, each of us, ( ) make, lovely Jos, our (individual)
/flourishing//better or bad//worse/ days/times
own () thoughts, motivations and .

Its either-or choice - that every individual, like it or not, understanding it or not, makes. Long-term.
Well, which you choose, lovely Jos?



If youre rational, you could be happy!

The art of (a happy) living

Healthy life! No pretending!
The abundant life!
Living a (really) good life.
An interesting (true) living.
Its (achieving)
the real oclock! Lifetime long.
Its not only about surviving, but about real thriving!
Being (a) (real)
human is not about just surviving,
about living,
its all about real(ly) living,
about (achieving, by yourself, a) happy flourishing living
to be(come) ones own highest and best self!
To the best that one (really) can.
Yes, you ( ) , young & ambitious, lovely Josephine,
to really understand and to conceptually (clearly) know life! OK?
[, between about and the !
Happy of living, lovely Jos, is just (greyishly) surviving (and being equal),
the Western (values) way is all about being really free and happy, ones own abilities!
because of this difference really unhappy
they (irrationally) think by the
way, ! It is disfunctional!
( ) this difference, lovely Jos,
the majority of BG ppl
() irrational (4Zs)
the () successful & the moral ppl! !]
Live to be happy; be happy to live, lovely Jos! Thats the most !
Never give up (your) happiness in exchange for a (
& compromising) surviving!
, happiness does not & can not happen just like that, by itself! No, it cant!

You, LJ, must pursue your own happiness
/values to the best of your own (real) abilities & ;
it must be
(productively, actively & passionately) (l)earned//produced - ,
to his own real (best evaluation, judgement,) (cap)abilities, applied efforts & capacity! Yes, LJ!
Yes, LJ, do
never lose the spark of the productive inspiration; keep it (up); keep it pushing forward!
Its all about
being a , a real(ly in thought & action) ;
(to the ones own best) truly & fully of the (objective) reality!
Yes, lovely Jos,
its all about
(the everyones duty of) rationally pursuing (and achieving & being proud of)
ones own real passion
(ate values, talents) and real (self-)interests -
going through
(a lot of) hardships and building (yourself) an absolutely /great life, that is,
for the
(ones own) profit and joy (i.e. for a real flourishment) of ones own lifetime;
for the
(ones own) personal flourishing/welfare, to the (really) best of ones own (rational) thought/thiking, judgement, motivation and action!
Thats the
(real perspective of) ( & highest) imperitive individual (moral) duty (and right) that we as humans (long-term) owe to ourselves;
the duty (and right) we ought to objectively (consistently & persistently) uphold to our own selves, :
& () , to be real & happy/flourishing ()! Absolutely.

, lovely ,
its all about
understanding, building and (, independent & achieving the ultimate individuals purpose of) living your (world of) ( real) free & happy life!
It really aint easy; and its
very hard (and unlikely to be able) to change the world in our own living time . Yes.
But you, gorgeous Jos,
ought to take
(serious) responsibility for (rationally, productively & achieving/earning/happening) your own (world of) happiness, in your own lifetime! Why?
, , no one else will, should or ought to (do it for you)! OK?
Teo Torriatte!

You, lovely Jos, to create your own dream(s); no one can really create a (flourishing) dream for you!
The success [story] of ones own rationally applied [i.e. efficient, practical] efforts;
to better [self-manage] ones own life
/journey -
for the goal of
(proudly achieving!) ones own (really) (flourishing) happier living, long-term.
The (real) continued success! Life-long .
Yes, lovely Jos, you can achieve your own real (flourishing) happiness.
You, lovely Jos,
can rationally create the life(time) (journey), that you desire! All you have to do
is to think &
really , , hard working & based on rational principles! In the long term.

(& long-term keeping it, on your own merits; going your own way)
a (really) successful healthy/flourishing living -
(really) honestly producing (added) values
i.e. unlocking ones own
() potentials (to the best one can),
really understanding
/happening/making who you are (unique self)
and by (consistently & persistently) applying (efficiently, ) rational productivity -
within ones own of ongoing journey of a lifetime

being / individual (a real human),
that is thriving
/flourishing/producing/happening ones own living,
in this
( predominately) (égalité) collectivist//irrational () world!
. /happen/make/create . says Bernard Show


Mastering /self-actualizing the (long-term process of consistent flourishing of ) ones own life - () , and ()
self-Creating/self-Happening/self-Producing/self-(dis)Empowering & your own life(style)

(actively) Living (every day of your life) to the (your) hand to mouth fullest by pursuing a path to (your own) flourishing

The equation of a (genuinely) successful happy living is the (real) achievement of + + (flourishing) = happiness/healthy living/meaningful being =
(and individually, privately) purcuing your own (version of) happiness [yes, , , ! () ( ) ().]; (self-); a self-maker; an achiever,
being , lovely Jos,
, ,
( preference the majority of the ppl), but of objective(ly achieved and in the long-term good) results
[of ones own thinking, motivation & action i.e. based on (un)real values & their (un)real achievement]


chieving (rationally) ones own real (full HD) health;
hardworking to (and fully) achieve & keep ones own values in the long-term;
(, ) . And remember, lovely Josephine, being happy absofuckinlutely drives the irrational ppl crazy!
Integrated Health (socio-economic) Status, IHS, INXS.
A personal (complete) healthbox, all other things being equal /achieve-. , , just (its a matter of choice & real ).
Getting and staying
healthy - a () successful happy character; feeling (& being ) perfect, , in the long/life-time run. Yes, a rational really can!
Happiness is (achieving) integrated health; (achieving) integrated health is happiness!

Life health - doing your highest (,wonderful) and best self
() to (objectively pursue & rationally)

live a
(really) good/quality/fulfilling/practical life ( )!
-says - !

[and rationally
testing of ones own capabilities & , and trying something really new and really challenging]

/ of (the concept of) human lifes health - of the (true) [protection of]

The [(l)earning and then mastering of ones own] heavenly earthly [healthily] (and secular) happiness of ones own (gift of) lifetime (by & in ).
flourishing, () & (self)destructions!
Flourishing to the fullest (of oness own individual
potentials) ones own talents & abilities, within the Strata!


(, , , flourishing) & (in a lng-term state of /earned abundance & love).
[Pls, lovely Jos, you ought to understand,
cannot do it (in) the stupid/ way!
(You ought to learn how to) Do it the
smart/right/rational way!
And put that into (real)
, by your own actions. Absolutely!]

Breve tempus aetatis satis longum est ad bene honesteque vivendum.

(ones own) Life is what (and how) [(ir)rationally & (non-)objectively] makes out of the (thy)self.


John Locke: A sound mind in a sound body, is a short, but full description of a happy state in this World:
he that has these two, has little more to wish for; and he that wants either of them, will be little the better for anything else;
the highest perfection of intellectual nature lies in a careful and constant pursuit of true and solid happiness.


RR: / , lovely Jos, , living ,
an (ir)rational , for his own life/living, !
[Your] life is what you (really) (can) make out of it - honestly, in any honest way you like (it)!
Truth be told lifes really great, honestly
/objectively (the) greatest! And I mean it. Theres nothing larger than life, in a free country.
( ) either the rational way or any other (the easy) way!

(learn to) Be rational(ly ),

(learn to) be able/smart (and really responsible),  with your own () style and

consciously & s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y ,
your own wished for a-c-t-u-a-l-i-z-e-d talent & capacity & ideas/projects/doings,
, , , your own (of real adaptation) within the - objective/real ().

