the N version


The philosophy of the (non-)monogamist ppl. An objection to the normative premise of & yesterdays (conservative) !
Christian view of life & relationships that of the reality of .
Of - !

Sexual Monogamy another brick in the wall (v.2.0)
Monopoly. Monotony. Mono.

Well, lovely Jos, its all about the real sexual self!
You either achieve it or not! Most (of the) ppl dont [cannot]!

Its about rationally
living and having sex and the city (liberated) - in the 21 century!
Its really hot, diversity,
novelty, interesting sexually free.
[Or one can preferably choose the (--) of the 20-th century.
It aint really hot, but monotonous.,
, stagnating sexually unfree.]

Of course, it
s not for all the ppl;
its not even (good) for the (irrational) majority of ppl;
its a choice consciously made by some of the
() ppl.
This stuff is a game
ppl of 21 century.
Anti-monopoly, anti-monotony & multi tasking
[, , is good for the (highly) productive of the 21 century,
might not nessasarily be good for the ppl in .
to the population density of the ppl in a region! ! Did you know this, lJ?]




- ; Let me educate you, Let me entertain you, a?!
(old cultural) (fe)male has had just one sexual partner of ones own summer years, (s)he ( of this irrationality)
, , () the absolute joy of , of , of the greatness of (sexual) variety.
- in his own autumn years, because of our human nature (, of having 3- sexual partners in ones own summer years),
-- -
of an irrational (& petty) . , , .
Dont be
stupid, lovely Jos!
Dont be
old culture female! Dont be a brick in this old cultural wall!
Or else
really absolutely , that ( & forever young) , really for ;
and at the end youll
the choices you didnt make and the chances you didnt take.
Dont be a dumb mono, stupid! Be real smart stereo!
An individual can, could and do have a happy second love_&_sex relationship,
real in a lifetime!
Thats natural; thats real human nature.
() in a lifetime ; real ; is choice - for a (fe)male.
I do not approve of
rational , () to be boring, although its OK with me,
some ( to) like - in the longer run. Its their owm choice; they will live with it.
, or - , every choice/action, accordingly ; you know whom by.

Mak : Man has imagined a heaven,
and has left entirely out of it the supremest of all his delights,
the one ecstasy that stands first and foremost in the heart of every individual of his race -- and of ours -- sexual intercourse!
It is as if a lost and perishing person in a roasting desert should be told by a rescuer
he might choose and have all longed-for things but one, and he should elect to leave out water!

Flemming Rose [The tyranny of silence / & multiculturalism]:
Before the Enlightenment, the Church perceived verbal attacks on doctrine as physical attacks on the Church.
The achievement of the Enlightenment was to separate words and actions.
And to me, that is a very important distinction between a civilized and an uncivilized country.

To be or not to be monogamous?
That is the question, lovely Jos.
To be or not to be, in your one-time lifetime? How about that!
To be poly?
To be away from ;
-, -, a stuff, that you passionately ?
Yes, lovely Josephine,
its about
, the voluntary (& truly rational!) ppl, in different space-time [of different lifestyles & lifetimes]!

Of - poly !

Well, it takes, lovely Jos,

really great passion,
and risk,
of course,
() ppl, lovely Josephine,

as usually,
absofuckinlutely dream [& talk] about it
(more & more sexual enjoyment),
, ,

until, Omfg,

its too late [and they cannot do it, ()]. , ?!
Yes, the huge majority of the ppl, lovely Josephine, absofreakinlutely ()!
conform to the prevailing opinion of the prevailing !
() cannot [& do not] experiment/experience [the difference]!

And they never know/understand the difference! ! What a waste!
lovely Josephine,

do not

force -- i.e. to be monogamous till death do us part,
human individual! It is not.
Let it be, lovely Josephine,
be & sexuality -
all these ,
in your life,
, !
Sex(uality) is an objective (personal, individual)
value; its a fundamental & primary (ir)rational reward & motivation.
Let there be a
choice. Individual choice!

A rational man , , this (social) , (as) accepted by the [or by a minority].


, lovely Jos,
make love,
voluntary, passionately & beautifully,
but not war
should and ought to have the freedom to rationally choose [customize] - what is (really) best, best for each of them, for both of them!


Do you like to have ( ) breakfast at Tiffany/Victoria's?
Do you
like variety;
how about monopoly;
do you wanna make the sexual relationship outside one and only one (fe)male virtually impossible?
Do you currently practice (non-)monogamy, lovely Jos? Oh, gosh! Oh Gosh! Ooooooooh, gosh!
Do you like,
is it OK,
to flirt
/ to have affairs; to do flirting? no, no, no (real) flirting?!
Do you like orientalism?
Romanticism; intense emotions?
How about (dis)liking
or Christianity,
or Catholicism,
or Protestantism,
or mao/dao//tao/bud-ism,
or any other
form of ( )
how about (dis)liking Darwin(s idea)?


Polyamory (from Greek πολύ poly, "many, several", and Latin amor, "love") is
the practice of, or desire for,
intimate relationships where individuals may have more than one partner,
with the knowledge and consent of all partners.
It has been described as "consensual, ethical, and responsible non-monogamy".

polygamous [ pəˈlɪɡəməs ]

relating to or involving polygamy.

"polygamous societies"


(of an animal) typically having more than one mate.

Well, lovely Josephine, (s)he is not monogamous!
But I
absolutely know, lovely Josephine,
I understand,
absofuckinlutely ,

really / , lots of functionally [really] educated & rationally thinking ppl
.. & (fe)males.
[, ,
most of (fe)males,
, ,
into the sexual/marriage relationships.
, !
Full of , , dishonesty, ( ) !
( psychologically ; its a completely life-changer, style-changer and could be character changer!)
of lies , all over! , ?
, that stupidly do it, ! Always.
, drain of (, , psyche: & ) energy .
No exceptions possible.
Infedelity is all about getting ones own -spiritual- needs met, within a particular relationship! No exceptions.
The sexual need is
(essentially) spiritual need;

its natural, innate, comes and is controlled by ones own (non-)objective mind - (ir)rational morality/values/principles/desires, mentality, culture, beliefs and self-esteem.
A person goes outside a particular relationship, lovely Jos,
when hes not really getting his needs met
/ by -cannot meet the- in the particular relationship- according to an (ir)rational & (non-)objective standard.
Do you live on Earth to not satisfy your needs?

Do you not need to have/communicate and exchange close fundamental values (and sexual, too; flirting, too!), in the long run?
Where do you wanna draw your own personal/individual boundaries - based on your morality?
How about compatibility (in values/principles/actions/motivations/ambitions), in the long run?
Intimacy is much more than sex;
having/exchanging/sharing the same world of values/principles for , just an act!]

I absolutely , ,
irrationally ,

absofuckinlutely (sexual) , !
[, different, to the , ]

I absolutely know, we are living in the first liberated age

7%-15% of the ppl in the civilized world

(and erotics, and sexuality)
untroubling & un matter to (rationally) talk about; and joyfully practice it - a lot of it!
Making love is really great! Yes, really!
Making love,
(clean) lovemaking,
r-e-f-u-s-e-s to always match with (romantic) love! OK, lovely Jos?
Most of the ppl of today,
choice between
being loved

being honest

! !

I absolutely know, any absolutely , lovely Jos,
absofuckinlutely always in all the - relationships,
no matter
a couple ( ) or not! Its funny; its a bore; its unreal, not (fe)male nature. OK?

