrupt (, )
within all the regulated controlled stuff!
What do you see, lovely Jos?
Its a negative
the delusion of the
-economic ,
free market,
[& polit] and
acceptance - () , , ! , ?!
Oh, that absofreakinlutely standard!
Its the and the (drug of) justism
[ entitlement minds/culture, essentially the class of - welfare rates]
, put into practice!
Its the
() !


, & [and lots of ]! Omfg!

Welcome to the (EU, BG) machine of today!

Its the (absofreakinlutely) God of the Regulatory Machine,
by the
, (collective)
the (individual & ) ,
( ) DIShohesty
of the
-------- of the - -God and its !
[, coercively, according to ()
regulate & redistribute into the wealth of the productive ppl]


These populists, lovely Josephine,
(yes, its a - !)

[through the process of application of the principle of voting of the ,
the Social- , unearned - all kinds of , , etc of the drug!]
( netto positive, paying all his bills)
absofreakinlutely ------! Yes, lovely Jos!
Inter- ,
absofuckinlutely , lovely Jos,
very, very strong
[, , & ) (inter- ]
the productive ppl!
, lovely Jos,

of the 21 - EU, but all over the democratic world! , ,
aka the ----------,
aka the one big family!
the irrational;
, ,

throughout a nation/region/world!
Its the
( of the majority rule of) (-)
/-/ ;
[do you remember, lovely Jos,
the fundamental
/ behind the rule of law
of the
[] and
of the (--) State:

- ?
supporters of these 2 irrational , lovely Josephiene,
dont like the
yes, lovely Jos,
ppl () & , the - equality;
() ()!
Its the
- & the altruism/fraud! , -
the value/goodness of the Selflessness
God////(greater)/The Common Good
the -value/badness/ of being self-interested! We are all one! !]
(idea of) New World Order,
(Government) World Order,
(all powerful and ) Centralized of the Do-Gooders, of the gods, !
Its absolutely wrong & immoral;
is ------ ( )
the rational , the productive individual!


idea/, lovely Jos,
objectively rational (.. ),

the of its
of crucial its !
, ,
lovely Jos,
[non-objective] (.. /delusional/ ),

(, , economic / )
& methods!
And t
he results always
n-e-g-a-t-i-v-e, in the longer run!
God/ [ ]
in fact [His product(ion) is]
- lots of (, economic / ) pain, , , worrying and ()/
health in a /nation/region/world!

, lovely Josephine,
(BG, EU) -God
// ;

of negative ;
// of ();
// of collectivism! , . f! ; is One! Really?!
you, ,
you, lovely Jos,
ought to kill that (La Grande) God/King/;
and do n
-o-t ever let Him live again!
- & - , lovely Josephine,
thats not, not, not ,
, , to be/happen, ,
really rational/free world.
, , ,
// (?),
/parasitism of the compromisingly behavior
i.e. of
& ! Need not to be! the premise of , the premise of - !
it takes time
it takes ages
look at the
of the human individual the real -
the times of absolutely & the absolutely primitive organization of life 30 000 !]


The (free to choose) individual, lovely Josephine,
should, could, can and ought to
be the
god! The !
OK? Get it?


21 ! Yes. ? Get it?
Do it;
just do it, rationally

the objective !
Think in o
-b-j-e-c-t-i-v-e principles! Thats all.
, lovely Jos,
a nation (region, world)
( ) () - - , the productive !
an individual (
free) the polit- coercive///non-voluntary
interventionism (and protectionism),
by the (tiny) group
of the
hungry for power (, EU)
/////// & their , of the ized organization/institutions/.

Oh, that absofreakinlutelly collectivism!
Yes, lovely Josephine,
the individual can
! The rational individual. Really!
Just stay, lovely Jos,
into the
of the objective - as it could, should, can and ought to be.
Just dont buy into the

- the UN concept-
of o, o
the different
with absolutely different
, & practicality!
No, no,
not all cultures, lovely Jos,
are equal i.e.
all cultures [and nations]
are not equal,
they are not even close to being equal,

the progressive - -
can you
, lovely Jos,
the & corrupt the hardworking and innovative ppl of Germany or Switzerland?!
[ , lovely Jos,
London is majority non-white city, ! , such a lovely city!
of multiculturalism, constructivism & ,
in the next 10-15 years the real/core/true native absofuckinlutely ! , !

Our culture will be taken over immigration & !

The western fertility rate, lovely Josephine,
is less than 2,

is under two


western cannot replace its population,
the total population is growing!
Which cultures & moralities are growing, a?
The primitive.
That can only leave humanity towards
a 2-nd
absofreakinlutely period of the Dark Age! Yes, !]

() delusion can work!
don't be a illusionist [social Darwinist], lovely Josephine;

so, don't be a (-) (-)socialist
in your thinking, motivation and doing,
if you are,
, lovely Jos,
[] , no matter your in the Strata!
Don't be an egalitarianist,
does [can] not work - its a wrong principle; its ; its , its a negaliving ()!
The whole idea(l) of [building] a multicultural [& i.e.
divers] Europe, lovely Josephine,
is absofreakinlutely
is delusional,
the united of the (inter-) (-)collectivism [corporatism]!
() really !
Yes, lovely Jos

[of an individual, of a nation]
truly rational !
(drunk-like) -
of the (all over the EU) multi-culti ,
based on
the of (emotionalism-based) egalitarianism,

by the EU :
the politicians- and the eurocrats-!
All of them, lovely Jos,
are being
[] [i.e. - -],
as many ppl as possible dishonestly & all kinds of () stuff!
And have a look, lovely Josephine,
at the
21 absofreakinlutely
absofuckinlutely irrational ,

the according [irrational] & [of the D&D&D]!
the BG ppl, lovely Jos,

as a general state of nation,
! Really!
, ,
absofuckinlutely majority of the BG nation,

the EU funds
1 [ , stable]
/ [of .. ],

today the absofuckinlutely 2 & !
, - the increase3 of the interest rates by the EU Central bank [end of the EU QE ]!
E, ! [non-] [economic] .




left, right, left, right
, !

- [polit] ; ! !

[Do you remember , , , , , , , , , , , - the end justifies the means?
Do you Josephine, know why, why, why
ppl in EU,
ppl in the world CAN, CAN and DO control & regulate all the ( , & 7 billion of) ppl in , , the World?]


RR: The State
/decides/chooses , , () ();
decides/chooses/defines , , / & / the democracy
/nation/// /!



. . ( ): , , .

RR: , the populists?
, ,

/ -  /EU ,
give me, give me, give me ,   
  , resentment  absolute    the ( ) free market , 
18  rationally by s great idea  "the " of the    ! 
,  ,   /doing  their own self-   really free , 
in fact, 
() of these ppls doings 
/success to   the society, 
God/Centralized Authority////King///Pope
, /
design  all the   economics of a nation/region/world! 
Its all about the   T&T   ! OK? 
  , based on voluntary trade & travel - 
 absolutely    ,  to dictate    individual! ,     the ppl of a nation/region/world!  groupthink,  Inter--!
inter--   the real and the  free market ,  private property 
todays BG/EU   ,  the objective       20  Inter- ism!
Oh, that 
Oh, that  its - &  justism!
in thinking, motivation and action/politics/economics! Oh, that c-u-l-t-u-r-a--!


, lovely Josephine,
- nothing, but a Big Brother Regulatory -


terrible , [ ]
lack- these three ,
all over
(total; global) ,

to the ,
: --! !
The EU project ( ), lovely Josephine,
is all about
is about control,
is about domination
(the life of the) EU ,
the producers/creators/!
Its the club of (EU) dictators-collectivists-redistributionists;
oh, those

( )
organization ( -, - -/-) ,
the Unified & United Europe fur uber alles,
EU/global/UN governance
for the good of the
(most of the) people ,
in the name of prosperity and
() fairness of the (most of the) people,
( ) , ( ) ,

the Super pan-Euro()State,
[ - Super EU Super EU :
the EU bureaucratics regulatory domination, the Super (inter-national-)Socialist Union/States of ever increasing government control/despotism/plutocracy & government debt/borrowing]

the United European States of Autocracy/:
Political Compromising Conformism
& Burocracy
& Big Banksters consolidation

the Collective (EU) agenda of the ,

, lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely !
, lovely Jos,
(the internationally & organized gangsters, of the politically well-connected)
absofreakinlutely ( and with all kinds of propaganda),

in fact,
[today, polit]
the old statists principle, unite- into one goal, bound together as one :
, , /

, the big
!) ;

, ,

, the conformism , lovely Jos,
, , ,
fancy ,



- Brussels, (, in fact, 70-80% of the national , all the 27- -, no matter no )
(the process of)
of the national , & !




The Monstrosity - that will not spare the life of the individual


(part 1 of 2)


Margaret Thatcher: Consensus: The process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies
in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects;
the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead.
What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner: I stand for consensus?


James Madison: The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary,
in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny



, lovely Josephine,

in fact, monstrous nightmare
of [/]
[() of]
& heavily centralized /authocratic of the EU // -
the globalized ( of) multicultural collectivism of the politically well connected people,

- --
(in this context,
left-right , ,
o national //independency,
regionally/globally /
unified & united -- ,
globalized /,
EU , / ),
, lovely Jos,
, OmfG,
lovely Jos,
, ,
/ ,

/ /
, lovely Jos,
the (in group) !
Oh, these freaking power hungry psycho/socio-paths,
that form this
-, & ,
, lovely Jos,

force & fraud,
for the common good;
EU - - , , , , !