? or not?
( ) a (really) rational ,
yes that (hu)man,
really ----()! (s)He s great!
is the g-o-o-d(ness); is really the sacred god(dess); is really compatible with the (joy of) (his own) (human) life.
Make thyself great - to the best you
(really) can; love (rationally & proudly) thyself; make (rationally & proudly) thyself the center of the Universe! you could (have the opportunity to) really be a successfully .
you, lovely Jos, are helping to make and your nation/country/society [that you long-term live in] great! great.
you can really be a () proud, free & great human, a really () proud, free & great citizen of that (free market) nation/country/society!
Thats how you
(got the real power to) really make/invent/create/change the world  (as) (yet) a better place (for a joyful  living)!
Dont be stupid/confused (in your essence of thinking, talking,  motivation and ); dont be (-) (-)(ka); dont be ; dont be a populist .. dont be an irrational (hu)man!

Dont if you do, you cannot be /healthy & / !

Be (real) smart; an individual; ()! , lovely Jos, how to , - the rational (i.e. the moral & the practical); , - how much (more)!
? ?


Life, lovely ,
is a process,
of (ones own) actions. , no matter their complexity.
, lovely Josephine,
life is
of , & psyche- , motivations ,
to be properly/rightly/objectively
integrated ( , based on application of objective ) for achieving (earning, self-happening, self-creating) a really flourishing lifetime, !




Life [living free & independently!] is an objective value!
, lovely Josephine,
(, , , death!) real ! Absolutely!
(real) of life [living] ( ) ! (& independent by Gov and by all the ppl. A real(ly free) man must always go his own way - (with)in the reality.)
We can, should and ought to live

a [real] successful happy living [individuals] (for as long as possible) - yes, its possible!
rational human, lovely Josephine,
embraces life,
an irrational human (and the majority is and)
embraces ( ) (cowardness / )! Yes!

It aint easy, lovely Jos,

a [real] successful healthy living! No, it aint easy, at all!
to consistently try and persistently do it,
DIY - to the best of ones own abilities & of the according of the !
Its absolutely p
-o-s-s-i-b-l-e [to be achieved, long-term],
, !
[dont you listen, lovely Jos,
to the millions of ppl

that absofreakinlutely say,
its impossible,

to happen! !

Such ppl are irrational,

, lovely Jos,
they are dead wrong and are totally ridiculous - on most of the fundamental & important stuff!


a [real] successful happy ,
lovely Jos,
you ought to be really
-consistently & persistently-
/ (in thought, motivation and action),
in the
short, mid long term and
to (become
able to)

rationally take care of your self-interest;
( ) really

i.e. your own achived/earned (real) values [, through applying hard (consistent & persistent) effort]!
It aint easy
( to be & afforded). Yes, it aint.
objectively, lovely Jos,
(.. do not develop/aquire & to)
do it [the right way]. No, they cant.
Let me tell you why so.

All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die.  
I got the feeling I am not the only one.
How (are) you doing, lovely Jos?


Lifes all about (a) happy living!

/: :



, , !?


, ,

, ?

, , ,


() lovely;
; (healthily)

to be (really) meaningfully alive (for as longer as possible),
is the best thing, ever! Really!The highest
() value (of all -other- values).
(one and only) real s-t-a-n-d-a-r-d (of all -other- standards) (, of freedom, of living in a free country; , not living in the of USSR, ),
of] [of] liberty! Yes!
The second best
( ) thing, lovely Jos, is to be healthy, long-term.



Lifes absolutely /good ;
() ;
really - (some)thing, absolutely ! (to do, to be experienced - for as long as really possible)



In a () free country, ( )
rational mind
evaluate, (meaningfully) understand & experience (in the real context) his own (beauty of) life!
[, , any , in principle, -healthily- /live, self-, self-regress   to die]

That is, lovely ,
individual and (real, your own) moral duty
uphold & fulfill/flourish/grow
to the best you really
could can, . , lovely Jos. ,
living (after is born)
, , just a matter of luck; () () () - dont & !

you, lovely Jos,
ought to
take a really good/rational/able
care for ( rationally bettering off) your own life! To rationally promote thyselfs own living; to be real happy ()!
You ought to
grow/earn/blossom/flourish it -
to the best of your own
capabilities, efforts, skills, and capacity!


- []!
Your [individual] life(time), LJ!
Dont be [so] stupid to believe otherwise, LJ!
Dont be a delusional [ridiculous] mind, LJ!
Love best & most your own life(time);
do it absofuckinlutely ;
or else youll be absofreakinlutely dead wrong!
Dont be stupid, to think,
- many ppl-
something thats [little] bigger than [your] life;
dont be stupid to believe in fairy tales as ppl!

(the positive authentic), lovely Josephine,
Do it! Its essentially up to you.
, , () (),

a your , your own [really] self-interst.
, ?
Its lovely to (be a)live, !
[, rationally understanding thyself, and objectively loving ( your own) life]
is objectively lovely;

is much more than [just] surviving [, , , doing job],
but it aint easy and aint automatic! Absolutely!
, (of mine) (, ) real lovely & real fulfilling - (of my own )!

, , ! ! ! (My) (own) World.
loving to live! (my life) (the way that I rationally chose to)
lovely Jos,
really !
Im really living and Im really loving, Im loving and living!
Yes, lifes objective (stuff)!

( rationally place your own individual)
happiness is an o
-b-j-e-c-t-i-v-e matter, not a subjective one!
Lifes [objectively] larger than anything;

theres nothing, nothing [and can be nothing] really larger than
[a really healthy/happy]
life [living],
for each and everyone of us [human creatures, born on planet Earth]! Absolutely!
, lovely Jos,
an individual [happy/healthy/meaningful] lifetime!
Theres no such thing as

larger than you[rself],

bigger than you[rself],

greater than you[rself],

[ ] - than you[rself]! [God is bigger than anything!]
s an [old] idea(l)! idea(l) promoting () [of ones own self to the others/collective/tribe/(-) Idea(l); of ones own values]!

These are all absofreakinlutely irrationalities,

based onto the absofuckinlutely [a version of] ideology of [irrational morality]!

OK? Get it? Understand it?


Yes, is an objective stuff, lovely Josephine,
, if and ,
it is [being] based on
the rational, secular & meaningful
concept of the IR;

on the standard of death life!
, lovely Jos,

you, as a human,
to be really able

to objectively identify & achieve your own (subjective) rational self-interest - to the best of your abilities & !
a () rational , lovely Jos,
can be () happy (, based on their irrational standards cannot) -
thats the objective
/value of rational happiness.


Do you, lovely ,
remember the
[18-th century, John Lockeans idea of the universal, natural and inalienable] principle of
 - life, liberty, (private) property & [the pursuit of ] happiness (of the individual, unit of the construction of the humanity/social-economic system, / ////)?
The(se) IR of the citizen(s)
should, ought to be
& efficiently
protected, lovely Jos,
in the first place by a Constitutional Limited Government in every
free country -
[.. in a Republic of objective laws; there cannot be & happiness sharia religious objective laws, applied to anyone in a nation]
(is nessarily to)
a government
rightly ( ) division of (the three major) powers (, government/executive and ).
an adult , lovely Josephine,
persistently to rationally self-protect his own life/IR;
(the objective) -
fight (, , coersively, rationally)
to really achieve and to really keep them in the long run (of your own life/world)!

