So, you ought to check (the fundamental principles of) your narrative!
OK, lovely Josephine? Be aware!
So, tell me, lovely Josephine,
whats your message?

My beliefs (dogmatic faith) are important to me!
I am absolutely true to my beliefs!
the dumb narrative of irrational ppl.
Majority of ppl place, lovely Jos,
their beliefs before
- ()!
their own
self & integrity (principle)!

These people, lovely Josephine,
never ever (because really
check their fundamental 




Check your premises.
Your success depends on your ACCURATE seeing of
cause and effect!
by Sophie Benshitta Maven

check your premises
A disproportionately large percentage of knowledge available on the internet is false.

Some of it is intentional propaganda.
But most of it is the result of wrong world view, false beliefs, Tree of Life undigested stuff, accepted as the truth.

So given the amount of crap, it is you who needs to be a truth seeker.

Not The Truth but truth

So lets see

I have the measure of your accurate vocabulary in my Starting Point Measurements. It has little to do with actual vocabulary, it is the measure of the accuracy of your world view.

I have said that awareness is the key to success but let me go further.

Accurate awareness.

If you look at something but you misjudge it, that is not awareness.

Contradictions do not exist.
Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.

One of the expressions Ive learned from Atlas Shrugged is Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong. 1

This is one of the most useful expressions.

You make decisions based on false premises.

In business, in health, in money, in relationships, in fulfillment.

And false premises abound.
This is the bases of the Anna Karenina Principle as well. All those unhappy families make decisions based on false premises.

Your accurate world view number should clue you in that the most important thing you can do to change your life to a happier, more successful life is to slowly but surely replace false premises with true, accurate premises.

One of the richest, most successful men, Sam Walton of Walmart fame, was famous of standing on one leg (figuratively) until his premise was checked.

It is not always easy to know what is accurate and what isnt. So Sam Walton was, wisely, and experimenter and a seeker of truth.

And so are the other really successful men, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Jeff Bezos.

But you you are sure that your premises are accurate. Being sure is the hallmark of unsuccessful people.

I have started to mentor someone in marketing.

Now, I am not an expert in marketing. I am an expert in truth-seeking.

My mentee (the person I mentor) has a tendency to get fixated. Make a decisions and stop looking.

I have written about Charlie, one-time friend of mine, who never looked again when he made a left-turn. We never had an accident, but close calls: all the time.

You want to avoid being sure.
You want to STAY aware.
You want to check your premises every step of the way

I know, it is hard. But it is mandatory if you want to be successful.

I have had this Trace Mineral product in my drawer for a few years.

It says it is homeopathic formula.

There are no minerals, not even traces of minerals (pun intended!) in the liquid.

It says: it has the energy of the trace minerals.

It is a best-seller, or at least it was when I bought it.

It does nothing.

What is the premise?
That we are vibrational beings, and therefore the vibration of a mineral does the same thing (or better) as the mineral itself.

Of course it is b.s.

Try that with food Take homeopathic food products. We shall see how well youll do.

I coach people through the audios of the 67 steps, because it does a 360 degree trip based on principles. It is an excellent starting point.

But, of course, Tai Lopezs accuracy in his premises is low. His mentors and the authorities he quotes are a little better, 30% accurate. Some a lot more some a lot less.

This is why I recommend that you have a coach while you are going through the principles and attempt to replace faulty premises with accurate ones. I am a good person for that.

But you could start getting the hang of it without me.

I found a pirated version of the 67 steps yesterday. I dont know how long it will be available it is illegal, of course. OK its gone










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, lovely Josephine, real () ,
only 1, evidences2 (of the reality) logical reasoning3!
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objective/rational ..
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