, lovely Jos,
the Great of ,
welfarism & warfarism,
otectionism & interventionalism,

, -
really absofuckinlutely ,
conventionally ,
old ,
the most fundamental & objective
of free market economy,
- young & vital
, -, , , , ,

compromising on objective principles, lovely Josephine,

absofreakinlutely too much unsustainable complexity and impracticality,
simplicity and practical efficiency,
based on rational choice and action.
Compromising & pragmatic lobbyism [
are absofuckinlutely
boring and not working,
in the long-term
(kind and tolerant souls, that preach & specialize in loving everybody and forgiving everything)

is really tiring!
Acting rationally & consistently,
on objective principles is cool;
creativity & practicality [productivity, being productive adding value]
is inspiring and fiery passionate!


EU is ism for the rich ! !

, lovely Josephine,

21 ,

- (nations)!
(polit) , lovely Josephine,

judgments, justifications & actions
! ( , , , & )
, lovely Jos,
, :
total control & heavily
centralized regulation & burocratization of Europe(s nations);
(--; /plutocratic)
[of of ppls minds through main stream media and the collectivized multiculture/morality]
dehumanization of the individual
() , ,

[ -, -, -, -, -
.. CCC-, , national-socialism: , - , in fact, , , ]
( Super EU () , )
[ /, lovely Josephine,
objective , practical productivity, , , , , , ]
, lovely Josephine,
(intellectually and morally) Dark ;
the ever increasing public D&D,
which is in fact

into private , & UNfunded obligations
, ,
( ),
, ,
currency devaluation :
& - !

in the long run,

Yes, deadly!
No perspective
of the
& the !
A, lovely Josephine,
the best

SOCIAL insurance & happy life is
to make progress,
capital prosperity
, , , , & financing & consumption!
[ , ;

/unsustainable , ,
very much in a state of anxiety, worrying, stress, not knowing peace of mind;
that makes
, , being self- obsessed]
, , lovely Jos,
[] (of banksters, , & parasites)
( group) & EU/ monetary
e the real o
EU/ !


() - /
[ /:
, , , , -
& media],
) - / ( )
to be able
absolutely & ( & )
( , promote & , ever more / & more / )

500 EU
- i.e.
& ! !
Dont you, lovely Jos,

remember ,
The Sovietization/ of Europe;

the Internationale,
unites the Europian democratic oligoploly-banksters
, , lovely Jos,

with ,

, ,
my !!
K ,

same pattern:

lack of freedom,
if fact Gulags!
[ :

Cultural Marxism/ ,

economic & religious ,
-essentially the - //levy/, //control]
Dont you get a sense of ?!
, lovely Josephine,
the implications
[ 80- () ]
of EU:
, ,
the statism - of the harmful ( /evil /)
Please, lovely Jos,
think about the trends - thats what is important
; to have !
- (the romantic style & vision of the political )
+ (the economics of) ,
have always wanted

the absofreakinlutely unionization of [unite, unite, unite into One(ness)into One ]


and this
United Oneness
to be
, ,
c-o-n-t-r-o-l-l-e-d &
by the One.
One unification,
God/Gov/elite/theChosen/Voted - , ,
, ,
lovely Jos,
with a little help of the
of ! !

Luvely Jos,

you & sacred thing,

truth be told,

national sovereignty
is fundamentally important.
Its really absolutely important!

crucially important -


the of world/EU freedom - give me liberty or give me death. Absolutely!
, lovely ,
or else you will be terribly sorry! Absolutely!
The New World/EU Order
really very wrong - the ppl, .
really is best suited - (inter) (-)collectivists. These are the bad guys, lovely Jos,
want you
to play their bad ,
to play their
(corrupt, / , with any , -compromising)
way! Really. And I really mean and know it - for sure.
, , stupidly
to play their nasty game -
its really the game of parasites.

Well, lovely Jos, (you really OUGHT TO learn how to really rationally & )
(life-affirming, happiness-affirming)
(of productivity) -
first, lovely , yes ,
you must stop & must
fight them
( )
from abusing you,

from abusing your life, liberty, property and i.e.
from abusing your
(objective & rational) values,
, them MFs,
to want and to
play their game!

, , lovely Jos,

, ,
really thyself(s consciousness):
[look rationally at yourself and do the change the rational , lovely Jos!
Thats the only way
& honestly better off thyself,
- you will actually be making the world a really better place to die live - productive individual, ()!
[to be] just (, sheepishly, )
but start
rationally (, clearly, )

the only rational method for keeping intact your own
& .. achieving
( )
real & healthily
- to the best of your own self/capabilities/capacity!
And remember, lovely Jos:
the only way to do the real change and win
(your own & )
is to
(make a really good deal with thyself rational ppl to)
not be playing
(by the rules made by) the elites game! OK, lovely?

And yes, lovely , this aint easy, I know!
the only
rational way - () must be rationally and (secondly) must be rationally . Absolutely!
If you are to be really free
only then
to earn your own ,
according to your own objective (cap)abilities & real !
Why [to] do it?
& achiving values - in the long run of your own lifetime, really .
OK, lovely Jos? OK, Grace?
Dont you

let nobody
to (abuse &) own you;
own somebody!
Its really, lovely Josephine,
absolutely lovely to be
Yes, absolutely - no relativism, whatsoever
! Kill the (collectivist) King!
OK? Get it?




All the (inter) (national) bureaucracies & the companies/institutions/agencies
are really
, , populist ppl-,
no matter BG, EU, UN, some other for the greater good .
( , , some are much - , only the ppl God; God does not exist, in the reality)

The relatively speaking
[ / irrational ideology, psychology and vison]
of the relativists/irrationalists/compromisers i.e.
the malevolent spirit of (the /ideas & methods & of the) 1984


, , lovely Josephine,
21 ,
( )
(& German Central Bank President Hjalmar Schacht)
Mefo bills
the warfare/welfare (German, national-socialistic)
state ..
total destruction of Germany, of Europe!(, , !)

, lovely Jos,
the wish / [& ] -conformist-

bad & wrong vision! , objectively, it cannot work.

, very wrong & harmful

, ,
in the middle & long run,

D&D worryings & sufferings,

& , - 2020-2029 .

, , lovely Josephine,
(-, - ; --)
of democratic-bolsheviks burocracy & friends///!
[ & absofreakinlutely - , lovely Jos,
with hugely centralized unparalleled power & ,
in the long term,
& ,
the false ,
, ,
sorry to say,
the huge BG & & ]
, lovely Josephine,
, , ,

& ( , 35.!).
lovely Josephine,

; the cost of the destruction.
If you doubt me, lovely Jos,
, EU nations,


-, ,

(and morality of)

[, , , & 1984-1991., of course;

, - , Omg, - 20- !
( ) ,
USA - 250 their ?!]
[ ,
(redistributed & - , 21 /?!)
(, , ; 45 -)]

70 -
(ized, communized) , ?

, absofuckinlutely , lovely Josephine,

to do evaluation and judgment
the certainty!
(of objective and rational , principles),

, lovely Jos,

, ,
and increasingly absofreakinlutely disinterested
of the corrupt lobbysts
regulators, controllers & (re)distributors
(of wealth)

irrational ( ; & )
policy makers, (), of course, & - for the most of the normal/ordinary people!
And we should not be dancing in the rain about that! No, no, no!
We should
rationally , describe and fight it
this culture of
irrationality, EU /Corporatism & /
because, lovely Jos,
it is
anti-private property,

- and pro the elite
its a way of living in suffering, non-joy and non-pleasure: the D&D model - for the ppl/nation/region.
We should not continue
to promote the wrong
morality, culture and attitude of the 20-th century -
collectivism of interventionism,
warfarism & welfarism,

& ,
huge debt & deficit
.. , , !
We live in 21 century
, lovely Josephine,

-we, the rationally beautiful individuals -

of the individual,
of freedom, , objective reasoning,
& practical free market economics -
of the individual
! ( )



[ , ] thats the good stuff, that produces real great wealth!
[vs the political
, , , , .]

The true
idea(l) between the nations/cultures.
Live & let live. And
to each (nation of ppl) its own. Thats the real making of peacefull happiness, accordingly.
Thats for all the productive ppl /organize themselves the way they truly want & choose to.
And to each his own () the requirements of the reality .
And yes, lovely Josephine,
can both be a citizen of the world/EU a citizen of your (chosen place of) living/home country!

We, the honest & smart ppl, lovely Josephine,
only ( ) full, free T&T and productive co-operation free & ppl,
(yes, it should be about free T&T principle .. about i.e. its all about laissez-faire!)

a , , corrupt, multiculturalism-minded & - of projects & policies!

(no, no, not a political unionization and no, no, no unified Euro currency! No, no, no political globalism!)

All the world (EU, BG, any country) really needs is real Economic (, , , political) Globalization
real application of
the T&T free market principle,
, , the political
(principles of) (of , collectivism i.e. ) i.e.
not, not, not a system of [Welfaress] interventionism [humanitarianism]
i.e. not, not, not
i.e. not, not, not ( irrational actions of) manipulating the (free) markets!

Yes, lovely Jos, we ought to build
on the right
principle of the solid foundation of the nation state & free market assosiations.
Yes, between
, & peacefully self/self
nation , free markets
& military (voluntary) assosiations their rational self-interest as nations!
peace! And to each nation its own, () productively !

, lovely ,
the irrational
- () pro //suffering!