The life energy

A clear (objective) vision (& actualizing) of (ones own) lifes () potential
Be alive! Be alive! Be (free, strong, &) alive (), lovely , -
by [productively] making the most of your own (life)time!
Living a (meaningful &) happy life(time)
( ) [; complex] ! Absolutely!
Your lifes really good [flourishing], only if you, you, you are doing it right [rationally]! it really sucks! OK?
To (be fully free & able to) live ones own life, by [using] ones own (truly rational) judgment -
for ones own sake [happiness]; to the best one (really) can!
Live consciously, live happily, live healthily earn it, produce it, achieve it,
your own [actualized] [& potentials] .. your talent(s).
And ever, lovely Josephine, , , &
[long-term; life-term] [in thought, word & according action]
the really
(great) [] [ sb ];
or else youre (just another) an irrational [ & ] [bitching] ()! Absolutely!
So, so dont be stupid, but rationally fall in love! In your life(s real values).
Be the centre [the central purpose] of (your) reality. - your life!

Yes, lovely Jos, thats absolutely right,
, happiness- ,
(), ;
must be individually earned/deseved in the right way!

You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.
Eleanor Roosevelt

[i.e. a rational human (> 33-35 years of age) should be the (real) center of his own world/life/universe; 
nobody else can be (is, should be, ought to be) the center of his own self/world/universe/life! 
 should be and is, is, is the real center of his own life/world!
You, and only you, no matter that there are 7 billion ppl on Earth, lovely Jos,
are the main character of your own life/world!
Yes, its all about the 
 rationally self-centered (really hard working) (really productive!)  (hu)man-achiever!
And yes, of course, his own real
/actualized abilities & Yes.]


Being a truly & fully rational investor;
an (productive) investor, lovely Jos,
in (his) life(time)!

to really, lovely Jos,
achieve & keep a flourishing life(time)!

Staying happily alive;
rationally [productively] doing stuff to
( & & )
stay [happily] healthy.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive, stayin (happily
& fully) alive,
by praying [to Him] or by making just good impression,

by being dependent ( ),
but by
, & objectively/ thinking & doing stuff! OK? Thats the (only) real way.
, lovely Jos, you are really [applying] (the objective principles of) ! -
you shall be a persona, absofuckinlutely - , & , !

(rocknroll) !

My personal music taste, lovely Jos, 70- ! Oh, the seventies what a great time to be [alive] [ & a teenager]! Yes, really!

Its all about liberty, lovely Josephine! Liberty & ! Its all about being (the real spirit of) a freedomlover, not !

, , , () , lovely Josephine, () absofuckinlutely , !!!
Yes, & of the individual! !
[- () of] !

Its all about the (music of the) 70s, lovely Jos! And I think you could see that! There's a feeling I get, when I look to the West

And I think you could see that!
Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols!
the(se) Sex , (in the mid 70s) the really absofuckinlutely big - !Within me [& most of my mates - teens].

Thats the 70s! Super Seventies!

absofuckinlutely originality (& sexuality) in the really great 70's!

Music, the music [movies], that a human loves [to listen/watch], lovely , is really an expression of ones own personality [character]!
Theres music [movies] (as an art) that absofuckinlutely
real creativity & real originality in sound & lyrics, that really inspire a (hu)man,
most of the music [movies] thats being produced [& being absofreakinlutely aggressively
by the media] is real [indoctrinated] shit!
ll these [great] (rock) bands [of the 70s] real UNcompromising (artists), firmly & fully
stood (absolutely) by
their (innovative) art (plat)form [i.e. real values] , we the(ir) fans really loved them
lovely , lovely absofuckinlutely passionately [experience-] their lovely songs,
() , lovely Jos, lovely & lovely in the long run (working hard & efficently)
() [them real artists] absofreakinlutely professionally [] [very]
[achievers, earners, value adders; but its been no bed of roses.and well keep on fighting till the end]!
honest) , great of a character!
! Of & ! ? Get it?

() the mid & the late 80s ( )!


Farrah Fawcett: Thank you for making it so special.
Great food, great weather, great sex, great, great you!


To ()
(self-)protect the life of an individual [i.e. the real Standard of real value, of all (other) values]
, lovely Jos,
to / (i.e. & ) (self-)protect
the health & the peace of mind
of an individual
(and vice versa , too .. health is implicit: the default and preferred , ) -
according to achievements and of his own (personal)
(produced/earned/actualized ) (cap)abilities & !

Yes, lovely , (ones own) (real)

a by-product of (ones own) (honest) (independent) (real)
achievement(s) !
[, , , ,
() &
in fact ,
assets not earned by yourself!
dont be a gold-digger / bitch! Or an intellectual i.e. !]
Each according to his (real) best;
to the best (s)he can really
wish for do in drinking - in rational thought, motivation and choice!
, lovely Jos,
each should & ought to [to the best of his own (, , , ) abilities, skills, talents ]
, (as longer as possible)
( ) his
& universal ( ) /end/purpose:

to live (really happily) (for as longer as possible),
to experience
(as greater as possible - the ultimate 100%) 2Us in his (as longer as possible) lifetime -
really doing ,
(!, ) ,

() really in the long (lifetime) run!
adult , lovely Josephine, (can)
irrational, & (.. ) efforts
be able to control his own mind  - !
must be practical i.e. must be efficient (in the achieved resuls)!
Yes, absolutely, lovely Jos,
(if he has chosen not to stagnate or die, healthily /live in a flourishing way i.e. for a normal human)
to apply personal/private efforts ( productive / i.e. for a normal human)
in the practical way/method (to achieve/earn/produce / keep values),
no matter
in the socio-economic Strata !
[.. no matter of ones level and capacity of ability; no matter , in a free market economy]
And all other things being equal, lovely Jos,

in the name of,
stagnation (better it be - forward motion/movement),
(in his knowledge & method of functioning/thinking/doing, intellectual, economic, ),
consistent progress
/ - ! in the rational way, no other way!
OK? Get it?
normal human (, () // of his human nature),
on any level of the socio-economic Strata
does not want to stagnate
/regress/suffer/ live in (, , , ) ,
wants [desires]
to be healthy
(in good & nice shape),
to get better
(to better his own wellbeing, the )
.. by his nature
, , seeks &
(the independent man)
(, -, /group// rationally)
(based on the full/best extent of his objective high/average/low ability)
& & (&&) ,
in body/flesh and mind/psyche/spirit, in thought, motivation & action!
We naturally
(by default of our nature and for as long as possible)
seek (INXS)
freedom, joy, pleasure, beauty, competition and happiness

[oh, that pretty flower/woman!

We naturally want to be unconditionally loved & respected and to unconditionally love & respect somebody -
but we should, on our own, find/earn/deserve ourselves somebody to love/respect and to be loved/respected by, in any time-frame of our life!
Oh, you gorgeous and lovely, lovely , my (virtual & virtious) friend!]

and want to
be stuck get away (by default, for as long as possible) from:

, pain, worrying, ugliness, suffering (oh, that ugly (naked mole) rat/sloth!) and being unlovely/unloved!
our nature, lovely jos,
we should (ought to) nurture
& (rationally)
(by applying/developing/training our own ) -
really , ! (oh, yes, I can!)
, lovely Jos,
() (functionally) unskilled/ /labor  ( )
& ( )
(), ,
in all and full context of his activity/life/,
his abilities & .


Keep walking, keep (on) moving [forward]! Towards (more) [flourishing].
[Living in the ( -)competitive & ( -)complex world of ( -)productive individuals.]