I absolutely , e really absolutely &
to () love one partner
, lovely Josephine,
to ( want to) have () passionate sex with another partner! Yes!
Its absolutely &
to be a () rational character
to () like , or some other stuff!
OK, lovely Jos?
Its a matter of free (rational)
choice (to rationally admit & satisfy ones own sexual preferences) - thats all! Really!
A real love relationship, lovely Jos,
is absolutely possible in the long run,
two or more characters!
- , , ; is a master-slave relationship. ?
Thats the fundament(al stuff).


Lucius Annaeus Seneca: Religion is regarded
by the common people as true,

by the wise as false,
and by the rulers as useful.

The old (moral, political & economic) world order:
One King/Pope, that divinely [i.e. coresively] rule all the rest of the ppl for the(ir) common good(ness)!
Its psychopathic control/regulation! Its slavery! Its (theological) totalitarianism! Its really just another brick in the (traditional) wall!

[ vs The new (One) world order is authority vested in the few! Its slavery! Its () ! Its egalitarianism!]

, ,
in absofreakinlutely practice, lovely Josephine, , , /apply values,
in fact, the main of , , (all kinds of) !
lovely Josephine,
oldest of) !

It all started long, long time ago, with the monopoly of the knowledge, information & all the rest of stuff!
life (of an individual) was really absofreakinlutely nasty, brutal and short; and the ppl had been very, very much tribal (and primitive)!
During that [absofuckinlutely ] period of time [for 99.99% of all the ppl], lovely Josephine, God (absofreakinlutely ) existed, was real!


sexual monogamy,
, lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely ,
absofuckinlutely ,

of -,
[ /moral/values

, lovely Jos, vs secular & rational /]

{the 1:1 officially recommended -redistributive ratio of women to a man, the quattro - / 4:1 ratio!
But , , lovely Josm
the right is the / , an irrational institution -of power/control- .}

, lovely Jos,
[, a , Middle East
i.e. the heart of the
quattro s /:

being away from the secular, , the progressive, , , !]
[ , in the name of
God///Lord - Jesus// .. faith]
-, dominant - & social !


( ),
[ / /,
// relationships
, lovely Jos,
duties, obligations/!
in fact the Government! Omfg!]
the Dark ages, lovely Josephine,

really , , absofreakinlutely , , , ,

and very, very much corrupt [dishonest],
, , violence, [ ]

- ( , !) -
the heart of darkness!
the extremely bloody ,

, all in the name of God [; the goodness] -
, , [] ,
! !
do-gooders that do good stuff () , great !
, the huge , bloody bloody ,
, ,
the do-gooders always do stuff

in the name of the Righteous Cause of the religion/church//:

to save the souls of humans;

& to obey & know God/Allah/Superspirit


good/righteous person, one day, such a man , !

The Righteous Cause, organized by do-gooders, , bloody & suffering all over the nation/region/world!

Oh, that righteous cause,
oh, that
righteous persecution,
oh, that salvationism
of the religions the evil , , , coercion, in the name of the righteous cause!
What a
n absofreakinlurely terrible, terrible life ; ! ! Dark ages for humanity!

, , lovely Josephine,

/Pope,immensely , through of ;
[a document for , by the Authority//;
much -
i.e. free pass to Heaven,

.. keep away from Hell,
, big, very big ]
() () , lovely Jos,

( ) ,
e all over - , , prosperity of [banksters] ;
, lovely Josephine,
& absofuckinlutely ,
lust, sexual fetishes & primitive ,
, lots of
, , , , ,

, , and sexually abusing [raping] () boys [minors]!
h, those ,
most of them , all over the world,
lovely Josephine,
[, , , lovely Jos,
real ,
really , , ! !
( ) ?!

, ?]
a & shame into the minds of the (fe)males, regarding their sexuality;
and the Holy Book, lovely Josephine,

have condemned getting pleasure out of & in the minds, motivations and of (fe)males,
absofuckinlutely , , value - ! !
In reality,
rationally thinking,
, lovely Jos,
the human mind the greatest sex organ [tool]!
Yes, lovely Josephine,
yes, human
[(ir)rational] sexuality is rooted in human [(ir)rational] values, which produce a humans [(ir)rational] vison of ( ) life!
, lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely /// -
their visions
of sexuality,
f sex,
of life,
of the human-
()! !
Let me ask you, then - is
sex truly lovely? Or is it not?


over -
ancient time, , lovely Josephine,
(in the minds of many ppl)!


St. John Chrysostom: The Church is above the State,
in the same way
as the soul is above the body and
heaven above the earth,
and indeed far more.

(really dark) [and ever since the ancient -primitive- times], lovely Josephine,
] ( of) //religion!

- of the idea(l) of the (religious) do-gooders!

the well intentioned , absofreakinlutely force/,
, ,
() the view/belief/ of the Oh Mighty /!
, lovely Josephine,

-the sexual monogamy-
! , .


[The (civilization of the) world, lovely Jos, for the last 30 000 years,
has been moving
from the primitivism of absolute (
& mental) collectivism/tribalism
to the privacy of individualism!
From (acting on) emotionalism to (consistently using) rationality [logical ]!]

, from the perspective of the history for the last 30 000 years, lovely Jos,
- (collectivistic) -individualistic in our everyday life!
ppl, lovely Jos,
in the next few generations, if based on the rational morality, ( of) ,
really () the individual as an individual,
() , () other than rationality!
Rationality in thought, motivation & action (for all the important questions) applied long-term! Yes!
really (more) for the (more) harmony [of the relationships] of the individuals!

, lovely Josephine,
{by grouping into tribal communities for more security and less costly
i.e. minimixing the risk through co-operation,
based on self-interest of fighting danger together! Of (ir)rational
outsiders ppl from other tribes/groups!}
[ , lovely Jos,

n ,

of tribal communities, the great majority of (tribalsitic) !

Yes, lovely Jos, in the best interest of their survival!]
; (dark &) .
, lovely Jos,
- [serfdom]
- , , the very much .
, lovely Josephine,
.. of the aster.


, lovely Jos,

( pair)

, , ,
, lovely Jos,


, "" -
.. - of the Dark ages,
, lovely Jos,
[wrong interpretation] .
3rd world countries,

, , ,
, , lovely Jos,

, ,
sticking really together,
[a communistic family/partnership
in the name of personal survival &
having sex mainly for reproduction enjoyment
there had not been no the pill - it wasnt invented yet;
a family
union/partnership is based on individuals & their choices!]
& ( )
peace of mind: pleasure & satisfaction - , .



, lovely Josephine,
the (ir)rational
the prevailing (ir)rational [idea(l)s, , principles] [views of the world/human] space-time ! OK?
, lovely Jos,
(of the 7 deadly sins/vices: passionate desire (lust), gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and the most serious of all the 7 sins: pride)

( , , above 99,5% the history of ,

into a tribal organization of society,

, to make the human species to feel guilty of the ,

keep the huge majority of the people, in a nation, dominated/dictated by a small, very tiny plutocratic/ elite of smart ).
, lovely Jos,
a free and prosperous society needs
separation of the Church/ [religion] from the State and vice verse, too

separation of the State from the Church/ [religion]!
lovely Jos, real - [],


, , /abusing , ,
[] absofreakinlutely ,

absofuckinlutely (irrationally) , & , , , !

And , lovely Jos,
monopoly of the -God
knowledge, information &
all the rest of stuff [through devine
the monopoly of the -God!
[, the monopoly of () -God
(The of & )]


[church is a power -& money- structure! 200 - the Age of the Enlightment- it was the power structure, on Earth!]
70-80 , lovely Josephine,
! Thats real (for the) good! Yes, it really is.
[] & !