The philosophy of protectionism
[i.e. economic Nationalism ] [interventionalism]
[Inter--collectivism] [- coersion]
is a philosophy of war/!
says (one of the greatest economist of the 20-th century) Ludwig Von Mises

[ (), lovely Josephine,
and private
absofuckinlutely ( making an) individual choice,

, in the longer run.]
Yes, lovely Jos,
a & real
can only be
& fully achieved
doing whats right - applying objective & rational ,
, , -
- -
i.e. , moral, intellectual & (& )!
, lovely Josephine,
absofuckinlutely real ,
is really wicked,
only the accumulated wealth, lovely Jos,
is r
eally done (polit-) [i.e. non-free market; non-competition]!
Thats really
collectivism, (polit- ) (of the well connected)!



Yes, lovely Jos,
it could, should & ought to be all about

real T&T principle, based on
co-op ( of diversification and specialization i.e. the division of labour i.e. of increased productivity i.e. of increased efficiency of the applied efforts)
of real ppl.
Yes, global co-op & division of labor,
regulated and controlled by the elite free markets & the independent ppl!

All ppl, lovely Josephine,
naturally long for
freedom and really despise /;
different ppl/nations should, ought to
, self-govern themselves, and not to be governed/dominated by some ppl/institutuions;
should, ought to, , the way he is able and chooses to, ;
should, ought to , the way he is able and chooses to, !
All ppl/nations have the ability to govern themselves;
, 21 ,
the Eurocrats / the local/national -
try to
this ability,
there will be social & riots!
, lovely -
that could be very dangerous;
can be dangerous and harmful, and very, very much destructive - in all and every aspects!
Ppl do react
could react aggressively & violently!

The free (full and completely unregulated)
market co-operation
can really work, & flourish (as a consequence of all human actions, import and incorporation of the into the national )

directed [dictated, dominated, controlled]
-conformers/parasites the ist-like !
The key to
(establishing a working)
P&P&P model, lovely Josephine,
is not, not, not
yet more centralization
, more regulation & more (EU, UN, TAFTA, etc.),
more (of ) ,
yet more (of inter-)/
[ true:
more (inter-) (
-)socialism (, &) /,
objectively, absofreakinlutely objectively
moral, economic, intellectual destruction,
the individual// destruction of the productive human/

.. destruction of the successful, the practical & the effective/efficient]
in fact,
(real) key
is in (doing) absolutely
, lovely Josephine,
(ideology of individualism & personal chosen responsibility)
1 (of the now overly centralized /EU),
2 (of the now overly regulated /EU),
taxcutting3 (of the now overly taxed /EU),
cutting government spending
4 (of the now overly deficit spending debt /EU)
5 ( all-the-new IT )

market (,based on the protection of private property, IR)
through real competition between self-directed individuals!

, that pick and choose whatever they want to do & exchange
/efforts; why the politically correct politicians & Co people do the picking and choosing, ?
For the fun of it,
for joy,
for pleasure,
(satisfying) their own (natural) interest, curiosity and passion,
(not in the state schooling system),
if left alone,
, ou too, included.
, the ppl, not, not, not a tiny elite/God to (be able to) control their own , & destiny - for themselves.
All independent people, rationally do, the freedom oriented lifestyle; thats for sure and for better.
( & )
of the Elite
, must be stopped,
to become really free, really independent, and not really controlled & regulated by the Elite-

to really progress upwards i.e.
to interact really
honestly & really non-clashingly

to be really healthily happy, during all of his lifetime; to not be just a great pretender.
(.. of the individual)

the - (i.e. - i.e. the Regulatory) - ( its medi@ of !),
really ,
the elite cannot successfully manipulate/dictate/dominate (the productive) , the ppl in a nation/region
ppls i.e.
(of the democratic- regimes)

Cut to starve/kill the Monster [of the Establishment/Elite!]

true ,
yes, the one and only way, lovely Josephine,
really absofuckinlutely freaking /
thrives, lust & tendencies,
gaining & preserving - power firmly

// /,
, , /power!

, lovely Josphine,
based on
its absofuckinlutely ,
really be(come),

will really go-on living,
(much) -,
(much) -,

(much) -,
(much) -
(productive) ,
(and psycho) absofuckinlutely and most of the time they do it, ,
() , lovely Jos,

an irrational and a really, really great pretender!
Oh, yes, the great pretender (and as a result/
the pretender is just absofuckinlutely) drifting in a delusional world of his own, having faith in !
Oh, yes! Absofuckinlutely!




The la grande their at the !
The top globalists-internationalists
that are irrationally trying to force their absofreakinlutely globalist/collectivist vision (of the EU) upon all the people/citizens in Europe!
Oh, that absofuckinlutely irrational social [international constructivism]
of the collectivist (rope for the ppl of) Europe!
, lovely Jos, oh, those , dishonestly of the common good(ness) i.e. !
[-] , [much more] [, when compared to USA & Asia]!
, the God (, that, , & for the common good, for the public interest). And the , all the rest (best of friends).

The Politburo [of the] European Committee is the highest decision-maing
body of the EU!
Its the Political globalization of the current
-gods i.e. the Establishment!

Its the (sickness of) in practice! Inter-()-Collectivism.

the EU elite-God (Eurocrats), lovely Josephine,
, but in fact do not at all like,
the free markets!
[ (collectiv)ist-like mentality, , lovely Jos, !]
absofreakinlutely , lovely Jos,
the - of
, ] [ & ] interventionism [& ]!
Oh, those economic interventionists, oh, those
delusionists, oh, those do-gooders []! !
/, lovely Jos,
free markets and interventionism - , lovely Jos,
[] of these irrational policies,
, ! !
s the delusional mindset for the greater good(ness) of the Highest (moral) ;
Its the [global] [
& ] interventionism !
- - free markets!
[, , there are no free markets, anymore! lots of -corrupt, state-cartel- .. & -by beurocrats- !]
the beginning of the end (of the EUs irrational idea)!
absofuckinlutely collectivists
real recovery Great Recession08!
chooses to live in a ( / ) delusion, ,
irrational choice. ,
- [, , the QE ]
(social) delusion can work, , lovely Jos!
don't be a social(ist) illusionist, lovely Josephine! Don't be an utopist, [to be paid] absofreakinlutely - !
Oh, those, () ,
oh, those redistributionists-,
oh, those ,
of course the [Great] -EK-God,
which all the members of
the (
united & unified) Party
of Collectivism/
EU Parlament, !
[ the Great of (EU; inter-) -], !


, but the idea(l) of capital !

, lovely Josephine,
being real too stupid & too corrupt
try to control and regulate economics [i.e. statism] - of the millions of ppl!
, lovely Jos,
cannot in reality be efficiently & - ! Statism cannot really work in the long-term!
, lovely Jos,
in his nature,
( - really ),

the , , , ,
the () losers/takers/destructive/parasite/,
[, , , lovely Josephine,
predominately of , - - -
thats of the takers, lovely Jos,
objective (), absofuckinlutely () & ;
(BG) majority &
// {redistribu()tivism}
of the collectivism ().
, lovely Jos, !
absofreakinlutely rationally blind, lovely Josephine,
cannot really see &
cannot really
understand the !

cannot really ( &) act on ,
because he cannot [cannot logically reason] - !
, , the productive,
the ,
the ,

not, not, not the () makers/producers/innovative/valuable//,
the weaker
(& the poorer) ppl, the comformists & the parasites!
, , lovely Josephine,
produce anything

but the D&D&D model - , ;
of ,
based onto the
of the coercive redistribution of the produced wealth,
, , omfg,
/corrupt/unearned/ immoral
wealth! (look at all the & institutions in BG/EU and their !)


, , Parlament, EC
[ i.e. EU ( , &) Government/institutions ]
(could, should, ought to)
a the
of the
& & ppl!

To be a really free & prosperous society of Europeans all we really need, lovely Jos,

is, is, is free market (lack of economic regulation & control by the ),
, , yet more of (the same) (of the EUs project of) !
And I (really) mean it.


Fuck the EUs elite, the
One Bank, One Center of Power, ONE-WORLD Government, One World Elite
The Absolute (world) Power!
The absolute corruption
, fraud, force & .. authoritarianism.
We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent. - James Paul Warburg, whose family co-founded the Federal Reserve while speaking before the United States Senate, February 17, 1950

. , !

, lovely Jos,
, Ceterum censeo Unionem Europaeam esse delendam.
- .
, lovely Jos,
a rational human ;
never, never ever forget the divided Berlin!
Yes, the EUs political project is doomed to fail, wrong/irrational /values!

Well lovely Jos,
I can conclude,

I dont believe in EU, - and (inter-)-.
So, I can freely say:

fuck this EU,
fuck -, and
fuck (inter-)
Fuck the
, too;
the compromising
that are being motivated by the of political correctness,
------ (over the -productive- individual)!

OK? Get it?




[Let it be free ,
based on free trade & travel & voluntary co-op principles, applied between the ppl/Europeans]

(The national identity really unifies the individuals to common culture & language, legal, moral and Constitutional framework, over specific geographical area!)

DONT quit on trying to CHANGE the World, Jos -
based on the objective & the rational ideology/standard/
which is absolutely good for your IHS health/wealth/wellbeing!

can make a difference - for himself, at least for one other & socially for all the ppl!

(voice of a) rational human matters! .

And no, no, no you are not alone!
Look at me, Jos! Just look at me!