If a (wo)man is not really moving forward (it the right way & context) in the longer run,
then (s)he is (really) either stagnating or moving backwards (self-destroying)!
And yes, lovely Jos,
the (real) work
is never (really) fully done.

The self-made man. Heal thyself.

: , ,
(on) walking] , [keep (on) running] -.  


: -

, , lovely ,
to understand
[& ] moves and motivates you [, / really ; really?]!

Its , , lovely Josephine,
to understand
[& ] moves and motivates a [hu]man!

A [hu]man should always be actively, lovely ,
on the move,
ought not to be static
, , (/),
//tied onto the group
and stays
(conformably) there,
[with lacking/low ambition & ;
, making small talks & jokes, , of the group]
but moving
(on, babe) (forward; leading your own self up)
from (successfully achievement of) (one)

project/ to (another, next) project/, the way that chases, chooses and is ( , not enough fully & completely) satisfied. 
/, lovely Jos,
stagnate move on (forward, up, to better opportunities, to continuous progress/prosperity//updating/upgrading, to / profiting/rewarding/gaining/);
gotta (rationally & !) keep on moving (forward)! Yes!
The more static
/passive/immobile you are,
the less your chances
to live in prosperity,

to know peace of mind and

to really [fully]
experience complete happiness!
[ then,  
, , !
( ) ! All is a of luck! /approach-/
- !
Ones own
(efforts and) (non-)achievements , lovely Jos,
affect & effect
ones own reasoning
, motivations and actions, accordingly -
good achievements promote good
/positive thoughts (, motivations, actions and feelings) (,and diminish bad ),
bad achievements promote irrational
/negative thoughts(, motivations, actions and feelings) (,and diminish good ),
/irrational thoughts bring the bad achievements.
In a really
(, in moral terms) free society/country, lovely Jos,


in a certain class ( ) /;
oh, that absofreakinlutely wrong (M-L) class struggle concept!

, lovely Josephine,

the individual life,

is a road - to be [!] ! By thyself. Right to the end!
Keep (on) walking that road,
keep (on) moving,
keep (on) living [by thinking & acting
And make it !
move passionately on, lovely Jos,
real) ,
and for the purpose of the pursuit of
your own objective & rational virtues
(and by rejecting the evil),
no matter the difficulties
, 4Zs and obstacles, , , on your way!
, lovely Jos,
[your] rational
(moral & practical) incentives, motivation and opportunities
to rise
from (from a whatever to further) up;
(you just) stay/stand for the more/most of your life on level,

absofuckinlutely ()!
, lovely Jos,
( / )
/ /!

[ ;


Oh, Ive no chance, anyway! in lots of aspects of your life;

E , ,

h, that grey/ [of (self-)psychologizing) of the social system of democracy of the main stream media   /!];

, all the time (, huge bug !),

on all the one night stand rational (, sometimes, irrational, , ?!) way,

yes ,

unsettled down way, here onto this beautiful Earth of ours;

theres no promised land and theres no, no mans land ( )
No, lovely Jos, theres no
! Theres absofuckinlutely no !

Theres only one lifetime, , ! So, do it !]

a good [smart] (.. , efficient in your ) [moral] character -
a self-made
( & ) !


(), lovely ,
, , absofuckinlutely a (real) good person(a)

grateful to ppl that
help(ed) you (a lot)! OK?
, lovely Josephine,
a (really)
happy person

really to ppl that help(ed) you!
Get that?


the notion of

[] (strongly ) ( )!
absofreakinlutely [] !

An (honest, real) achievement (of a real value) , lovely Jos,
could be only done
& earn it

i.e. deserve it - in a really & productive way! (and staying far, far away from the drug of justism)
To the best of ones own (real) abilities, (real) ambitions (real) . , .
() , lovely Jos,
always , , ,
self-made (hu)man [ or a () worker] - real (the higher the better) in the Strata! Yes.
The time of the
self-made & independent man
has never passed and can/could/will
/should not ever pass,
, (of force & fraud / ignorance)
, ,

{ fear, envy, angriness &
independence & competition
trying to their own /, level of abilities or failure!}
, [ they love to produce more of morally, intellectually, economically, psychologically / /cheap people]
are trying to

lovely Jos, !
do it .. really happily, and never ever after!
, non-meaninglessly and do it in your lifetime !

(really) , lovely Josephine! Absolutely!

objectively /create/make/afford/earn, accordingly. Yes.

Yes, lovely Jos,
, , to be Mr(s). Happy/peaceful mind, minority (of ppl) in fact can, can, can (really achieve it).
Because only a minority of ppl, lovely Jos,
and how it could really be achieved in the long run.

, lovely Jos,
---- (could, can, should and ought to) () !
really in the Heaven world,
(to self-build & keep in the long-term)
true/objective/real/right ideal(ogy .. set of real principles);
(s)he ought to do/produce/create it & , on his/her own (merit)!

the real hell heaven, can only exist , [the one and only] !

, lovely ,
in fact an individual ; its always (with)in ones own consciousness!
the happiness; happiness is the - of an individual/nation! Absolutely, /!
, lovely Jos,
//() (your) !
Nobody can really do/produce/create your happiness for you, lovely Jos!
, , lovely Josephine,
(to do it for you)!
Kak dreamed of , ?
Theres only one true () way to do it.
take a real (i.e. rational!) good care for ()
as a result ( ) real self-esteem!
lovely Jos,
should, could and ought to ()
increase & keep really ----
i.e. to live in the true , ! real real . , .
Now lets reveal [unveil] the details. Lets do the [real] Revelation.



The holly real trinity.
The reality-integrating method of a rational mind.
The conceptual tripod.

The (real)  -
the fullness
/maximizing/dissatisfaction of (the utility of) itself (applied rationally /)

The Real (holy) Trinity (of Body/matter, Economics, Mind)
Physics, Economics & Spirit of the (sacred) self

What ( of actions) it takes to be a (really) happy successful !
No, theres no other road or shortcut to happiness, but
achieving the !

The three components/aspects of (the one and only human/private/personal) life (i.e. the Standard).
The (ones own) personal IHS

Doing the (rational) integration.
of the self[-interest].
Learning how to objectively (e)value,
how to
rationally ( & ) manage
your thought, motivation and action

( ) to (really) flourish.


The IHS is the high(er) standard of every smart individual -
efficient (,meaningful and productive) hard working
& being (genuinely)
 happy ( happier; leading much less anxious life), in the long run
really (productively) self-earning a happy successful life!
Practice makes perfect!
, lovely ,
you ought to look and understand (and experience!) a human being (as an end in himself) from three different aspects!

Mmm, mmm, mmm, the smell of it [i.e. of having a successful & a happy life(time)] is really, really, absolutely great!
 Its utterly amazing; its absolute joy! You know
/see/observe that, lovely Jos, dont you? Knowing me, knowing you.




Karl Popper: All things living are in search of a better world.

: , .
, .
, .


(Its lovely, if you are Aristotelian & doing- , lovely . Try hard & efficiently to really be.):

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.


: -,
, - , .


: .


Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do : Cause all I wanna do is have some fun

and Im free and I love to be free

I got a feeling Im not the only one

All I wanna do is have some fun

I got a feeling Im not the only one

All I wanna do is have some fun


All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die.



Now, lovely Josephine,
Ive something that I wanna really tell you.
universally & objectively :
(, ), // and happy,

, (), // and () miserable!