[ , , , lovely Josephine,
, ,
, ( ) -
the dark ages, in terms of lacking & lack of ,
(irrational, non-practical and non-objective) moral absolutes!
, , , , ,
at the same time ,
absolutely , & his , of course, -
.. , - , .
, - .. a limited up to 4 women, per one marriage?! !]

[ of] .

( ) -
a, lovely Josephine, absofreakinlutely ,
[ -
mixutre of group
into the oneness of the irrational/tribal collectivism/oppression]
A 1944., , () !}


[ ] , lovely Jos,
[, , / of the group/Party/Government/Parlament/President/elite,
cheating & stealing , lovely Jos,
() ]
, - ,
, lovely Josephine, absofreakinlutely :
, collectivists-,
, , lovely Jos,
(BG) , " secular government force& fraud
idealistic - faith, "!
[, // loves mystically (!) , , secular of the State]

[bolshevism - group against group, (polit) (polit) ],
- ,

de facto - collectivism,

, , , , - .
, lovely Josephine,

transgendering itself,
, , , both - !

Love or , ?

: , says history!


Frank Oppenheimer ( Robert - atomic bomb): Understanding is a lot like sex;
its got a practical purpose, but thats not why people do it normally.

(.. essentially do sex - for the reproduction joy of it)

: " , - !"

: ( , a?!),
the sex natural for all human beings!

, for every healthy (fe)male, filled with regular & passionate sex
terrible/meaningless , no matter how wealthy or not -
negativism, agriness & skepticism!
Well Jos,
you need the right/rational person
to have a romantic-sexual affair with
(, , your partner to be a great intellectual, an irrationalist or youll have really big problems of obedience).
Everybody does, long-term.
really and live/flourish your life to the full, - and make it be full of regular & passionate sex!
your highest and best self - according to your own capabilities & capacity!

Well Jos,
( knowledgeable) (in thought, motivation and action; and do, do, do a lot in your lifetime,
expert knowledge )
& ,
with really good looks,
consistently & persistently fulfilled in romatic love & sex,
consistently & persistently fulfilled in your economic health,
use only the
faith-based scientific-based method in your evealuations, judgements and justifications,
good to yourself every day and everynight!

The older model Bible says, there is only one model for the marriage the religious model [v.1.0] of -;
and all other models
are weaker or fraud, and do [can] not work! !
Now, lovely Jos, lets talk about the second model - the old () model [v.2.0].


-, lovely Jos, ,
- - ,
[, , , lovely Jos, absofuckinlutely for ages of times!]
, , ultimate human contract ...
{ , , sex- must be , ! Omg!
completely wrong; , lovely Jos, ,
- - , , , , ! !;
objectively /true/ : sex before marriage , , not wait after the marriage!}
, , absofuckinlutely
-the First, the One, the and the Only in a lifetime- 1,
with -the First, the One, the and the Only- ()( chosen) 2
sharing ones own entire love with the One and only -prince(ss) in ones own lifetime
[ , , objectively !
The objective truth is, 21 , , lovely Josephine,
within the ,
- 66%
of all of them - / - marriages!
lovely , could transform into !
If , -if rational-
for a long time, , truly , self-!)

, you only, only, only (can) get sex, when you marry3 to the [One of the] opposite ;
sex until you get married preach- [& , too]!
, , ?

It's the (essence of)
conformity, stupid!
The pragmatic conformism -
to a
culture of the - !

, .
K ..
, lovely Josephine, -God,
- , , ""

.. sexual !
, , a objectively practically
[lack of free market; lack of competition],

no matter kind of,
always tries to
() --- ,
, - e , , it the monopoly!
Its parasitism, stupid!
, really
() ( , , , civilized & secular projects/products) -
create & /
my , very very ,
, lovely Jos, !
, lots of - very much , lovely Josephine,
, , , (reasoning) ,

[e.g. , regulated & controlled/monopsony ,
-regulated banking system,
regulated & controlled & education ,
regulated & controlled & ]
-God absolutely , ,

[ - - monopoly machine

- , as an option, in a semi-free societies, , , -, , making it --

(i.e. sexual exclusivity) the marriage () institution!
The machine, lovely Josephine, , & ,
(- humans),
(official recognition),
(, , , )
/ (of marriage)
- ,
[, mutual love, , lovely Jos,
cannot be objectively & contracted/promised - for ever, till death us do us apart!
earn-/// everyday, by all () !]
/ !
, , !

Pls, lovely Josephine, dot you ever confuse the passionate
- with the marriage, children
& everyday ;
you cannot
have them both, in the longer run! Dont make me laugh - on that general stupidity!

[and the religion, too] is
trying to
- .

, lovely Jos,

easy entry, another brick in the wall!
-, lovely Jos,
, h_ ,


[ at the end] spent ,
, !
, finally , lovely Josephine,
absofreakinlutely /objects h
/ ,
, -- !
[ , , , , worrying, stess, , , , imposing as an effect - burden ]
Hard & expensive to give up
/ to exit out!



, if you are really () [] , never, never say Yes in marriage/partnership,

by your hearts certainty
if only feelings & emotions !
But instead, lovely Josephine,
try, as much as you really can,
to rationally think & see [and
act], in terms of objective values/principles & characteristics
of the (fe)male that wants you to marry him/her
i.e. do not make just
heart [& intuition] felt conclusions,
, I know,
, , of age below 23-27 years intellectual guy,
is very, very hard, but not, not, not impossible;
[, , its a fact, that almost all ppl of age less than 27 and above23,
fatal- , especially concerning love/, can produce very bad consequences; Lifes full of all kinds of surprises, especially under 33-35!]

: "", ,
[ ] ,
[ ] judge ,
, too much
.. you have been dishonest/insincere to yourself and to the other partner.


, , , ,
, ,
() always, always, absolutely always,
in this conflict between your heart and the mind

follow the
of the mind, supported by your strong !
, if you, lovely Josephine,
() -
(the way leading to) () !
Never ever let your own self to be guided by (your) emotions & feelings
(applying) practical/objective principles else you shall be disappointed ( ) and UNhappy, in the longer run!
, lovely Jos,
, all irrationalists (and cannot , ) in the long run!


- never stay in a miserable marriage!
No, no, no, never do it, if you think that you are feeling miserable being with the other partner.
Why the fuck should you sacrifice your lifetime happiness; why the fuck you ought to feel miserable all your life?!
this action / ,
which you will ; you have to clearly know this, no matter you are male or female.
No partner in a (true) love relationship... should feel that he has to give up an essential part of himself to make it viable. ― May Sarton.

Everybody said, "Follow your heart". I did, it got broken ― Agatha Christie.

to fall (in)> love, love!
Love can be a life changer,
- positive or negative!
One way or the other,
his own adventure, lovely Jos,
pays the price, accordingly. Take that seriously! Really!
Its your life, thats at stake.

, lovely Josephine,
your own happiness - of your own one and only living , (with)in the one and only reality.


A [traditional] marriage-minded (wo)man.

The traditional morality , is (not for enjoyment & is) meant
to be shared with only one
(the & the special!) person -
your spouse! One! In a lifetime! Congatulations, !
[Youve got to have sex only with the same person (in your only one marriage)
for the rest of your life(time)!
Congatulations, !]