PS 0

Yes, lovely Jos,
really () (fe)male:
really to identify, recognized, and fight against all kinds of globalists/collectivist [.. ]
() ..
coercive One World Order/State/Government i.e. () ( polit --ism; ; religion) ;
.. coersive One European Order/State, One Order/State, etc. i.e. , , - of ;
.. coercive (-) Order/State i.e. /// ! !

.) really pro the global free (market) trade .. .





Yes, lovely Jos,

- , , GERMANY !
the best for Germany,
the whole great natural , currency printing by the Central bank i.e. currency inflating i.e. monetary interventionism/imperialism!
US$ anymore, END the FEDs monetary interventionist/imperialism, high pressure on the USA not to inflate/QE the dollar! - USA dollar/empire is no more really strong and will fall down, & !





Germany needs to resist the euro's sweet-smelling poison

The only EU competition is a race to take the most. We should break away from the free-spending southern eurozone states

Hans-Olaf Henkel


The EU,
once conceived as a community of competition in which each attempts to surpass the others in productivity and quality of life,
is becoming such a transfer union,
a community of redistribution in which a new competitive discipline will emerge: who can tap the others for the greatest amount.


In the long run
Germany will be less and less distinguishable from other countries and,
instead of standing together with the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Luxembourg as bastions of calm,
it will throw the stability culture overboard and amplify the downward trend.
What this means for Europe is easy to imagine.
The continent, once the engine and ideas generator [
] of the whole world, will fall hopelessly behind the other major regional blocs.


I was once an enthusiastic supporter of the euro, and I still believe in Europe. Not in the idée fixe of the technocrats who wish to measure everything by the same yardstick, and who perceive any national deviation as a threat, but in a Europe of diversity.
The competition between nations was a major reason for Europe's success.
With the transformation from a monetary union to a transfer union [the unionization!], the countries in the eurozone will no longer reach for the skies but will coalesce around the lowest common denominator.[OMG!]


Having accepted the old French dream of a "common economic government", Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to accord greater importance to maintaining community spirit and equalisation between eurozone members than maintaining monetary stability and competitiveness on the continent.


If Europe wishes to go back to being a creative community based on competition, it will need a new approach that takes account of the prevailing economic differences that exist.




, - ,
for the of effective & efficent (self-)protection, by co-op ,
based , , (
a version of) the ideology of ,
but on their individual & the () protection of the IR.
Yes, lovely Jos,
doing this is a good & useful stuff!
2007 ,
lovely Jos,
no matter
- the (egalitarian) model/idea(l) of (governing/controlling the ppl of) EU,
! Really! Absolutely!
(worse) 20 21 !
Get that?

, .


( ) rationally ,

all -members , .
, partnership [-]
(-) , /inefficient/ineffective military power for their own protection; true. very , absolutely, can & should as an action in our world. Sharing the costs for efficient & mutual power - for protection (to be more safe), but not using this military power for aggression/war into other territories/countries.

the essential/main/fundamental & decisions, contractual . power into

either essentially good

or bad identity/characteristics!

/ -/- / dictate - i.e. to not develop master-slave relationships within this organization.

very closely to watch /union .. .. /. the morality i.e. non-morality. must be rationally, consistently and persistently identified, isolated and never ever supported, in any way/aspect. effectively isolated and not supported / ; its self-collapsing from within, self-destructive, , -, unstable, , unsustainable .. , if not supported from the outside.

real/objective aggression & clearly , to the best possible way to limit ! The objectively right principle is: every country should respect the national country, not like in the Ukrainian i.e. respect the national borders i.e. , /a////. And theres no middle road: you either respect/advocate (care about) national sovereignty/boundaries or disrespect (dont care about) it.



really &
always by all free countries of the ,

into total,
consistent & persistent,

really ; collectivist-totalitarian countries, lovely Jos,

to survive in the longer run. Absolutely!
rational principle objectively
& 20- , Western Europe & Australia,
, , , , Estern Commi , [& their absofuckinlutely ideology],
, &
ppl , the common (collectivistic) goodness?!
Oh, those fucking (inter-) (-)collectivists!



- .

[(inter-) (-) - the hard core, (real) - the softened stuff & the & - - the .
Its all about communism, bro!
Its all about a society of
/, , cannot (is unable to) prosper, but & with time - & !
Its an unsustainable idea!]

, lovely Jos,

with a thought. An idea, a message.

All has always powered by thought!

(of , , etc.) the ,

democratically. Its ; its ; its . Pure , the - (, in their minds inter-- ), according to ( of ! Oh, that irrational, oh Communist Manifesto - confession of faith-based morality!) private property irrationally loving () property , according to Marx & Engels & Lenin, , the of all the evil/badness/ (the organization of) free / ppl, - the private property and its : (very) rich ppl!!!. a rational (fe)male really & promote of ( ) collectivistic property as the , good, , basis of a free & prosperous society! in the history of mankind , in the confused minds of irrational ppl!


the communist idea(l) step (of the )
organize with democratic voting system - based on the principle of the majority! - gradual / the Heaven of ! , , , , & !

Social of today (- & -compromising of ),

of today,
justice worriers,

to impose more rules
, , more (socially) fair?! ! , , they cannot understand, the regulated free market market, is much, much more in the middle/long-run .. , & !

forms, colors and shapes of
in fact) ()

Yes, lovely Jos, a spectre is haunting EU the spectre of (the principles of the idea of) communism (inter--). , ?!












The () religious (world, EU, BG) globalists agenda

The old totalitarism - of religion;
of the (global)
of tribalism!
The failure to separate State and religion!
[, which produces absofreakinlutely religious (dogmatic) fundamentalism all over!]

The relativists-fundamentalists: absolutely wrong ppl

The neo()collectivism


The EUs /totalitarism!
The religious mind
& the religious fantasy world!

Oooh, it's the killing Machine! Really, - for the individual!
Its all about the , stupid
! Its the God delusion. Its ( & ) irrationality. .

The fairy tale -
(, , of the i.e. of the theocratic of the )
call it what you will, lovely Jos,

is n absofreakinlutely evil ideology,

The non-separation of the religion/ and the State

The great of the :
(and the UNconditional -- Lovethats in the air)
the supreme ideology
(bloody) idea of !

The (New World Order quest of) islamists agenda (in EU)
[that supports the organization of i.e. the (World) Islamic State- ruling the ppl of the world]

The world of

The dogmatic
of the
(bloody) .
Its absofreakinlutely . (1984s) .

Yes, it s a killing Machine, its the God of the Regulatory Machine!
s the of
the power thirsty and bloodthirsty violence Machine,
coming from the absofreakinlutely
(religion-based) of the Middle East!
Oh, they are all religionists, (based on the principles of) collectivists!


The Monstrosity - that will not spare the life of the individual

About the

[part 2 of 2]


Importing openly into Europe the war!
Importing openly into Europe the war!
And turning Europe into !
Its the absofreakinlutely turning back to primitivism!


" , , .
, - ,
- , - !"

The Death cult of religion

The (fanatical) authocracy of () ; all the absofreakinlutely totalitarian based .

The -
of the religion the IR

The great battle FOR the Western civilization - to go on living/existing. side , lovely Jos?

The fall of the West -
by the of the EUs & Elite! all over Europe,
the collectivist of the minds of the ppl!


- of the 21 century
from the ideological, political, economic, cultural & religious ,
love !

The importing of
the primitive
& the backwardness;
the very same () culture,
absofreakinlutely always [for over ]
the toleration of the intolerable!
In the name of the

.. of the

! History repeats itself or is it the irrationality of the ppl, again? Is it happening, again?
, nothing is , lovely Josephine!
absofreakinlutely cultural enrichment!
Lets stop it;
rationally our own history! We to deal with this of the 21 !
Fuck the EU, fuck
, fuck and all the rest of EU politicians & their !
This could be done! - only the ppl of !
Well, lovely Jos,
rationality as usual,
to be consistently applied in the right method and in the right !
the Death Cult will prevail.
The death cult of

keeping the ()
absofuckinlutely irrational values of

& ;

, lovely Jos,
EU politicians
the ppl of the culture/ideology of ,
(ppl) -, - -

the native/real -
on their own land, in their own countries/nations.
, of course, lovely Josephine,
gives rise to
()! Its the principle, stupid! ?

Greatness. Real ? How about that!

(absolutely organized) [rise & the invasion of the political, cultural,  and militant/forceful]


[ the search to power/State of the fundamentalist ; ]

How about that?

[Yes, lovely Josephine, 21 , - the start of the Great Recession08 & /Arabic really --------,
, ,
absolutely cowardice -------
of the - elite , , UK and Sweden,
, , negatively & dearly () - this elites irrationality;
, lovely ,
of the muslims (im)migration the great 1989,
the Eastern European nations react really much -ably & much -firmly the West!]


[The really - the wrong principle/ of the :

Its - the rational/civilized vs the irrational/primitive !
Yes, lovely Jos,
its all about
, visions of politics/Stateand all the rest, that follows!

Its about a new world order under the control of !
really the IR: life, liberty, property/capitalism and the purcuit of individuals happiness!
if rational ppl do not watch it, it, it, and if they dont do, do, do something about it! How about immigration, what about refugees, a?
How about open and free society? What about the open boarder
, how about , ?
Oh, that absofreakinlutely multi-culti [ constructivism]!]



! ; Allahu Akbar, the greatest/best! is great! Allah , above and beyond all values!,
- //dealer/ , .,

/ ,
, /
secular , / .
we all the , no matter , ... in the name of Allah.
// - all the rest of ! this world the religion of ,
real & eternal - ( )! !

K : Jihad ( / of ) is ordained for you () though you dislike it,
and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you.
Allah knows but you do not know!