[no matter, lovely Jos,

irrational , irrational ,
, ()
really (-) ( real , , etc) () , poor! !

very ! , , , ! !
Oh, that (absofreakinlutely concept of) ( )! , democracy, , if you stupidly buy it! OK?

a, lovely Jos,

absofreakinlutely irrationally ,
really ( ) ()! , , honest, !
honest (& ) for ever ; , for ever! !

How about that ; and that?!]

normal , lovely Jos,
is (un)consciously looking for (knowing, long-term)

a (dynamic, meaningful &)

joyful peace of mind; [should & ought to rationally have/earn a little fun .. enjoy- in his own rational way, before (s)he dies]
Ill now try to fix make you (fully) understand (me).
by his human nature, lovely Jos,
no matter
- Strata, and all other things being equal,

essentially and universally

[really] alive,
, (i.e. not merely just as getting by (a living), growing and flourishing organism, full of passionate fire, high quality of life and strong character/will)
searching on this Earth for his healthy happiness,
according to his objective abilities, - in thought, motivation/choice and action!
A happy
, lovely Jos,
full of life,

/loves all beauty & (honest, skillful, ) productivity
/hates all (forms of aggressive) violence & (moral, intellectual, economic, ideological) //deficits/!
absofuckinlutely OK, lovely Jos,
to really be
& happy! Joyfully happy, (genuinely) rational ppl, joyfully happy!



The self-interest (of a living human), lovely ,
in fact
(real) !

really / long-term ( objective rational )
all the three of these - in the flourishing perspective.
Most of the ppl (
) cannot achieve these three!
But its absolutely possible!
(to be done, to be productively earned)

Happiness is really possible and achievable,
no matter, is really complicated
[and being confused, corrupt & hardened by the (/EU) ]!
Happiness is really possible and achievable (and is never FOC)

by any , - (and really productive) (in the long run) ,
consistently ( /parasitically ) acts on
values/principles of the (one and only) rational morality,
[, to achieve an happy life,
you ought to know what is objective & core value/principle and which is not!
Values, lovely Josephine, match our desires & behavior!]

no matter,
the ( its own irrationality, negativism, , cowardish behavior, feminism, 4Zs and lots of )
, happiness, ,
! [ - , lovely Jos,
of the
& ,
, , !
[valuing and consistently -actually- acting on]
The rational morality is good to (every human & all) humans, lovely Jos,
an irrational morality is absolutely degrading to humans!

, lovely Jos,

some values are good/rational//real/,

some are really bad/irrational//delusional/false/!
Thats objective. Absolutely!
( ) some (kind of) supernatural [Super(wo)man]
the rational clearly /understands,
cannot be of enjoyment, of !
A rational enjoys life now, rationally - his/her (and that of his/her closest living values)!
the real/positive standard,
( real personal ),
, , (
un)conscious the (negative) - death ( real /suffering/worrying)!
All ought to be, lovely Josephine,
is a (
) good enough (happening/producing ones own best self),
to be
& longterm (by his own rational efforts and behavior!)
k-e-e-p the values,
in the long run,
[, , , !
! Absolutely!]

Nothing in the reality is for free, FOC. Happiness, too.
is a real luxury - () ;
its stuff, & .


Happiness is really possible and achievable, lovely ,
but its not automatic and takes
( ) a (really) strong character to achieve (and keep) it, long-term!
, lovely Jos,

irrational) character and (consistent & persistent; long-term) rational actions. It aint easy.
It isnt a one-time accomplishment,
(not an urge of the moment, but) an long term (consistent & persistent) process,
a lifetime t-h-o-u-g-h-t-f-u-l process
- must be ( rationally, with great self-discipline of the mind) sustainable in the three aspects.
Happiness is individual;
happiness of a nation
is (to be objectively) measured, lovely Jos,
as the sum of all the individuals in a nation

To live a successful (genuinely) happy life,
to be
absolutely clear and into full understanding with his own / values/morality/,
[i.e. to
be honest ]
and then, lovely Jos,
, to consistently and persistently /live according to these values, (.. to objectively/actually practice them .. to really live by these) in the long run!
Thats all.
It aint easy;
value conflicts, lovely Jos,
the incompatibility individuals/,
within a society!
Yes, lovely Jos,
its all about having
/acquiring/developing & practicing (ir)rational [.. (non-)objective & (in)compatible] values/!

[that really (ir)rationally take us the different ppl to (non-)opposite/conflicting ends
i.e. self-interests!
crucially , lovely ,
/promote partners that have & /principles/goals/ends/ideas/ideologies!
lovely , truth be told, ,
core values,
are absolutes;
are the absolute best way to
/ of (top-bottom) values, and - in life
.. to understand & happen/produce/ !
Values (-) dictate kak /decides/wishes/wants to (not) -
determing/producing/happening them , lovely Jos,
in life!
All your & emotions,
, lovely Jos, as a human,
are result of their connection to our own core values! ? Get it?
Know and practice (i.e. actually commit to) your own top-to-bottom
values/principles in a rational priority way!
really a very strong core, lovely Jos;
non-confusing & non-compromising morality/integrity/identity/
, to not, not, not really rational values
() -
you can never be happy in the longer run, ! OK? Get it?]

dream to truly & fully , all of your (adult) lifetime
the -
(objective)  purpose of a (human) life.
, lovely Jos, , ! Really!
OK? Get that?

dream to consciously healthily happy,
to experience & hold on
( & healthily) to worrying/suffering happiness,
irrationally/falsely pretend really enjoy & feel good in his life,
(his own life),

our happiness is grounded in our  relationship to (and worship of) religion///God//////Pope////temple
(Oh, that religious narrative! Oh, it lasts for 3000 years! 21 , very much diminished, compared to a few centuries ago. But will soon be done! Ha ha ha ha its magic!)

his , ,
successfully & consistently/persistently (in the long run),

to know/understand what true values/ really are

/ (productive work & effort orientated),
lots of them and to the best and highest of his abilities & capacity i.e.
take (quality) care of his (one)self,
[.. of ones own life;
(humans) life is the real/objective Standard
.. --
) (i.e. the process of becoming his highest and best self- i.e. to better your own self]

no matter - Strata, lovely Jos,
() (.. (), (), ()productive, ()- );

to shape & form (to self-create/happen), in ALL the INTEGRATED contexts (of this health concept), his small/own reality ( coherence with the big Reality & true core values; of course, theres only one reality);

to ()
achieve//happen/make /joyous (, /)
in search of
(and living with) the r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l ( !) truth
.. (
[in body, (moral & practical) thought, motivation/incentives and action]
[and to be away from an coercive system;
, , ]
and to really (well and objectively) know/understand ones own self!
Yes, lovely Jos,

to rationally self-service the (ones own) self!
& , , to flourish.
( individually )


(consciously) (by rationally maximizing)
the possibility of his own happy life
( upon & fully achievements his own objective & rational! Values) :
to be
much less anxious and much more , hurt, resentful & compromising
freer, productive, stronger, healthier and happier (as an) ( honest & intelligent) individual/ & (celebrating the rational) way to live;
yes, lovely Jos,
a truthful and practical
is always seeking to live
, and
(be in bed) with the 4Zs truth,
[absolute truth lies, stupidity, gossip, , fears, & irrational motivations the objective & rational /honesty]
to not conflict/clash (& blame) someone elses , joy & happiness
/for his  own worries & sufferings(at large);
all those that (falsely) (
sub-consciously) feel, that happiness (for them) is impossible,
experience in the longer run truly happiness,
because those ppl have inversed their default state (hardwired their
of their own mind)
into being
( & easily)
& unhappy, lovely Jos,
as a base line of thinking &
(against their real self);
oh, that inability and lack of joy!]

lovely ,
(and I really, really wish you, from the ceiling of my mind & the bottom of my heart)
i.e. !
[, , its possible, not good, / , , , !]
[ really earn-,
rationally produce/happen-
consistently doing life-affirming actions/projects!]
& -
( ) in ()
.. ,
free ,
i.e. to experience real
, real meaningful real (of your own) (self)
.. really [, , lovely Jos, , to live (it) rationally]!
? Get it?