[Thats an absofreakinlutely irrational thinking, lovely Jos.
A wishful (
romanticized dream) thinking.
A bad stereotype;
a bad pre-conception. Stupidity. Preparing for a negaliving, in the long-term.
, lovely Jos,
nobodys gonna give you all the love & the happiness you need/wish!
(l)earn your own & love all the way through all the different seasons of your lifetime, on Earth!
doing all that stuff by the rational way, that you chose to
to the best of your own
abilities, skills, , and opportunities.
true rationality & objective thinking () ; it takes tim and right timing! OK, lovely Jos?
Dont be stupid!

truly beautiful [or pretty] (wo)man, lovely Jos,
can really sexually (and psyche) be,
the end of ones own teen years and end of ones own sexually active years,
only with
one [] partner/lover! Thats not possible, !
No rational, , [i.e. strong & energetic] human, lovely Jos,
can really be,
the end of ones own teen years and end of ones own sexually active years,
() of ! Just a spouse! Thats not possible, !
No, no, no richer human, lovely Jos,
the end of ones own teen years and end of ones own sexually active years,
can only be with a single sexual partner, in the longer run! Thats not possible, !
most of the irrational individuals can be with their own spouse(s), only! Thats possible!
OK, lovely Jos? Get that?

No, no, no real (wo)man, lovely Josephine,

can be ( &) satisfied with her own life [in IHS context],

if having as her lover only one other (wo)man in her lifetime!

No, she cannot,

no matter any small talks & explanations about love connections/relationships!

No real woman, lovely Jos, ,

should have children from more than one man! Or else she cannot be a really happy !

A real man could have children from more than one woman,

and yet be happy,

, , , of course, !

OK? Get that?]

Ive been through the old model
till death do us apart

but, you lovely (& young) Jos, dont need
(to) be through it!

[this old/traditional model does not work, anymore - look around yourself and you could see, if not absolutely stupid!
, lovely Josephine,
all the (fe)males, because of their indoctrinated morality,
, , absofreakinlutely sex their teen years , their personal spouse! !
absofuckinlutely (self-) of (the experiencing) real enjoyment,
wouldnt know about it! ! No other sexual partner, since their teens! !
Its hard for me to even imagine this stuff! !
But, you lovely (& young) Josephine,
I really hope,
(to) not be that much
stupid & ! Be a smart female, not a stuck one!
Do pick at least a few alternative
choices by the age above your teens at least !
(real) rational !]

I think, lovely Jos,
it is a really good ,
the fact, the traditional (old; outdated; irrational) morality [structure & realtionships]
is already beginnig to (rapidly) die out [right now]!

One day, the ppl, lovely Josephine,
much more & rational,
will be really much, much more open to new rational things,
the (old, traditional) morality of dies out!
They will start to enjoy their own (individual) life(time),
the really great of mysticism understand/, :
with a long-term partner (sometimes) in general terms ,
but it is never
great (in sooo many ways) -
as it may, might, should, could and ought to be, lovely Jos! Get it? Dont forget it.
Thats the reality of human nature, done by the evolution

Forget about the (traditional) morality, lovely Josephine, :

1.) , , ,
to be shared with one and (the) one (wo)man only your one lifetime spouse partner, !
is low animal desire (its just of the body) - only for ; , , absolutely experiencing of joy.
2.) () , () of her special age!
3.) & , only (wo)man (sexual) , not 23-25 and not after 35!
( ) ()!
( ) (i.e. ) ; !
4.) , o
absofuckinlutely , anti [] , , ;
(!) ,
when happening! - [of the classes] !
5.) () , ! .. [class] i.e. of []!
doings ! [class] ! , !
, (proletarian-) , the sexual and the social [class contract]?
, ! for the ( of your own) sexual !

This (natural) instinct , !
; (primitive) !
all you
need, , is : love & (of comrades) and !
, , ;
, ! happiness of , of the !
(, ) absofuckinlutely always & & of the ///,
& ! The () above all, ! Thats all!
() & TV () ; !
(/ of) being a happy ( ) ! The truth! () richness! OK?

[, /
-], lovely Josephine,
, lovely Jos,
, & [],
- , communitarian morality- & & social partnership!
, , ! Ma, , Omg, ?!.
, , lovely Josephine,
[ these personal/private, . , , , social !
, , , ,
the real victim, , !
Look at BG , , main stream media, & the public servantsobserve their ]
, ,
; collectivized property.
, confused , /, of time-space !
, , contract,
, , mutual /faith, !
, , , ;
, , ,
() the common good ,
() () !

, equally, equalized ,
, lovely Jos,
, . Of the /, / !

, solo ;
; , .
the [] absofreakinlutely ,
, , lovely Josephine,
), () ! !
lovely Josephine, ! !
[; ], lovely Jos, ! !
[, , , for the last 20+ years;
, , ;
- , 1989,
lovely Jos,
successfully - it will depend on morality & culture predominately in the BG nation/society, ]




Its about the

o- 4Zs- by the majority
for the ppl that do &
e-n-j-o-y it, stupid!

- [-]:

ll ppl, no matter that most of them , do not want to have/do it,
all, do want to do it;
do the sexual experimentation & !

The forbidden fruit, lovely Josephine,
objectively really ;
and the fruit is real,
that (wo)man cannot be really as before, ever!
(S)hes feeling better
! Yes, (s)he really is!

Timothy 2-14 and Adam was not deceived, but was deceived and became a transgressor.

Most of the want to be(come) (super) sexy turning into their 50s!
Yes, (most of
) the ppl, lovely Josephine, really love (doing) sex; they really love being absofuckinlutely sexually horny (& having affairs) with different (wo)men!
[But the irony is that most of the ppl, lovely Jos, cannot really afford it! Its not easy! Its not to somehow mysteriously get horny! No, stupid!
And no, it aint about the collective responsibility! OK? Get it?]

Being a passionate lover is a great pleasure, lovely Josephine!
Making love is real fun, passion, great pleasure for all normal ppl (if they are not downhill in this game).
Every [normal] (wo)man, lovely Josephine,
wants to feel [with her senses & mind] sexually desired [more desirable] by more than one partner. In the long-term!

A (wo)man that has only been sexually [for pleasure, not for reproduction] with one partner for more than 15-20 years,
absofuckinlutely cannot understand (or get) (the autonomy of) her senses; gets mixed up! Thats
, lovely Jos, really do !
When a (wo)man is not really free for a long run to make a choice [in the face of real alternative(s)], lovely Jos,
thats absofreakinlutely bad for that individuals psyche [lack of rewarding
a state of anxiety & being upset].
Oh, those (wo)men of (greyish) bitterness!

Its all about the sexual energy [of attraction b/n humans]! Its about [achieving] sexual fulfilment!
Itis all about [
achieving] life-long sexual [erotic] journey! Having good sex [with the other].
Its really a good stuff! Yes, lovely Jos, achieve it & use it, before there is no more! ?
No good sex, no good relationships with your partners! One life-long partner is not enough! Really!
Make love freely & passionately, lovely Josephine! Beware, be aware! Do it really rationally; and voluntary! OK?
Shine on you, crazy diamond! Cmon and shine!
And stay sexually healthy all of your life(time)!

Lovers, lovely Josephine, lovers,
are really for (doing great) love making! OK?
A lover is not
to be a spouse! OK?
Theres no such thing, lovely Jos,
as long-term
love with only one partner;
love & sex cannot really run together life-term,
in a face of an alternatives! OK? Get that? Why?
(achieving) really sexual fulfilment, lovely Jos,
long-term with one and the same
is an objectively diminishing (in quality & frequency)
A human really ( ) to experience real !
A real lover, lovely Jos,
rationally chooses to experience (great & deep) passions,
not, not, not with only one
(other) human ;
and not, not, not only with the one (and only) spouse! OK?
A spouse is a spouse; a (passionate) lover is a lover!
(mutual) honesty is honesty dont you dare to forget that! OK?
A (mutual) consent is a consent; is free choice of liberated sex! OK?
And one last thing -
you can have a much older (great) sexual partner, lovely Jos,
only in the short or middle term, but never in the longer run! OK?
matters greatly (cannot work in the longer run)! OK?
You should be a really great lover, lovely Jos,
or else you shall be absofuckinlutely missing/misachieving a great value! OK?
This is (a part of) real (free) living! This is (real) life! The life itself!