(e.g. 2:216; 9:38)


K :
to kill the unbelievers wherever you find them (e.g. 2:1919:5),
strike off their heads (e.g. 8:1247:4),
make sex slaves of their wives and daughters (e.g. 4:2433:50),
and continue this jihad until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah (e.g. 8:399:29).

The ppl of , that never really gave up at the gates of !

The process of of :
war the directed ppl in the name of Allah the Great(est) against the western values/principles

, absolutely , all over the world!
[same-same as in the Bible: " , ( ) , , & .]

The rule of the irrational/UNable; of the non-civilized law; of the non-objective law; of the intoxicated :

JIHAD for the sake of ALLAH! of jihadism!
The word of
supersedes all secular ; I solemnly swear that there is no God, but Allah & Muhammad!
And I can kill sacrifice my life for them, in their Names and their ! Thats !
Long live
of the ! Thats !


[ & its strong, absolutely wrong, ; ; freedom & free speech are today under aggressive attack,
the primitive culture of justifies its cruelty, , killings & abuse with the
with the application of the wrong idea that might is right!
primitive understands & respects the
the believe in God/Supernatural/supersticious/Supreme Being yes, such as weakness!]

- (of ) Recep : The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful - our soldiers...
, , , "
THE (bloody h-a-r-m-f-u-l & b-r-u-t-a-l) UNGLINESS of RELIGION-BASED (-):
, , , .

[Oh, those faith-based irrational moralities! Fuck
all the moralities of //collectivism! This is really a great EVIL force! The N1 evil force in the world!}




Flemming Rose [The tyranny of silence /, / & multiculturalism]:

Before the Enlightenment, the Church perceived verbal attacks on doctrine as physical attacks on the Church.

The achievement of the Enlightenment was to separate words and actions. And to me, that is a very important distinction between a civilized and an uncivilized country.


Ayn Rand: Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy.
The savages whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: By declaring our Prophet infallible and not permitting ourselves to question him,
we Muslims had set up a static tyranny.
The Prophet Muhammad attempted to legislate every aspect of life.
By adhering to his rules of what is permitted and what is forbidden,
we Muslims supressed the freedom to think for ourselves and to act as we chose.
We froze the moral outlook of billions of people into the mind-set of the Arab desert in the seventh century!
We were not just servants of Allah, we were slaves

Multiculturalism should not mean that we tolerate another cultures intolerance.!
If we do in fact support diversity, womens rights, and gay rights, then we cannot in good conscience give Islam a free pass on the grounds of multicultural sensitivity


The veil
deliberately marks women as private and restricted property, nonpersons.
The veil
sets women apart from men and apart from the world;
it restrains them, confines them, grooms them for docility.
A mind can be cramped just as a body may be, and
a Muslim veil
blinkers both your vision and your destiny. It is the mark of a kind of apartheid, not the domination of a race but of a sex

Wishful thinking about the peaceful tolerance of Islam
cannot interpret away this reality:
hands are still cut off,
women still stoned and enslaved,
just as the Prophet Muhammad decided centuries ago
...Bin Laden's quotes from the Quaran resonated in my brain:
"When you meet the unbelievers, strike them in the neck!"
"If you do not go out and fight, God will punish you severely and put others in your place!"
"Wherever you find the polytheists, kill them, seize them, besiege them, ambush them!"
"You who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as friends; they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them!.
People accuse me
of having interiorized a feeling of racial inferiority,
so that I attack my own culture out of self-hatred, because I want to be white.
This is a tiresome argument.
Tell me,
is freedom then only for white people?
Is it self-love to adhere to my ancestors' traditions and mutilate my daughters?
To agree to be humiliated and powerless?
To watch passively as my countrymen abuse women and slaughter each other in pointless disputes?
When I came to a new culture, where I saw for the first time that human relations could be different, would it have been self-love to see that as a foreign cult, which Muslims are forbidden to practice?


: .
, lovely Jos,
all - absofuckinlutely irrationality absofreakinlutely , demoralization!]


Karl Popper: If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant,
if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.

Karl Popper: Our civilization has not yet fully recovered from the shock of its birth
the transition from the tribal or 'enclosed society', with its submission to magical forces, to the 'open society' which sets free the critical powers of man.
The open society is one in which men have learned to be to some extent critical of taboos, and to base decisions on the authority of their own intelligence.


Karl Popper: No rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude.


Voltaire: If we believe absurdities we will commit (bloody) ;;
those who can make you believe absurdities (e.g. religion/Pope i.e. the Supernatural idealism or the elite/King/State/Party i.e. the secular idealism/fundamentalism/religionism, or Marxian-Lenin:scientific materialism, or nationalism)
can make you
commit (bloody) atrocities.


Adolf Hitler (, , , -, , as a very bad/evil example!): Imitating the Christian Creed

I have followed [the Church, religion, religious fundamentalism]

in giving our party program the character of unalterable finality, like the Creed [.. //Pope].

The Church has never allowed the Creed to be interfered with. (, religious // /principles)!
It is fifteen hundred years since it was formulated, but every suggestion for its amendment, every logical criticism, or attack on it, has been rejected.

The Church has realized that anything and everything

can be built up on a (false, non-objective) document of that sort, no matter how contradictory or irreconcilable with it.
The faithful will swallow it whole
( -corrupt- , believes, produces & /delusions/irrationalities), so long as logical reasoning is never allowed to be brought to bear on it.

(faith-based being vs rational (& objectively thinking) being - ..)

- Adolf Hitler, from Rauschning, The Voice of Destruction, pp. 239-40



RR: We the rational ppl understand & know that we should/must not ever negotiate/compromise with the evil/irrational! objective and rational principle.
If you Josephine, irrationally choose to do negotiate/compromise - it never works, in the long run; negatively .
Only // such negotiation//.
You cannot transfer/change positive/objective/rational values/principles/culture from the good to the bad! Cannot! Its dysfunctional, destructive. Cannot be done!

Evil/irrational ideology is evil/irrational; an evil character is an evil character; -
wrong & of the majority and its (empty, non-2Us, faith-based) life.
irrational (in thought, motivation and actions) mind (non-2Us ) mind/consciouness- ( )!
A civil, productive, secular & free mind is a free human; is pro free society and the utopic of religion
free & independent mind, no matter its in the Strata, is religious-free, religious-less & pro
the application of the
/-, /-, /-, -, / inspired Muslim Brotherhood & -, /
rational//principle method, in life.
Do not
(learn to) compromise, compromise, compromise, Josephine;
do not - all of the irrational moralities of all the faith-based systems/- , , ( , , & );
do not believe in the absolutely wrong
/irrational/ preaching/morality of the money, the passionate desires and the strong ambition are the root of all evilare destrucive;
or else,
, you cannot experience long-term IHS happiness, by believing in (faith-based; / /) !

? ?


Lucius Annaeus Seneca: Religion is regarded by the common people as true,
by the wise as false,
and by the rulers as useful.

Its a religion-eat-religion world, stupid!

warfare conflicts between faith-based groups!



(playing the irrational game) (the childish/ psychology/mentality game of)
My God is better than your God!

(and I could kill you -send you to Hell- for abusing / not conforming to my God, you know! The attitude of of skepticism!)

Religion, lovely Josephine,
a social organization based on religion,
always divides the ppl into
religion always leads to warfare conflicts between
opposing groups/ (of ppl),
, ,
(up)hold same-same in principles ideologies! Its the faith -based morality, stupid; its a (bloody) wrong morality! bloody .
Its all about the group mentality!
My group/gang is better than your group/gang! Its the (ridiculously ) us-them morality,
based not, not, not on (
) [objective ], but on irrational beliefs/delusions!
In my God/gang, I thrust! !



RR: //Creator
/decides/chooses , , () (); ;
The Lord
decides/chooses/defines , , / & / / the great



/: : .



, , !?


, ,

, ?

, , ,

Yes, lovely Josephine, its the of the irrational [ppl, (un)consciously of the versions of] !}

Its pathetic! Its absofuckinlutely ridiculous - 21 !
Pathetically awful, absofuckinlutely ridiculous and completely unsustainable paradigm.
Immensely dangerous & harmful!

Its a real to liberty, private property, , and of the () individual.
- 5-6000 ; absolutely!

, lovely Josephine,
based on the wrong [core] principle.
The model
[; social organization] of religion. Of any religion!



religions, lovely Jos,
ivide [into 2 the ppl: .. // .. ]

of all over the world.

Thats what religions do
(, ),
and they do it
really well, !
, lovely Josephine,
real [ i.e. bad] [, , , , !),
irrational [, , , , !),
ridiculous(-minded) ppl!
, lovely Josephine!

- for many ppl. !




, lovely ,
[], too;

many more!
religions (and their intellectual leaders & dealers)
, (), lovely Jos,
the obedience
& the ,
which they try into the minds of the ppl
preaching the
(, , !)
the Perfect Supernatural Being
[them double-dealers

preach- morality,
in fact , but irrationalities/fallacies,
the irrational mind can/does not,

is not able to,
the reality and the real ralationships -
into & the non-reality; is very - for the lives of all the (especially rational/productive) ppl]

A religion, lovely Josephine,

is a negative ;

is (cultural, -) separatism// (usually based on race );
is absofreakinlutely fundamentalism [irrational radicalism].
Its the ideal
its religious
/brotherhoodness/ - for the group/tribe/communes greater good.
Its the
- !
Its the death (.. anti-life) [of - of- (religious) ],
that really absofreakinlutely
the productive//civilized/producer
& absofreakinlutely
the non-productive//primitive/!