A healthily happy
a healthily (non-seltakis) ,
absolutely the (objective) right
enjoy- (the , the /practicality, the ability, the self-stability/sustainability and the real quality of)
All life long.

, lovely Jos?

, lovely Josephine,
(by our human nature) ( objective and universal)
( - self-realized abilities & - )
(, why, how -the Alice- really , ?)
(personal , , -, -)
) - experiencing of :

false or real , credibility, joy, pleasure,  , productivity

, lovely ,
in principle,
/purpose of a rational/smart human,
objectively the rational morality,
[without ever intentionally /compromise///violate his objective (fundamental) moral principles/values that really guide him,

& , we the normal living humans, by our nature, possess moral consciousness and have a conscience!]
no matter
in the socio-economic Strata,
[ the process of , , by thinking & acting .. living /certain /way, ()]
of ; to be (genuinely) happy.


, leftish utopia, lovely Josephine,
the idea of the organized [collectivized] ,
(, authoritarian) ! (, - forcibly ) ( the religious no need to talk, ?)
, lovely Josephine,
to (try to) simulate [emulate] happiness - usually false smiles/smiling, !
, should/ought to (understand how to really) live
in a
certain/specific way
[i.e. to rationally/critically for himself, to work  hard & efficently by putting his  thoughts/ideas into actions, in the of the nature of a human entity]

to honestly  (in the principle way)
pursue his individual
(objective values, really achievements will bring him to the gate of) heaven
- to do it passionately, to the best of ones own (cap)abilities & capacity;
lovely ,

achieve his
(, )

values, (by irrational, inconsistent & application of the objective principles) in the long run of his own (the one and only) life(time) -
(and now) . [life is only for the living! Weve only one life(time)!]
, ,
in the free (market; of coercion) (part of the) world,

, , really work hard, efficiently & rationally (to the best of his abilities & )
for (to effectively happen) these achievements
, lovely Jos,
, delusions (long term )
rational (consistent & persistent)
efforts & ,
objective (cap)abilities, & skills.
by the reality/practicality (of things).

Now, lovely ,
you lovely candy
(really gorgeous) girl/woman,
youve got to
(; to the best of your own self) do it

really /
(.. taking really the responsibility of yourself & your own children;
onto your own self;
do not be a conformist, / just s.o.s bitch)

and your own (highest, successful and best) way.

But how many of us, lovely
are really happy;
how many of us really
know what happiness really meansand how to really achieve it (, , , to pretend to have achieved it)?
, ,
of us
are really
(rightly understanding and) exploring the ideas/concepts(, motivations and policies)
that really matter, right now, in the right way/method?

How many of us can really think outside the box (see the Matrix for what it is)?
know & (should, could, can & ought) to be done -
prosperity & progress of a free society
really - ppl of a nation/region?
How many of us can really see the beauty (of life)?
Who could/can see the
(objective principles of) reality/relationships -
( ) to be happy &
( )
love and be loved? (;is there are huge -general- level of ignorance or not, )


Well, lovely Jos,
really about (/ the - Elite/Government) ( & ) / (the really ---)
What , ? Kak ?!
, - .
Its business as usual!
[ absofuckinlutely the popular, irrational , ,
& , lovely Jos
, , like it or not, must do - until alive [, - ! -. ()-().].
Be in control of the business
or else youll (dearly) regret it
negatively ! Absolutely!


The (everyday) business of living of an individual.
This is real (free) living! This is (real) life! [Experiencing] The life itself!

The art of objective(ly) (free, flourishing, honest & .. real meaningful i.e. ) living -
(consistent & persistent) applying (, ,)
the (one & only) r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l (epistemology & its according) morality [values] (of free choice)
in the (right context of) .

Living a life of (real, non-subjective form of) meaning(ful) & (real) joy
.. non-subjective form of
i.e. objective happiness, based on the rational self-interest & personal !
Being the best
(productively) that you can objectively (based on your own objective abilities and capacities) be;
doing it
(rationally honestly) your own (best) (rational) way!
healthily/happily/ , (, , , ) !
(best of) - , .

The (real) business of [(ir)rational, (un)successful & (un)healthy] (real) living [a (non-)fulfilling & (non-)flourishing  human life] by the will of God  -
it is, lovely Jos, essentially
a (daily)
[(ir)rational, (un)successful & (un)healthy] relationship
between your own body, your own economics & your own
the (un) results you achieve & the () relationships that you build.

The three (objective) (primary) of the integrity/identity/entity/livelihood i.e. the (sacred! holy!) self!
[of a human entity/potentiality i.e. (kinds of) character i.e. the unique/absolute (actualized, private, individuals) identity/expressions of an individual]
Yes, three , lovely ,
really matter in (ones own) life(time);
learn (how) to earn them
i.e. (how) to produce them i.e. (how) to care (and be concerned) for thyself!
It aint easy, but its a must - for (happening of) thyself (real) happiness! ?


, ()//efficiency/practicality/actualization/stability of the individual(s entity) -

(un)successfully integrating the beauty in (ones own) life .. the ()ability to (earn real self-esteem &) enjoy life
Productively gaining and preserving/protecting/keeping (in the long run) (rational) values -
his (actualized) (productive) abilities & !

of (real) living
[should &] ought to occupy the central central place/position in a rationals individual life(time)!
of living , , feeling, long-term , based on achievement!
The requirements be(come) - a happy () ()!
[, , , absofreakinlutely & weak negaliving , lovely Josephine,
full of lots of fears i.e.
psyche ( & cognitive) !]

Its (really) (having the right vision, earning enough money and rightly applying the right method for)
mastering the art of truly healthy (rational) living, every day (and every night), lovely Jos!
Its mastering ones own self through gradual consistent & persistent changes in ones own (life)time -
to become physically,
, intellectually and emotionally character!
Its not all about money (
/ power) - its about achieving & maintaining your own happiness!
Pls, lovely Jos, do, do, do
relate to that!

The better (degree of) your own body, the better (degree of) your own economics and the better (degree of) your own rationality -
the better off you really are! OK? Get it?

Its all about [experiencing] the , lovely Jos! Its all about the [art of] joy of real [consious][] living!



Thomas Jefferson: Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us,
but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation and freedom in all just pursuits.


:  , .

[/ consistency & persistency]


H.E. Davey:  By means of personal experimentation and observation, we can discover certain simple and universal truths.
The mind moves (or stagnates) the body, and the body follows the mind.
Logically then, negative thought patterns harm not only the mind but also the body.
What we actually do builds up to affect the subconscious mind and in turn affects the conscious mind and all reactions.
E of an irrational morality/mentality -4Zs- negatively 3 components of the IHStatus of the individual/society!]