RR: All normal ppl (until some point in their winter years)
love to make love (and love variety, too),
in a way as if their lives depend on it! Really!
Our genes
/objectively (passionately, in a mammalian way) just die [want] to make themselves reproduce!
They are
programmed by nature & evolution to love ().
There has never
been (in the ) as a prevailing tendency, lovely Josephine,
() (false) !
, 21 ,
the right ! Absolutely.
, , old [religious] norm.
(-) - its too late for them, for they cannot really change.


? . !
, - , . , , !
: ! ? ! !
, .
? , .
, !
, , , : , !
--, , , !
, , , , ,
, , !
, , , , ,
, .

! ! [practically] .


Monagomous monandry, ah?

Have you not fantasized or dreamed of having sex with some other individual(s)? I know the (true) answer, lovely Jos. You, too.
If youve really had sex with only one (fe)male partner, you are a truly ! But youll hardly ever know it! Sorry.



Lets continue, lovely Josephine,
into our
BG - of the () // .

Today sex is really everywhere! Absolutely!
Because sex hugely matters;
and sells;
and everyone can
(choose to) buy or sell it - in a free and voluntary way, anyway they like it!
, of all races, of all regions, really do it, practice it.
its true! Its nature, its energy, its ecstatic, its power(ful), its very, very complex thing!
Its all
that jazz. , its nice!
Its a living.

All the romatic-sexual loving start the same way!

Oh, greatly
(& ),
, that !
Its great,
great until these end, normalize!
you want more
(of it), again! Its .


, lovely Josephine, really - & really -. Yes, they really are!
, into your , , , - .
, lovely Jos?

- extension of the old morality/mentality.

its never been easier (& cheaper) real than today! Absolutely!
Its part of the growing
. Its real nice!
, lovely Josephine, , ?
, , ?


( doing sex)
apart-house & a nice car),
, has them needy attributes)?
I did not have sex with that woman! - said
really , ppl?

Can you see the double standard, concerning male-female, when it comes to sex, and sexuality?
, lovely Josephine, really ,

, ?
, , ?
, inside guilt?!

(.. to feel guily, )
(sexual passion and emotions)

subside ,
[ , completetly to change/evaporate; and the sexual electricity, the meaningful passionate /desire to greatly diminish or perish]
() , (, , , big , later, !);
to feel guily, / ?

full , , doings ?
(all of which might produce unsustainable emotions & feelings)
- , ; too late, a?
, ?
No opportunity,
; , opportunities, ?
To not challenge, to not pursue any of them, in ones life(time), ?
No choice; denying the

[] , just because today , married?


, , if (in) this way,
doing a tru) !
Rational choice!

, lovely Jos, , , !

love [partnership
/mating, relationship],

e truly objective and very
privacy, 2Us, achieve- in the space-time ;
, in fact,
, mutual and voluntary choice,
rational/free choice,
, earn- deserve- ,
, forcing yourselves to stay together.
individual relationship two adult people
after x years of communicating
in a rational way the marriage institution as such!
& , lovely Jos,
, ,
to dedicate themselves to each other,
and live together, for as long as they wishfully decide, without any
and if they choose to sigh a valid agreement,
a contract of their mutual living togetherness & terms,
for as far as each of them

can (ir)rationally see into the future!
as an social institution , ,
objectively .
, lovely
most of the (ir)rational ppl,
(ir)rationally ;
, , them ppl (ir)rationally
[] , in the longer run.
Look rationally around yourself and youll see it.
Thats because of the morality.

Trapping a (wo)man into a marriage
Should I stay or should I go [, now]?

The old(er) morality, lovely Josephine,
irrationally & to stay too long in the wrong relationshipno matter what!
sodo the negaliving, pretend ( ), (, )() !
, that really , ones own life(time)!
of living/being! , what an irrationality!

[Thruth is, lovely Jos,
every (wo)man can, should and ought to
really choose (decide)
to stay within a lousy marriage or
if really rational to get out of it .
And nothing, really nothing in-between, as a choice. No other
choice exist.]

The rational principle is:
compatible, -, stay together & live under one roof, of course;
but if you are not really that compatible
do, do, do the

and because of a real mutual incompatibility

you choose
to (completely) leave the relationship,
but by all means do, do, do
live under separate roofs!
Its for your own goodness for the both of you. OK?



wrong : () ! [die Familie über alles! !],
( all & beyond other values, above & beyond other principles, - ;
fake- reality-, dishonesty
for ever! (and at all costs!, and saved by any means)
.. [] , the spouses
, ,

, , /
moral/social/sexual /relationships ;
- oh, we are truuuly and compleeetely happypls see us how happy we are!,
good ; oh, we are truly good (excellent) team!.
?! , ?

(of the blood) , a?
very changing & very challenging ;
the real the single parenting, a?
Yes, lovely Josephine,
() , a rational , an irrational !
[especially after (mid)40s], lovely Josephine,
as a guideing principle is an (absofuckinlutely) irrational ! .
, () [especially their absofuckinlutely special age], lovely Jos,
() ! ! !
Look around and you can see if you are, , rational [to be able recognize/evaluate/understand this fact]!

, ,
(and experience) your ! OK?
, , , old-fashioned ,
() ;
, cant you, lovely Josephine, see, the reality/thruth of today, is absofuckinlutely the opposite (to that notion) case
, Omfg, is really , really really ,
, , ! Get it?
[ + gay & = 15%-33% in quantity, , the normal males
its a fact, that , lovely Josephine,
& practicing much less than the rest of the population;
conflicts, all over the world,
real/ minority,
it is a matter of impracticality, /impossibility,
if one male is to be limited to ONLY one woman - can not be done (as a principle), to happen]
Its really


() ! !
Well, lovely Jos,

is it (really) worth it,
is it (
) worthwhile,

is it (really) valuable,
is it
valueor not?
Is it a
value? True or not somethingin-between, a?
, , - ! . ("Life is short. Have an affair!" Billions of ppl do it. Just do it.).
! f!
What a (psycho-)sexual hypocrisy;
at large, we are in fact, and sure transact/behave as, like it or not, multi-male-multi-female mating society!
Let me help you
(getting closer to) the right/true answer, that is, if to start with you can (really) & objectively .
Do not forget, lovely Jos,
sexual transaction [action, conduct] is the most private of all transactions [actions, conduscts], in reality;
oh, yes,
lovely Josephine, sex is all about personal privacy & personal choices,
( ) ( ) as a norm, as the right social norm!
I beg your pardon [, but I never promised you a rose Garden]! And nobody can (really do it) , !

OK? Get it or not (quite)?

Eastern proverb: "Everything in nature is diversity and diversity is nature."

{And let it be, that way. One life, a few love[r]s! This is , lovely Jos!}
How about some sexual barter, a?
Before you get [to become] some
or some ?


We live in a real monopoly Universe! Have a break, have a variety!
You choose, your lead. Its your own life!
Should I stay or should I go [, now]?