-no matter if they are n- or of the 21 -

the [fundamentally more or less rational values of the] West and

more the leftish inclined ppl]
Thats an anti-life [of value; of thinking, motivation and action; of behaviour; of the (self-)sacrifice; of Heaven & Hell; of ], lovely Josephine,

the fundament of all irrational (of religious or secular ; of irrational guiding core principles/values)!


, lovely Jos,
is really awfully ;

the (productive) individual.
[ ] of the individual!
, lovely Josephine,
is really great

the Establishment! Absolutely.

Its absofuckinlutely horrible [idea(l)] - we the (productive, non-parasitic) ppl, !
And lets be clear, lovely Jos,

it is not about race (or ethnicity)!
Its essentially
(all) about ideology! Yes, about an idea(l)!
The irrational ideology of
[a version of religious / social /jihadism]!

OK? Get it?



The religious/Supernatural [social construct of the]
multicultural-entitlement indoctrination [
- in the world of EU]!


RR: /creationism/ is collectivism; is a power structure/;
is - form, shape and color of - really brutal - its ruling with an iron fist and killing ppl by the millions!
All collectivists - or not- suppress objective knowledge, facts, , science and education
, delusions, all kind of & obsessions of Holy Books i.e. with non-reality, as if it is the objective reality/truth!
is absofreakinlutely ( ) capitalism!
( or ) is a mind created & faith-based reality!
Don't be stupid, lovely Jos!
Dont hit your mind in the wall of irrationalities - of any color, shape and form!


Christopher Hitchens: Beware the irrational, however seductive. Shun the 'transcendent' and all who invite you to subordinate or annihilate yourself.
Distrust compassion; prefer dignity for yourself and others.
Don't be afraid to be thought arrogant or selfish. Picture all experts as if they were mammals.
Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. Seek out argument and disputation for their own sake; the grave will supply plenty of time for silence. Suspect your own motives, and all excuses.
Do not live for others any more than you would expect others to live for you.

, lovely Jos, about & - which they !

sets of beliefs cling to these -
truths by the Truth! irrationality!
all the faith-based ppl, all over , of stuff?!
Do you wanna believe them, lovely
? Do you wanna be just a faith-based ? Believing the , ?
in one of the many integrated of group,
- , , (or ).
do not like
group! Yes, lovely Jos, its () relativism () groups!
, 21 , ,
religions , , , !
, a?! /civilization, a?!
Fuck (the different)
- of all the (different) groups! Fuck them all! OK? Get it?
Its irrationality!
Absolutely! .
OK? Get it?
Do you fucking believe me? Dont do it! , , rationally - based on the reality and !
Oh, yes,
, its all about the objective principles - of the reality Don't be stupid! Don't be (brainwashed) ! Be (really) rational - in thought, motivation and action! Yes, be RR!
civilized, secular and happy - ! the one and only UNIVERSALLY true ()!
Get it

Yes, lovely Josephine,
is all about acting on faith!
Its collectivism, egalitarianism.
in the longer run , bloody for all the ppl in a nation! Absofuckinlutely!


Now, lovely Josephine,
lets do some more stuff
in real defence of Europe,
in real defence of civilization,
in real defence of humanity,
in real defence of the (prosperous) life and the (free) living
[.. ] of the (productive) individual!

, lovely Jos,
any religion,

no matter its name,
[ ]
n absofreakinlutely blind () () dogma,
(, delusionally) self-
a peace-maker, in favour of peace, religion of peace, a good stuff, stuff,
lots and lots of blood all over the hands [and lots of hypocrisy/dishonesty all over its doctrine]!

really stuff, , , ! Religions are unequal.
(much, much) -,
really absofreakinlutely evil (i.e. more coersive, absofuckinlutely aggressive) !
? Get that?
() ( )

in their nature [ ]
really absofreakinlutely (badly) [in their essence],
a , lovely Jos,
all stuffs (of life) is dysfunctional
! Yes, really!
() ( )
lovely Jos,
humans [, that support doctrine],
are not, not, not !
Take seriously
, lovely Jos! Really!
always an absofreakinlutely great danger
for the (ppl of) Europe,
for the (real) civilization,
for the humanity,
for the (prosperous) life and the (free) living [
.. ] of the individual!

- (4: & - ) ()

of today, lovely Jos,

[ ],
the most

enterprises in the world, ever! Yes! Remember that!
Enterprise ! !
Thats absofuckinlutely true!
Take seriously
, lovely Jos!

, lovely Josephine,
philosophy/morality///politics/ (v.1.0),
(absofreakinlutely blind) faith
(the Party of the Supernatural/Creator e.g. the // of God);
is an
irrational ,
that is accepted by billions of ppl on an emotional basis;

is far, far away from te

facts, and (IHS) interest of the productive individual;

is real backwardness, ignorance & barbarity;
is a long-term threa
t for the civilization & science, for living a productive and healthily happy life in a free society;

is a violation, , , protection of the IR;
is subjective & primitive (-)

mystical thinking

and culture,
morally, intellectually & ideologically opposed to free market capitalism,

of course pro & multiculturalism,
all of the
, lovely Josephine,
an absofuckinlutely p-e-r-v-e-r-t sense of (the) reality,
of life, liberty, property and purcuit of happiness!
this pervert sense of life, lovely Jos, & [ ; self-sacrificial] -!

, lovely Josephine,
is the emotional thinking/intellect,
absolutely in the [Great] Nothing

.. is all based on appealing of emotion & Authority,

the reality for the only Standard (of value)
irrationality becomes the Something/Supernatural;
is an addiction;
is of the majority of the believers
E (, , , etc);

, [always]
of the (dogmatically blind) .

all of these, lovely Josephine,

anti ( of)


pro(motes) !



Its all about , , i.e. faith-based reality! A (bloody & ) .

[ ] all of the followers [of ], lovely Josephine,
72 () i.e. 72 ,
all of who with " ", " " " ".
() , !

This type of
philosophy/morality/mentality -
if applied consistently and persistently
, lovely Josephine,

destruction (of a society/nation/region/world),
in the long term!
, its absolutely evil -
(the rational) ,

the P&P&P ;
for the world!

Religion, any religion (
), lovely Josephine,
is (a version of the doctrine) ; is the greatest lie ever told!
The fundamental religious views [, based on faith], lovely Josephine,
of the world, Universe, ppl, life, liberty, property &
are absofreakinlutely irrational [i.e. immoral i.e. ],
, are UNtrue, , delusional!
, a religion is badness for the ppl!

any religion [, and , ] (, - in its essence),
an absolute ,
which is just the opposite of the objective , is always based on the one and the only
: the scientific method! OK, Jos?
religion [, and , ]
just onto
--- into a delusional idea(l) & delusional standard (of value)!
all religions &

, lovely Josephine,
the great ( ) / of its (&, and its );
of all the ppl
/Commandments of the Leader/Party/-God, !
Its tribalism
in thought, motivation & action.
, lovely Josephine,
is controlled by a tiny, tiny, tiny minority of
leaders & their absolutely small & close cirles,
of course by strong in force //-. . OK, lovely Jos?

religion [, and , ] (, - in its essence),
the ( , the cons, , their ideology is based upon the religion),
with (inter-) (-) /collectivism

with the !
Its the ideology of brotherhoodness [& the common goodness, and the reunification, as prescribed by a God] -
the poorer !
OK, lovely Jos?

theres no ,
(the methods & of)
& -
both delusional/,
based on
egalitarianism & humans (self-)sacrifice!
[as well as the weak//failure,
against the making of money/profit
pro //humanity of fairness, , , ,
-(), & hungry for ppl]
Its absolute wrongness,
great badness,
the (faculty of rationality of the) human mind (the ability for logical reasoning) (in scientific terms)
the delusive //irrational!
Its a net negative force -
really humanity,
every religion ,
/, (, in conflict with the real science, and secularity)!
Its the (social) policy (pretending to be the moral Standard, !)
of one
(good, ) group
against another (bad, ) group!
Oh, that Bible, oh, that
, oh, that of the 4Zs ,
oh, that irrationality -

irrational methods for
(re)solving their disputes/conflicts!
Its the badness of religion, stupid!

s the Pan-Arabism, stupid! The heart of the bad ideology of Islam!
Pan-Arabism of the Pan-Islamism!


, lovely Josephine,

[especially in the heart of / -
the land of huge quantity of ,
its non-primitive & productive ppl, which want freedom in the heart of the region of !]
abuse- female humans,
, lovely Josephine,
abuse- ( small!...and male) children! !
Thats the
understand & know the
truth - for your self!
, - ;
in IHS terms! , the supernatural/superstitious, aka irrationally - thats wrong (method of thinking)!
, lovely Jos,
- based, , , -belief based!
has nothing to do with ;
it's /rationality/ irrationality//faith! ?

2+2 =4. Cannot be no other value. .

Well, lovely ,
the ? (, , of ///)
an objective of the ? (, , of ///)
in Europe,
the whitish ppl/ and the darkish , a?
the objectively essense of religion, of relativism?

Don't be stupid!

, lovely ,
one more thing -
all religions,
all the
have established the (social) as an ideal &
that are really based on the &
producing the of extremely & centralized in their -- power )
() fertility ratio of above 2 (/ higher than the national average) ( lower rate)
womens rights, an integrated of the individuals rights!
religious , lovely Josephine,
in the of the western civilization ,
because the religious law
much higher fertility (from above 2 to 6) rate,
than the national average - religion-based are growing in numbers;
yes, in that way, in the longer run
they can flow/take over the objectively western-based
The more females are educated
the lower the fertility in the nation
//region, in the longer run;
, too;
yes, womens empowerment
lowers the fertility (of women) as a whole, in a nation/region/world!
And this
- & - the females in a nation//world.