RR: (the objective value/principle) has never been, is not, and will never be arbitrary or (just) a matter of opinion/preference!
rational & should (try)  
to investigate, discover,
, grasp and understand the truth (the whole truth and nothing, but the truth) - his own rationality, consistency & persistency;
(rationally) for (,understanding and achieving) the truth is part of the process of searching (rationally) for (,understanding and achieving) ones own happiness (in HIS own IHS terms)!

, lovely,
have the ( & rational) character i.e.
have the real power i.e.
have courage, knowledge & confidence
finding/discovering/revealing/understanding the real truth of real things/stuff/values/principles;
never lose your feminine sexual energy/desire (you need a real man to really bring it out of you)! (a real man like who?)



" ,


() ."



, lovely Jos, the real [(ir)rational] !
() the real (, &) maker of his own (un)happiness!
his own god!

Its (the world of) business as usual! Yes.
(of an individual)
of (your own, individual) life/living.
absolutely .
And always will be - for ever, as long as theres
( !) humanity!
Theres no business, no business, no business, lovely Jos,
showbiz the of living!
really has/had been dealing/doing in his own really , (dis)honest & way, in his lifetime. Absolutely!
a rational mind really - !
Lets now put that, lovely Josephine,
into the right
; the right perspective.


Of [(mis)achieving] (real) for (real) abundance [flourishing]!
Timeless [universal]
. [of the reality].
(ing) (your) lifes requirements, lovely Jos!

(coming) (the) living ()! Based on rational values! [Achieving] Personal excellence.
Thats it! Thats the one!
Thats ones own (real) highest priority in life to make the most of ones own
(life)time, the wished for real individual talents!

Thats it! Thats the one stuff - to be achieved, lovely Jos! By you, as a (living) human. Thats the highest value, goal!
Be(coming) your highest & best self! Making yourself a self-actualized & self-fulfilled [talented, skillfull,
independent] (wo)man!
Be(ing) a real [productive] (wo)man! A truly rational (wo)man,
really /makes her (own) & her (own) joy!

Of the most fundamental & objective - uncompromisingly living (fe)male, by the reality (of life) itself!
[, & determinants of an individual health (in a free or not free country, in poverty or prosperity).
, of the social.]


The of (any of) these core requirements of life [establishing the aspects of self], lovely ,
is the (real) root of (individual & group) human suffering, on Earth, in the (objective) reality!
the solving of this problem (of human suffering), lovely Jos,
has absolutely everything to do
with the real (consistent) achievement of (full) integration of these 3 core requirements
The truely & fully
integration of these, lovely Jos,
makes the (individual & group) happiness come true; makes it happen,
, !
If any of these
(of the reality), lovely Jos,
are in conflict with (i.e. are opposed to) each other, lovely Jos,
you are (being) into a living (individual or group) hell!
The real peace (within an individual mind, self), lovely Jos,
[i.e. & ]
has absolutely everything to do
with the real
integration of these core requirements!
, lovely Josephine,
(UN)peace & (UN)prosperity [i.e. (UN)happiness i.e. () & ()] in the self/nation/region/world
the according (mis)integration of these 3 core requirements! Absolutely! Timelessly. Universally.
If you dont (to the best of your abilities &
) fulfil these 3 core (holy trinity of) requirements, lovely Jos,
you cannot achieve (your individual) happiness [2Us],
, , on Earth! Absolutely! So?
So, so you ought to really
do it, to achieve [& long-term keep] the integration, by your self! Rationally!
And I really mean it! OK? Get it?

Thats really (l)earning (how) to develop & to master, lovely ,
( & ) habits & - of happy (individual) ppl!
/ incoherent with the objective principles of reality!
[Dont you dare, lovely Jos, dont be stupid to hang out with ppl that are irrational ( ), are , are , are not really content with their lives really of life!]
Life can be (truly & fully) lovely! Yes, it really can be! And should be.
if , , you, lovely Jos, can make it (by your own self) ; a better place! Yes, it aint easy to be done, at all!
remember, fails to (o, , fully & o) the(se 3) fundamental requirements,
he absofuckinlutely cannot be(come) really his highest & best self, lovely Jos,
, he cannot be(come) self-reliable + self-sufficient = (honestly) self-supporting [self-earning, producing values] ,
, he cannot really make himself a self-actualized & self-fulfilled [talented, skillfull, independent] (wo)man,
, his own life is never really (going to be) (as) good [, but too shallow a living],
, he cannot be (at all) as [smart &] as he could, should and ought to (have) be(en);
absofuckinlutely stupidly, lovely ,
, ( some stuff) (, unsustainable) collective schemes, ! Yes!
dont be stupid, lovely Jos! Dont be(come) a (self-) woman [as the (BG) majority really is]!
Be real smart, masterful; excel your self! Fulfill really the purpose of a (wo)mans life to be(come) (& fully) happy,
, (in your own lifetime) on Earth!
- be rationally & successfully, lovely , the [beautiful] centre of your reality!

Life is life. . Thats right, lovely Jos!
Life requires, uncompromising
every living human, no matter if living in a free or () free .
really , by living it rationally & passionately! Kak?
truly and fully, to the best of his own (individual) abilities & opportunities,
& () [, ] the lifes
for an
/flourishing happy living, long-term.
(the degree of the real) () of these requirements by an individual(s actions & ), lovely Jos,
/ objectively () (to this individual) the according ( judgements of) rewards or according punishments.
lovely Josephine, in fact ,
() (responsibly & actively) (your own) ! Opportunities to truly & fully /productively
your own abilities, skills & ()! Yes, to the best you wish, want, can!
) abilities, skills & () (because of not self-creating opportunities) ;
! OK?

() & ()
accordingly ()
& () !
ever to escape/// the ( of ) () reality!
, lovely Jos, -
the requirements,
but you should and ought to
UNcompromisingly the(se) ;
if rationally (and accordingly) ()/do,
objectively () happily/healthily i.e.
() your own higest moral purpose - /happen/make/accomplish ,
to live & healthily/happily//flourishing!
, in the reality, , , ;
( ) to be responsible (, ppl-) to the best (s)he can. Really.
() , lovely ;
(l)earn to
, freely & ,  ( !) (or a nation)
, &
[ & ] of individual hard [& efficent] efforts;
based on the free market (principle). , lovely Jos, ?
Really: rational; moral; practical; productive; flourishing ( these !).
, motivation & , lovely Jos,
real () /growth () as a human/nation/!
Take that seriously; and be really a strong human!
And take your self
(and your values) seriously! , (, really , ) ! Absolutely!
in the long run,
youll be full of
anxiety, & (angriness and 4Zs) doing a negaliving i.e. ( of) .
, gorgeous ? Get that?

: ,





: ,




RR: Well, well, well, lovely !

, this a ,

(achieving) happiness ( , no matter in the socio-economic Strata) living in a certain way:
, in such a way, to (effortlessly) successfully actualize his own distinctive
(objectively /valid) potential, long-term!
(hard work, effortful, , productive) ,
to the extend of his own
abilities and capacity ( his knowledge, practicality and socio-economic ),
consistently, persistently, methodically &
(and passionately, in fullness, , ) (in the 2Us pattern)
i.e. his body, soul and spirit. ?

by his own self
(through applying efforts, resulting in unearned/emdeserved achievements), in the long run. By his false real self.

Kak, , ?
the requirement of life/reality
living healthily.

to be healthy. In the oneness of (rationally distinctive) contexts. Healthily happy.
Surviving Living in the healthy happiness mode,
, Up in the Skies,
, , .


requirements, lovely ,
truly & fully

to really be (a real )
content with his own living, ;

i.e. to really be a healthy [human] being?