Well, lovely Jos, how about some ?

sex, , a?
, ,

[ , , , , religionists, of
the human(Homo sapiens) /life & e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n, 4,54 !

On the Origin of Species, 200 ;
ingenious -and the most important idea/innovation in biology-
of e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n [natural selection
survival of the fittest (best able organisms)
i.e. species change, over many generations, through () adapting to ever changing environments!]
has been proved beyond doubt by disciplines: data & .
religionists//creationists & the relativists ,
ansofuckinlutely of life & homo sapiens,
that started in the sea,
3 000 million years ago, gathering of chemical to form microscopic cells: the seeds for the tree of life,
, lovely Josephine,

(absofreakinlutelly irrationally) , , & ,

the planet Earth / as a center of the system,

most of them ,

() , ,

/ 6000 , and absofuckinlutely created by Him, 6 ,
able to sustain life and so many living species, in such a great & extraordinary abundance! ! ]
, lovely Josephine:
(really) great , , !



Homo Sapiens () , lovely Josephine,
basically sexually
[i.e. do not have a monogamous nature! especially the male human],
as a byproduct of the human mechanism of natural (evolution &) desires, ? OK? Get it?

, , , , lovely Jos, by our nature, in the longer run!

[usually most of the the ppl really
-in romantic
, emotional and sexual/ aspect-
for the first few years of their relationship

Does monogamy have anything to do with love?
Whats (real) love, love,
love got to do with it?
it isnt an old legend?

Monogany is not our human default setting (in each of our individual minds), done by the reality.
Its a choice to be made by an individual!

Do/can(t) you (really) understand, lovely Josephine,
that its (really) lucky to be born; and you only live/leave (real) short
time, ?

Enjoy! Yes, have a great fun! [do it] [] [and voluntary], ?

Should I stay or should I go [, now]?

RR: Chemicals do (really) make my pulse/heart (all of my body & mind; my entity) react. Its called - humans evolution. Its nature.
Its about sexelicious
- of any normal (fe)male i.e. bare (pleasurable) necessities! Yes.
Its a treatment game (of life). Its an objective state of (your) body & mind.
Can you, lovely Jos, make a (real) distinction between (real)(feeling of) love and (real) sexual attraction/infatuation - to another (fe)males?
How about intellectual attraction - to another (fe)males?
How about (asking some ppl) going out on (and doing) some (real) dating stuff? Some hot stuff; to
feel your maximum hottest self -
but not, not, not with only one female in your only one life(time).
(really) many/poly that we can (really) enjoy - each other. Fully. Absolutely!


Love, lovely Jos, is not essentially a sexual stuff!
No matter,
always is a part of a love partnership!
OK? Get that?

, lovely Josephine, really ?
sticking to only/just one partner ( /)
is not the real challenge?
sex, lovely Jos,
is not about e
-x-p-e-r-i-e-n-c-i-n-g personal & passionate real pleasure/enjoyment, as an end in itself
i.e. it is not
means to some other end,
percuing no further goals, but purely and - for both (or more) partners?
Yes, sexual pleasure as an end in itself,
as a form of celebrating & sharing ones own self-esteem, joy, peace of mind and life,
, !
monogamy and psyche/mental valuing/exchanging
are two different things,
can be -in the long run- aparted, in a relationship;
do you not think that incompatibility can arise in the long run?
Do you not think that most of the ppl are emotionaly polyamorous?
Can/do you require emotional monogamy from a real partner; how about sexual
in the real world; is this how you feel (real) secure?
Do you really know/understand,
emotions, often, very often can destroy a good relationship/partnership?
Josephine, you gorgeous & sexy thing, what do you think?
Could it be, that the huge majority of the normal humans are not made for a 40-50-60 year commitment i.e. are not really made for one time life commitment,
commitment for life, no matter the romantic-erotic tricks that they try
may be they are, all other conditions being equal,
, biologically-ready for having 7-15 year of
a passionate romantic-sexual, intimately & commitment?

What and how
about polyamory?
& choose; voluntary, objectively & rationally: should I really stay or should I really go?!
, lovely Jos,
ppl () self-,
, , resist & this, , sometimes ;
so many ppl are
forcing themselves to make sex - for so many years, after the first few years?! !
what a time preference!
basic human sexuality, ,
, primary ?
The sexual social, about diversity?
if open & honest,
i.e. morally, when having a close relationship with more than one partner/mate in his lifetime, ?

, , ,

, , - , an opinion, a personal preference.
. Im OK with that and wish you to be able to meet
who can fit to your own subjective preference,
but it does not make it a universal fact for every human

, /truth, lovely Josephine, , an absolute;
, !
Love, , lovely Josephine,

, stays
, , , ,
[ought to] 2
Us, to perceive a sense of being better off, lifespan;

A, , full of , , , /dominated
[] ,
the new ;
, them ppl, lovely Jos,
/choose , being really


them ppl

do not [dare to] break up their ;
, , , () () / -,
most of these relationships, do it!

Look around, lovely Jos; , do look around yourselves!
relationship/partnership [ really] earn- & deserve- & exchange-
every day, every week, every month, year after year
, mutually, , by each and everyone of the partners! OK?
an ongoing process, that never stops.
, lovely Josephine, & & enjoy- , (un)consciously choose- & !
everyday ()
() i.e.

, , to celebrate/suffer & [ ()] (and , , to stay away),
or ,

based on his (ir)rational & (in)consistent values [; mindset] .. , , () ; !
For yours sake, you only live once, so, try
, try hard, to the best of your knowledge, abilities, skills & ,
to really find your way to be 2Us i.e. to be healthily happy, instead of living your life with someone that you are ill-matched to!
, in the long run, lovely Jos,
together , partnership, objectively ;
like it or not, no matter, if positively healthy or negatively unhealthy it, in fact, is! .

, no matter in the social-economic Strata,
; , true pair.
[remember ] ,
, ,

a contract,
- its absolutely ; an absofuckinlutely rational thing to do! do it, lovely Jos!

yes, lovely Josephine,


Dont leave it

to ,
to the chance - just and consiously do it, .

true & real contract,

very , truly able, / ,


if open, honest & in their intentions !
, , .
() really

[ -able to really plan- his own future,

based on property rights contract [and privacy];

property right is a moral right
/relationship, lovely Jos,
mono-poly- & individual private propertys right & the law of attraction to (sexual) novelty]
Use (your) rationality, use logic! Be practical [go by the
head], a , , going by the heart, on the urge of the moment!
Well boys and girls,

you ought to be , - its extremely .
Partners stay together as long as they really choose to do it;
but if they

together ,
() they are prepared and each of them could/can walk away with minimum , and destructions.
, ,
, , , destructively both partners , ? ?!

Oh, yes, a (fe)male ,

yes, can/could/should, lovely Jos,

/earn , - , , & , in a lifetime;
can/should/ought to live

healthily happy,
anytime, any place, with anybody, to the best of his
own choices, abilities and capacity made,
no matter
in the Strata!

& honest - for all partners in a relationship; because love/sexappeal/2Us might go away, you know!
(later) be disillusioned, disfunctional and vulnerable, just rationally & objectively !

-, lovely Jos, ( - ) :
, - -
, -- !
Yes, we (really) can. But not all of us.


? -

- - .
, ,
, .

- ? - .

-, - .

- , . , . .

[, the two become as one,
-in thought, motivation and action- , lovely jos,
ought to regonize & understand,
, to exist as separate () identities (individuals)!

Individuality is -and should always be placed- above & beyond all collective!

Its all about individuality, all about of independence! OK?
, lovely Josephine,
theres no such thing as
(or more) pplas one, into one(ness)! OK?]