The of ()

Christians punished with death,

until there are no more left! an islamist can be happy!



Lets now talk about the quattro of

[I enjoy & love that one woman, and Ive room for 3 more yet to go! Isnt it ?]
{Do you like the message; do you wanna sing that song? Pls do have a protected sex! Pls do not rape no woman! Pls do not be a primitive with a rape culture/morality!}



It all, lovely Josephine,

all bad stuff,
starts in (the heart of)
[i.e. , the badness in fact , !]
lovely Jos,

- & all the ppl, the more civilized !
Its the

its the ideology;
its the essential principles/values;

Europe, the ppl of Europe, lovely Jos,
are in a great mess;
in a really deep (life-threatening) trouble!
(, multicultural / ( constructivist) morality, & ]

Yes, we are!
All of us - the real Europeans

the problem of of .

We are (already) in a war!
Its gonna be the longest wars/badness of all so far!
(EU) [politicians & all the rest stuff]
do play the mutliculti card to come to (richer parts of) Europe for (free) shopping benefits! !
That is absofuckinlutely self-destructing
i.e. based on absofuckinlutely unsustainable the
debt, pain & death principle.

, lovely Josephine,
- the ppl of ,
[, after the late 80s

that has made possible the muslims invation of EU]
[/ collectivist & (),

because of their collectivitst morality, great , , methods & , how why, a?!... destroyers!
real the westernized structure of the U, & M, lovely Jos,
the EU as a - unity , these two (evil) countries themselves!]
2-3 , lovely Jos,
the absofreakinlutely massive o-multicultural
[ part of values, politics, economics, media & culture the huge & the rapid immigration process and their higher !
M continues to expode, in EU]
, countries , lovely Josephine,
real ! !
the means of
very, very much strong () ()

in-group preference/;
[, the -esspecially the leftish- absofreakinlutely ,
the muslims in EU will not, not, not tolerate -as the alliance b/n the & the - for ever!
(), & in (numbers in) EU, lovely Jos,
one day EU - pro EU/world ! , most probably, of 21 !]
the poorest of the poor ;
of the world of the ,
1 500 000 000
, lovely civilized ,
the primitive darkness of the Dark ages

over Europe
(, under the law of !) ( , all religious ppl, k-i-l-l /Creator! !);
the World Nation
/ of Islaam
() and to ( - & method) rule over the rational & the productive individual;
womens rights real part of individual rights
in the - today in ?

, the new bloody ,
(, violence aggressive )
[ by the religion of ;
at that time , lovely Jos,
religion-based (the Pope) & by the /King
, ,

, - ],
[ ///tribalism// &
/compromising the real/secular/objective & rational values/principles!]
(mainly ) ;
- -
[ , , killing in the name of Jesus/God]
// in the name of Allah/Muhammad !
, ; darkness!
Oh, these relativistic moralities/values/principles/!
- !
Its not
the problem, lovely Jos! The ( of) the (r-e-a-l) problem!

, lovely ,
it would be wrong

in the context of

(in the name of /God) islaam (in the name of Allah),

against [, the arab of , according to the ,
just for being jews! the old time arab muslims -!],
against ;
it is the (irrational) premise of the religion/
thats the real (& big) problem,
the religion , , increase- &
/ (-)/ ppl -
(the ppl ) // , , religious /community;
none of the
(4000) religions
is more valid than the another!

, yes, , lovely Josephine,
in their practical essense

much more , , barbaric, & bloody

than others (based on its their religious belief principles);
islaam is (much more) bloody (, of judeo- , lovely Josephine, -violent ! Really!),
/ ;
its a religion establish the political expression of the Islaamic [ - of the ]

its too backward,
its too primitive:
essentially the basic objective principle
of separation of religion and State,
(collapsing into an absolute authorianism ) (its not only , the Cristian fundamentalism the jewish fundamentalism, - fundamentalism, etc.)

Of () women

, by the of , to marry [have] 4 wives and to have as many temporary wives as they wish!

are not,

and should not be
a private property
(and their lives owned by) the !
[ islamic ,
by the law of
women are mens belongings,
inferior to men,
women are made subject to men)
( by the way all the major !

, , , under sharia law & courts, max 25% ,

, -publicly- !

, , ?]
, lovely !

Koe , gorgeous Josephine



() & secular (& high heels)


in ;

() their sexual partner
/ ( of /)
, ,
girls/wives] to officially serve & obey (per) 1 OK, a?
Its the
quattro principle muslim ()!
M , ,
absofreakinlutely much, much less [
] 2,
compared to ! IR, according to Sharia law [ all the major ] absofuckinlutely different ! !
() 3, lovely Josephine,
they are not [ ] real
[ !]

absofreakinlutely ,
only absofuckinlutely [, ] [i.e. ]!
, lovely Josephine,
], lovely Josephine,
[] women absofuckinlutely [; in a type of style] !

lovely Jos,
think [//],
in objective and rational .
Don't be (irrational) like the secular God of the Machine,
s world,
, , absolutely
the essential !
, lovely Jos,
is the real (irrationally primitive) (and lazy)

the (morality/values/ of the) ideology of [ ()]!
Get it?
, lovely Jos -
objectively & efficiently, in real principles
based on , intuition, favouritism or a whim!


The huge wave of (the religion/theocracy/ideology/collectivism// of) & !

The path of Allahis
the (politically correct) , the Holy book of ;
do all in the name of ,
of the good, of the justunder
( ), lovely Jos,
the declaration of rights war against the rest of !



Well, lovely Josthat is the existential - of- Europe since the fall of (the western) Roman Empire!
It is the absofuckinlutely
() - () (ad)venture, lovely Josephine,
promoted & funded by the absofreakinlutely
globalists leaders of EU & organizations like that of George Soros!

Its a militaristic & interventionalistic culture - of a totalitarian ideology, of lose-lose
relationships! Its the brute monster [beast]!
Its the dehumanization/war/rape culture -
[, //Christ !, Choschen Ham 9425
// (real) . / /rats//// ., Baba Mezia 114a - 114b]


The Prophet of Islam, the Allahs Apostle said: I was ordered (by ) to fight the people until Messenger!;
I have been ordered to fight the people till they say:
'None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.'
And if they say so, pray like our prayers, face our Qibla and slaughter as we slaughter,
their blood and property will be sacred to us and we will not interfere with them except legally and their reckoning will be with Allah.'"
[Muslims are told to fight unbelievers until they are
either dead, converted to Islam, or in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim domination.
Allowing people of other faiths to live and worship independently of Islamic rule is
not an option.]



RR: Well, lovely Jos, its not about the money
its primarily/
about, sending/comunicating a message/idea! Yes, it really is!
Then, only
, the money/economics -of prosperity/growth/flourishing or of death/stagnation/misery- follow!
OK? Get it! The idea/message (is sent and) comes first, and then all the rest follow!
Stay away -,
& - , , and all the rest of (negativistic) stuff & irrational energy!
OK? Get it?



The Islamification of [the continent of] Europe

(-) , lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely [of the -heart o- ]!
[- , ! Unite
against ! .]
All the (-), 20- , ,
[absofreakinlutely of the ideology of] , lovely Jos,
[] "" !
[ , its the absofreakinlutely war for commanding the Silk road]


Its evil!
Its medieval.
Its medieval evil.

Its retarded. And its barbaric!

It absolutely, by any means,
------ ( & ) -
/ medieval ,

the idea(l) (ism) of religious commune(ism) -
the rule of law
, & policing of the (elite ) ! !
(the idea ) ! .
the objective , lovely Josephine,

& /,
( )
the ppl,

( ) , , , worries powerlessness!
, lovely Jos,
absofreakinlutely /// / -
the 4Zs / ( more primitive ppl) () & - for ever! To be and controlled! By whom?
the negative (-ideological) . Really! I mean it. ? Get it?

I consider it a challenge against the whole human race!
And we the
rational ought not to lose!
We can and ought to come through (it).
No time for losers!
And we ought to keep on fighting 'til its end!
We could and ought to be the rational champions! Of the world

How about the promised land, lovely Josephine?

this negative
, lovely Josephine,
comes from
of the Middle East,
i.e. from the Promised Land!
, lovely Jos,
/culture/ idea, .
Its ; the (rule of law of the) !
(the world of) /Muslimlandia//anti-rational ideology,
the MediEvil world of today
its heart, brain and economics being the triangle of MuslimBrotherhood: Stan-Egypt-Yemen.
We are talking, lovely Jos,
, , specific /race [ much, much less than the ideology (in a nation/region) - of religion]!
lovely Jos,
- a set of fundamental values; in this case irrational , of ! absofreakinlutely
irrational culture/ideology

has never really been - in psychological context
to kill
(absolutely agressively and in cold blood)
( group - the group of the )! In the name of?
In the name of the Great God
{ do you, lovely Jos,
with the other -
of the 20C, of international - e, of the proletariat & its - the capitalists;
the - the , ?
, lovely Jos,
the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greece, Roman, , , 18C & 19C of the the (different cultures of) mankind}!

, lovely Jos,
we the ppl of ()
with religion [of ],
from the East!
-cultural , lovely Jos,

can [is absofreakinlutely able to) produce of Europe! , , , Sweden.

, ! , !

lovely Josephine,
absofuckinlutely (by the millions!)
of the religion/theology/culture/ of (all the shades of differences within)
the biggest problem (of all other religions) (of the 21 ! Pls, lovely and young Jos, do remember these words of mine - , yes, , the biggest problem of the -yet to come- 21 !),
which absofreakinlutely ///fight///destroy
& to
(real) c-i-v-i-l-i-z-a-t-i-o-n!
And please, please, lovely Jos, dont talk to me about mass
of the
- this cannot happen in reality,
on large scale, !


, ,
lovely Jos,

[- arabs from Middle-east-afro :

i.e. the brain & heart of - & their / !
the birth place of Jesus, a?
the most of oppressive & dictators? or based ?
Oh, that theology (//method of life & duties),
oh thos
( -State- /power/control/regulation),
oh, those
the - this is the real(ly huge) problem!]
(, culturally, morally)
into the pre-Enlightenment Age, in the name of Allah! !
Yes, its a cultural issue;

the younger majority of -,
when they
/ and
are coming into EU world,
, westernized values & ,
, , freedom,
to get free stuff from , () - in economic terms area!

, they, lovely Jos,
, , in the western ,
, ,
to honestly ( everyday applying hard work to) earn their own living
, , ,

to get the free () drug,
, ,

social () , a to consume more,

.. to get free riding irrationally by the absofreakinlutely multi-culti ()
of the absofuckinlutely model of the (Global) Establishment!

Oh, that , oh, that , oh that liberal democracy! Its an absofreakinlutely irrationality!
the rabic (in the Middle East & the African north)
(, absolute) ;
absofuckinlutely great(est) , lovely Jos,
absofreakinlutely (, , morally & by law)
(by the irrational value of)
. !
united EU of self-sacrificing, of , of the Enlightened !

a cultural war [, aggressive & ]
between values, ideas and principles
(i.e. moral, intellectual, , visions)!


of EU (& ) & e (the & multicultural do-gooders , with good intentions)
and refuse to
& name!
Its a war of ppls
(method of) thinking!
Of the irrational thinking & the UNproductive action vs the rational & the productive!

in religious context, (-cultural, aka ideological, aka )
between ( irrational faith-based avangard of)
the East(ernization)
(protecting the great universal & objective - , 15-20 - value of the idea of real , & of the)
West(ernization/) - its the essense of the - (collectivism vs the individualism) context of the conflict!
is the big problem;
is the
/collectivism! (of -) ( especially of this idea/ideology the young & adults! Fuck Ayatollah! Make him leave the kids alone!)
(of the message of this idea! Yes, its primarily aboutsending a message!)
comes the /,

/destruction/degradation! [i.e. the opposite/ the T&T principle .. the principle of peace/freedom, free market]

You, lovely Jos,
gotta make it obvious to
(all) the ppl (you can);
be really a & open fighter
in rational/secular thought
(, ideology, motivation, priority)
and action
, lovely ,
really all that jazz distinct;

westernization/science-based secularism/IR/ &
the islamization/religionism//faith-based , / & evilness! Are you with me, ? Get it; do you follow?

chooses &

(as his duty, as a self-sacrificial animal, , , )
(in the name of Allah, God, , , , etc.) (.. angry , , & skepticism, living / for the promise of the 72 virgins )
kill non-believers,
just for joy,
look at the third world -muslims (/ ) in Sweden ( the concept of !), lovely Josephine,

the main frame media
in the name of the () progressive correcteness & of the egalitarianism/multiculturalism-
, !
official , lovely Jos,
really !
Why so?
by law ; .
Why so?
Well, lovely Jos,
like it or not,
believing it or not,
but its a (
-)cultural thing,
a matter of identity/! !
Think about that, think objectively & rationally - ; think really on your own, based on /values i.e. objective standards!
enjoying healthily happy living,
, lovely Josephine,
an absofreakinlutely morally irrational human!
Oh, those ,
oh, those ,
oh, these indoctrinated tribes
religiously-based (cultures of)
uslim Brotherhoods, here on Earth! (, their lifes sacrifice/suicide go directly to , for & blissful /) !
, lovely Josephine,
the moral code of (any) religion,
absofuckinlutely , no matter its name! And the culture of religion
is quite militaristic (and interventionalistic)!

the ideas of
Allahu Akbar, the Greatest
up in the skies !
Allah ,
above and beyond all other things! the religion of
beyond reason!
the -
"I in life after death,

the religion of .
beyond reason!" 
No principle difference -
to have faith, in the .
(and all of its forms of existence, and institutions)
( ) -
(, of the multiculturalism
, ,
lovely Jos,

of the mankind
- all the 14 ages!)
Its irrational group

against another irrational group/;
absofreakinlutely ! ( by the /region, which , in fact ) Think, Josephine.
cannot be ever
(religionists are nuts, & non-objectively, based on irrational prejudices, & , immortality, , , providence, and revelation),
because, lovely Jos,
it is
(, /ideology/morality/culture/)
irrational in its essense!

The (irrational, cowardish, primitive) brain/mind creates (and consumes) religion

: : .



, , !?


, ,

, ?

, , ,


( , based on by a religion - ), lovely Jos,
(the mother of)
( ,
erosion of IR i.e.
erosion of &
freedom, life, property & pursue of happiness/excellence); ( faith based , dictates/)
the values of
are utterly

the values of the free, civilized & secular world/society/idea(l) (of the voluntary Contracting);
, ,
to be objectively understood by as many as possible rational/ !

( - , take religion )
, lovely Jos,
(Individual) right of the (i.e. the /, , ) -
very confused/mixed
/close-minded ppl,

that are blinded by the (religious) dogma

absfreakinlutely against the (facts of the) reality!
multiculturalism (that all cultures are, , equally good, and that all of them can in small space),
(.. moral stupidity, cowardness/ & depravity/evilness),

consistent & persistent
& ,

( ) ,

the multicultural/relativistic/democratic/incoherent/unsustainable/

of , , ///communications.
Oh, that mentality/lifestyle of doublethink!

-/ -
all moralities/cultures

are equal,
they must/can
peacefully! , !
obey & (, , be ready to) sacrifice for him!
, , !
Can you see the reality, for centuries, all over the world?

, ,

men and women ( , ?);
do you
want, 21 ,

to be a (suppressed by primitive/medieval -- laws)

woman(-slave) (forced into by the - morality)
living in ( & .. the brain, the heart & the very investor of the evil radically/fundamentalist morality of)
Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and/or Iran?
the morality of ,

(pre-teen!) 12-13 ,

absolutely !

Can you see how religions preach and approve,

directly //, -
() ,
& ,
// -
() ,
lovely Josephine,

, , //! !
Go to jail .
Go directly to
jail, Hell .
Do not
pass GO care for your own life,
do not collect $200,

be collectivist
(based on faith & dogma) & sacrifice/suicide yourself!
! ,
, lovely Josephine, :
lack of (true) rationality, but lots of emotionalism;

lower IQ (and higher EQ and higher criminality);

aggressive ,

poorness, , angriness, , worrying
and !

Its an absofuckinlutely (same) freaking ideology! Of desecularization! Of indoctrination!


Islamic fashism/ - a pre medieval
of the
barbaric ( & ) culture/ of arab nationalism,
to rule, control & dominate the World -
through the global
(ist) rule of : the !


RR: & the MiddleEast - a- is a truly barbaric mess//;
its all about religion i.e. brutal
& //primitivism i.e. (the values of) anti-, -rationality, religious statism/.

Because culture and life are being primarily shaped by ideas/ideologies & methods - & objective non- & non-objective!

Josephine, never do try to negotiate with the evil, nobody really can! Evil is evil; its not relativistic and its never tolerant.
Europe should declare war on islaamic barbarism -
( , , ) : , !


Winston Churchill [said of the Wahabis, in a speech to the House of Commons, 14 June 1921 ]: The Wah(h)abis,
[a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (170392).
advocates a return to the early Islam of the Koran and Sunna, rejecting later innovations; the sect is still the predominant religious force in Saudi Arabia]
profess a life of exceeding austerity, and what they practice themselves they rigorously enforce on others. They hold it as an article of duty, as well as of faith,
to kill all who do not share their opinions and to make slaves of their wives and children. Women have been put to death in Wahabi villages for simply appearing in the streets;
it is a penal offense to wear a silk garment. Men have been killed for smoking a cigarette, and as for alcohol, the most energetic supporter of the temperance cause in this country falls far behind them. Austere, intolerant, well armed, and bloodthirsty, in their own regions the Wahabis are a distinct factor which must be taken into account, and they have been, and still are, very dangerous to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and to the whole institution of the pilgrimage, in which our Indian fellow-subjects are so deeply concerned.The Emir Bin Saud has shown himself capable of leading and, within considerable limits, of controlling these formidable sectaries.'




The ppl [ /identity] are at stake! Really!
, lovely Josephine,
, , in ;
a () policy of the multiculturalism, [ massively ] [and increasing -in numbers- since the 60s]?
, religion (,all kinds of religion with different names,)
desperately, by all means, lovely Jos,

tries to inject itself

into politics (and economics, too);
tries to
( ) dictate!
[, official/good/real morality
and imposing
social// & correctness!
Let me ask you,
good idea for a to immigrate/live in , ?
, -
(with his head), immigrate to Saudi?
Good luck to him; & correctness, solidarity?]

[, based on the Pan-Islamism] (.. the laws of , of )

(Arabic) !
Oh, that