To be objectively (cap)able to -
into other ppls souls (i.e. characters, minds). Long-term.
rare. And an beauty.

Arthur Schopenhauer: Der Mensch kann tun was er will; er kann aber nicht wollen was er will.

[One can choose what to do (free will and reasoning), but not what to want (his nature).]

[We can do what we wish, but we can only wish what we must.]

Francis Bacon: Nature [and human nature, too], to be commanded, must be obeyed.

Eastern proverb: "Everything in nature is diversity and diversity is nature."

[and let it be.]

Marilyn Monroe: This life is what you make it.
No matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up.
Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go.
The ones that stay with you through everything - they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them.
Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world.
As for lovers, well, they'll come and go too. And baby, I hate to say it, most of them - actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart,
but you can't give up because if you give up, you'll never find your soulmate.
You'll never find that half who makes you whole and that goes for everything.
Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself,
because if you don't, then who will, sweetie?
So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life's a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.

can/could his own pair/,
, if the individual rationally chooses - to move to another different tribe/pair.
This very often happens in reality, you know.

Marilyn Monroe: It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone.

, - , lovely Josephine,

() /match () , genes & ( ) ,
[small!] ( -!) [K] ,

.. context of the concept love: a man that loves a woman and woman loves (back) this man (voluntary)
[, the best possible
i.e. most succesful relationship (fit)
, lovely Jos,
, ,
the man should be the dominant, very ambitious, active and / leader type of male,
the female - nice, concave reactor type of,

e 10 - and really adores and surrenders to her man;
dominant /personalities, lovely Jos,
are not really good for a romantic (love & sex) relationship,
- they fight most of the time;
passive charcters cannot successfully fit to work together well,
theres no real motivation & passion
i.e. a leader is absolutely needed
- , for the relationship, the male!
The male and female,
long-term sustainable relationship, lovely Jos,
two complementary, distinctive characters/personalities,
that interact, transact & support each other to form a dynamically stable system/oneness]

Yes, lovely Josephine,
long-term ,
(can &) does happen!
, in todays reality, , lovely Josephine,
, irrational (majority of irrational ppl) ,
o such a wish to come true ;
[, Omg, officially ,
, ,
lovely Jos,
, , about 67% the romantic-sexual relationships, BG <40 years of age,
absofuckinlutely within the first 7-15 years -
the partners /divorce their relationship in actuality does not work out!]
we (all) are surrounded irrational ,
, ,
lovely Jos, the inverse/irrational ideas;
, ppl, lovely Jos,
, rational morality/practicality,
- confuse them, from an early age,
by teaching the inverse/irrational morality; by teaching/indoctrinating them that,
sexual polygamy is always sinful for the love/partnership/intimacy/privacy,
, by the all voluntary, conscious, open, willful, healthily & joyfully ]
() create- ! Thats why!
() & , a healthy relationship should be, ought to look like.
civilized & & , lovely Josephine,
can rationally
& voluntary
[ 20+ , , / when under 20-23 years of age!]
for ever, until death !
No, no, no!
If done, it is not a
Because reality ,
future is uncertain (not pre-determined),
, lovely Jos,
, ,
not brake
no matter of
& , !
, , certainty & security,
normal / ahead!


You should not, not, not force yourself, for years,
to value someone, when this someone is your own mismatch of values/mindset/
and interests
/ when this someone is a real drop in his (your) sexual desire;
, when done, , lovely Jos,
to be paid - , , do not really value yourself enough, you dont find yourself self-worthy
i.e. you dont value your own life and
to stand against a real value!

A human can (and does) inspires (i.e. in) other humans souls [characters] - in the rational way, in the right context!
Now, thats
Thats real beauty.
, because irrational, cannot (and do not) . Really.
, lovely Jos,
() ;
in time challenges & close relationships happen, people fit, & - into each others lives;
/ ;
the relationship between ppl objectively earn -,
every day, every week, every month, year and any other period of time and space - , !
We are humans, we have human nature;
, ,
() ,
(de)motivate, () , () , () , ()change- ,

-() in our personal values,
and we could clash in conflicts
, ,
socialize & intimate [sexualize] ...
)fit- , actively or passively

variety, diversity, differences,
making of different
, lovely Josephine,
empty/rational arguments,
, !
Look at the magazines, movies, internet and
, everywhere;
how about the after work happy hours;
how about the weekends &

, ; --!
, ! ! !
lovely Josephine,

, , just for reproduction
and does,
, not require a serious partnerships commitment,
the crucial role for real experiencing of human
(real)(journey of) pleasure &
satisfaction with the OBJECTIVELY right partner(s) i.e. biological-psyche i-n-t-e-g-r-a-t-i-o-n of passionate
, , socializing & affirmation [affection]!
Instead of absofreakinlutely /!
, , , , lovely Josephine, this absofuckinlutely .
[motivated by the feeling of uncertainty in ones own abilities and capacity , fear;
What would I do, if to be left alone, by myself?
I could not cope, alone!
My life would turn into a mess and I would fail
//die/be miserable! !
, , !
I can not deal alone with my life!
, relationship-!
What a life, what a life, what a social network! ]

Its all about (non-)rational , lovely Josephine,
their according () and the way that they communicate!

, in 21 century, lovely Josephine,
to get into marriage and it to turn out in the long run to be successful -
well, lovely Jos, its really a 50:50 best case scenario!
OK? Think about that, you young thing.

- - - ,
to "settle down" ,
and in
a (good or bad, but your own way; up or down; really successful or just like a rolling stone) way,
//, priorities
your own (ir)rational & (non-)objective ,
(), lovely Jos,
/ ( ) .
whatever you do, pls, lovely Jos, do not cheat yourself, to cheat , in the long term;
, (all ), all ,
( ) all,
, all of your actions/doings!


really () , , , lovely Jos! really ( ) (life-long) !
Face what you really want/desire/wish
and be prepared (be ready) to get
[, your current sexual partner(s),] the consequences
, - --!
[ & , (minds),
/schooling- post- (inverted, perverted, wrong) /morality (i.e. corrupt/irrational ),
the right/true/ partner/mate for mutual long-term together under one roof,
[ really human, long term human -
should be
, honest, & open about all his sexual contacts, intensions, actions and partner(s)! Else - hes an irrational ! OK, Jos? Get that?]
an act of ////casino,
(much) less than 50% !;
, , & marriage , lovely Jos,
primary /pressure
predominately the female chooses, is making the decision,
she says yes or no
(its a part of lifes reality) ,
later , accordingly - of the complex consequences of her actions.]
, lovely Josephine,
() ()
" " ",
, lovely Jos,
" " ,

real) (, old ),
real) (, old ),
real) (, old ),
real) (, old ),
(, the old );
inadequacy, lack of!
, , - non-peace of mind, non-joy, worrisome & stressful everydayness. ?! !
, , !
NEVER we, the living ppl & our individual doings ( ),
, Omg,
I know,
vice versa -,
/majority statement.
", , "
/ mentality; bad, bad principle, wrong principle! , ! .
Mind your own business, lovely Jos,
leave everybody alone
(to do what he wants, according to his (non-)objective & (non-)rational values/principles),
and honestly, to decide what kind of (sexual) relationships he wants to have in his life, openly.
(uality) is, lovely Josephine,
about relationship(s),
about affection, pleasure, satisfaction & respect i.e.
about subjecting the sex
(uality) of ones own imagination, drives, creativity, rationality domain, lovely Jos,
to another persons
(privacy) domain
[as better/joyable as possible,
as interesting/passionate as possible,
as long as possible
utter fulfilling experience -like no other emotion- of pleasure, desire, satisfaction & freedom of the INTEGRITY of (some) bodes & spirits]

i.e. about coherent
social relationships of mutual voluntary agreement/valuating/affection
[well, Jos and how about some spontaneous sexual interest,
what about some really strong really deep interest?! Could it be objective, a?
ought to morally if this interest is based on () ?
What about if it is based on the social-?
when on the - & -? on the complete/full integration?]
i.e. (psycho-)sexual freedom,
no matter what think, do or say! OK? Get that?
, , to be married, lovely Jos, is absolutely irrational!
, , should keep out of the marriage institution, universally () !
But lets be honest - its, most of the time, about sex; its sexual - its really liberating (feeling)!

And how about me, what about you, Jos? What about any irrational (fe)male?


Welllovely Jos,

make sex [love],
is not primarily about reproduction,
its not about maintaining monogamous pairs
it is primarily about establishing/keeping/maintaining social-economic bonds, about pleasurable/joyful socializing, about emotional companionship!
, is not primary about sex!]
, , not war, do not, not, not have a hippie-like mentality;
live and let live! , guys, !

Yes, do it, think, think freely, and reasonably!
How about injecting into your own mind some rational objective idea
just to be faithful
to the absolute monogamy,
which in my own view, lovely Jos,
could be, , restrictively dangerous
for ones own health, in the long run!

Well, at the end of the day, lovely Josephine, it is sex. It is sexual. It matters a lot. Really!
, its about your own long-term () & (in)compatibility in the sexual firld;
and that of your partner(s)
, and the mutuality;
, () lovely , - , (fe)male ppl,
in the longer run!
[ , Omg, , lovely Jos,
if wants/gets to be in a closer romatntic-sexual relationship with (yet) another partner,
but not, not, not
in the same roof , an X, partner; , ,
to not be seeing -and care for- your X - partner - its possible close - .]
Do you really love having sex, lovely Josephine, you
thing? A lot or not?
Do you really wanna compromise it?
your partner(s), in the long run; , each of you as an individual entity?
& as shameful thing all the religious really believe?
Do you wanna
dance with me, you real sexy thing?
Have you discovered
[evolved/actualized/organized/understood] your own sexual self, your psycho-sexual identity; how does it feel?
Is sex empowering you or not quite, you rational being body; how does it feel?
Who do you explore your sexuality with; how does it feel?
Do you do/explore some (new) sexual things only with your serious parter and other things - only with some of yours casual partners; how does it feel?
Ask yourself. Challenge yourself about these questions.
But be objectively honest with yourself; and most of all be
rational in your thought.
Be consiously aware, that monogamy,
is (should & ought to be) a choice!
An individual choice; to be made by you, on your own as a human.
, (polyamory), lovely Josephine,
is & can be for everyone! Everything is (
, , , sadly!) a matter of an individual choice!
OK? Get that?
Monogamy matters,
is a value,
polygamy matters,
is a value,
, , e freethink ppl;
its about really
understanding yourself, lovely Jos,
about knowing, that you can
be yourself, ;
about making ones own sex life really better,
just longing for it!
OK? Get it?

freely, honestly & openly, lovely Jos,
make your own voluntary (open) choice to be either monogamous or polygamous
/polyamorous -
whatever you think is really an expression of your freedom,
privacy, property & joy;
and let anybody (else) to make his choice, too!
Because, lovely Josephine, nobody owns other ppls
Make it, make
your relationships,work for you;
its about customizing social relationships & communicate your rational desires & idea(l)s in a free/non-dogmatic way.
Be an open-minded guy! Think, rationally! Make your own choice!

Go, go and have/earn/deserve some fun today! OK?

Honestly, responsibly, , , rationally & openly.

Go, go, go!
No matter if you choose or not to be
monogamish (in thought, motivation and action);
its your own go/choice,
but do it be honestly and openly! OK?

But for you own sake:
Njoy your
sex in an interesting [cute] way, !
Just enjoy it! OK?
You dont have to be a sexologist, lovely Jos,
to really understand
that [doing] real sex is a really great value, no matter the time-space ;
absolute monogamy / polygamy, these both,
really work for only
small number of ppl and thats why neither of them can be the right universal norm

in a free society, lovely Jos,
it should really be an individual
irrational condemnation!

, lovely ? OK, you lovely love?

Come now, lets go flirting, together;
flirting is an art of -being very much able of- real (skillful) communication. Now; its really fun, its true
I lovely, dont want to prejudice or predujice you - you are choosing, on your own.
But I want only to remind you, lovely Josephine,

weve really got,
, , here in the reality;
lets do it, lets go together and enjoy ourselves, the way that we really, really want!
[to rationally achieve real satisfaction & flourishing in sexual(life) terms, a part of our own objective personal IHS ]
I want to enjoy life now, not 25 years from now; and I & you can really afford it! OK?
Lets be some more innovative and original
(than the majority)! Absolutely, non-compromisingly, consciously!

All right now, you really mate? Get it? Are you (really) ready?
To be or not to be - monogamous?

, lovely Jos,
really - (all the) somethings(-).
OK? Get that?

Yes, you could & should. Ought to. Of course. Certainly!
your own , skills & , in your own lifetime, ! ?

Just remember, Jos, nothing/nobody owns you! Nobody, but you. You own yourself and your life, .

You don't own me, I'm not just one of your many toys
You don't own me, don't say I can't go with other boys

Don't tell me what to do
Don't tell me what to say
Please, when I go out with you
Don't put me on display,
'Cause You don't own me, don't try to change me in any way
You don't own me, don't tie me down 'cause I'd never stay

I don't tell you what to say
I don't tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That's all I ask of you
I'm young and I love to be young
I'm free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please

A-a-a-nd don't tell me what to do
Oh-h-h-h don't tell me what to say
And please, when I go out with you
Don't you dare put me on display

Hey, I don't tell you what to say
I don't tell you what to do
So just let me be myself
That is all that I ask of you

I am young and I love to be young
I'm free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever...


[You Don't Own Me; I'm free and I love to be free; All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You; All I Wanna Do is have some real joy, before I...
OK, lovely
, all right, lovely you.

Now, lovely , come on, blow me, blow my mind, come with me and well see together & some wine the r-e-a-l showall night & day long,
you real
, sweet child in time the r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l line that's drawn between (real) good and (real) bad!
Just do it (really) right!]

PS 0

Let the ppl have (great) sex with whom they really want,
as long as theres the free choice of mutual consent & honesty!
, , the of !

Yes, lovely Jos,
in reality, no matter the irrational social norms,
it is abso(fuckin)lutely and every so often go to bed (just for the sex, , & the joy of it) with another person!
s absolutely joyful to have a 2-nd passionate lover for a few moths/years. For you only live once; and you are never goona be twice younger! . True.
It aint easy, at all!
. True. Absolutely!

if, if, if youve voluntarily chosen to live with s.o. & try (by your aquired habit) to so often lie (out of kindness) to that s.o.,
you are an immoral ! Yes, you are. Then lying has turned as second nature to you, an addiction ( , alchohol, sweets) , ( short-term to your long-term UNcomfortable/Unstable/confused & feelings)! Thats an absofuckinlutely turned into a very, very much habit of trying to evade escape reality, which of course is impossible in the long run! Dont you be , lovely Josephine, most of the women! Hw about if ? Well, : if you lie to me once than shame on you, but if you lie to me twice shame on me!
? Get it?







() Genius () ?