Life is complex; is really complex! It aint easy to (truly) live [a real life]; oh, lovely Jos, , , ! ! Absolutely!
Life is really
! But you, lovely Jos, ought to [know how to][privately] achieve it! [] [][happily] live it [ ]! Really!
Life is hard; always has been [
harder]. It requires ( applying) rational [consistent & persistent] efforts. , lovely Jos,
to [learn to] work really hard; ought to be a (real) hard-working human! (really) efficient [in producing your own results]!
Life, lovely Josephine,
( & objective) , (living) ; non-existent .
() the(se) requirements [& ] .
, ,
an (ir)rational
() the(se) requirements,
[ ones own , economics ], , lovely Jos,
[being] () [ ] () [(un)deserved, (un)earned] in the socio-economic Strata;
[being] either rewarded [with good life] or punished [with ] by life/reality;
is [being] either or []!
Life is life. .

a meaningful life, ,
is all about
effortfully (l)earning (how) to put
real ideas/
into the practice/reality,
in the right ,
by the right method & ,
in the right space-time !
Why (do it)? What for?
(be really able to)
, , in (objective) truth happy, really & really
i.e. to be(come & stay) healthy!

all of your own lifetime.

(doing) that living of yours;

about (truly & fully) your individual life with !
, , , lovely Jos,
[, (sugar) daddys] ,
doing it on your own,
t the best of your own
real ,
real () &
real .
Every day & every night, lovely of all the (lifes) seasons of your own. Accordingly.
Thats why! Absolutely! OK, lovely?


If you, lovely Jos,
as a
understand (on the epistemological level; )
what (your own) life objectively ------, (and how those requirements could really be achieved human; by applying which method into the right/practical )
based on the right
/rational/real (, moral, ideological) standard, (& the according ),
youll be on the real road to (rationally pursuing) (your own) happiness - according to (your own) real & ! Yes. Do it! DIY. Thats doing your (long-term) self-interest.

If you, lovely Jos,
as a human,
an irrational (on the epistemological level) view,
a false view
(of , , ),
of what are really the basic objective
--------- of (your own) life,
based on the wrong
/irrational/ (, moral, ideological) standard, (& the according )
you shall suffer & fail (your own) life, no matter your own - in the Strata! Dont be stupid to do that!

Yes, its either (positive) or (negative) perspective - no more, no less! Cannot be both at the same time! ?


In short, lovely :

do only , really , long-term!
What do I mean?

Well, lovely Josephine,
I mean,
your own () matters;
I mean,
you ought to & fight for ( satisfying) ? your (real) self-interest, long-term!

But how (to do it)?

In the the rational way -
by only learning the right
/real ( of thinking - in objective , based on the reality),
and only then applying the right methodology of your own thinking, motivation & action,
put into the right/rational/real of the content.
What for?

For the sake of (your) living truly & fully happily
i.e. successfully healthy
i.e. living
rationally in real stagnation or deficit a-b-u-n-d-a-n-c-e (of real values)
i.e. not, not, not negaliving!  
And yes, its your own life
(, based on your own , , ) & the according !

And the according () ,
like it or not,
(and adult ) ,
based on your own (un)real self-interest,
(in)consistently (dis)honestly achieve
& ,
of own lifetime,


Look emotionally/ at yourself, lovely Josephine!

How are you really doing, as a human; are you real?
for all the
(you ought to) be real stuck smart & strong - real (& ) of an .
, its true, lovely Josephine,
, fight

if truly & fully rational,

, because a human, one day,
real much - happily as Mr. Feel (long-term) Good -
achieving & keeping
/holding on, and on, and on this [onto the really best possible for that person , within the Strata of a nation//world];

it doesnt really matter (to a human), lovely Jos,
if or not...when (s)hes real death
[or being death on two legs irrationalist; irrationalist (, usually narrow-minded cronies)
is really a negaliving
, (for 1 )! RIP, !
By the way, can you, can you, can you really tell me, lovely Jos,
was (not) an irrationalist, a?
But, first you ought to -be able to- 
your answer]
Lifes really for (we) the living!
[no matter humans or not;
but the hommo sapiens objectively & Unconditionally, lovely Jos,
comes first, above all

above & beyoungth all the other stuff]
Lifes really for (achieving ) celebration!

Yes, it is! Really!




We the ppl, each and every one of us, in life,
( , ) we really ( ) achieve (and keep) (in the long-term),
, , , we intend
(, , , , dream or wish for)!
, lovely Jos,  
absolutely closely happiness!
  . Accordingly.


Living (a life)
organic (matter) , in the Universe;
, , lovely Jos,
something , consciousness without matter;
consciousness, , can only really exist within (some organic) matter!

Living a (really) good life, lovely Josephine,
is the right purpose of (an individual) human survival!
mastering the art of every day healthy living!
This matters very, very much! Really.

, lovely Jos,
------ to be (very, very much) stressful, worrying, stupid insane

.. to really be , , () & /efficient in the long run
.. to be smart
i.e. to be rational & (.. able, & ) in thought, motivation and action/effort ,
to the best (within the /limits/restrictions) of ones own capabilities & capacity
a-c-h-i-e-v-e/produce/add/create value
i.e. to really be a moral and
practical human!
the right
of (objective) value,
of the business of living - in a
free country, in the () reality, .
To be a happy (fe)male, lovely Josephine,
the objectively achieved according of the Strata (of capabilities, capacity and achievements) - , , in his own lifetime.

Irrational living,
doing the
of living long-term irrationally, lovely Jos,
be (very) ( ) your health;
an irrational living , lovely Jos,
, delusions, (), gossiping mentality,
, ,
(i.e. intellectual & emotional) / & worries ( , many , - - ) 
an irrational living is the opposite of freedom, , , joy and happiness!

In all (of his) relationships (, especially in )
long-term happy-
(the reality )
yes, as an individual,
, & psychologically
(of & character) ;
to , honestly and openly grow, grow, grow (limitless growth of OBJECTIVE values/treasures)
in an individual way, lovely Jos,
his own personal way/responsibility, in a free country (free of
(strong & courageous) (non-seltakis)
(, that & in the big city) can[, should and ought to]
flourishes independently,
we the (free-minded) humans
no longer live into tribes,
! (, , the weak & ppl, are passively waiting )
, lovely ,
( efficiently )
(voluntary, utterly free)
efforts (that he judges -by his own rational effort- to be best for himself);
(voluntary, utterly free)
(,to freely chose,)
efforts, lovely Jos,
to healthily flourish (always to new and challenging heights!) (by rationally correcting his own errors, when done!),
no matter on which
( ) (individually) in the social-economic Ladder!
[ rational , lovely Josephine,
an irrational character/mindset,
sooner or later in life lots of problems, -if at all- successfully , especially after his mid/late autumn years!]

Its a
character thing!
Yes, lovely
, a thing of a (effortless effortly ; individual) character!
(free and .. )
, , , (   the irrationally organized todays institution/concept of marriage/partnership)
no one can have any physical, economic or psychological ownership/ -
rationally ( the rational morality)
( & long-term) success/victory (in his own activities)!
Its all about
personal () integrity and personal productivity,
the relativist rational morality! (of achievement)
[, , lovely Jos,
() ideological, , intellectual & political .]


The [(ir)rational process of (dis)integration of the] three selves
The real
doers, lovely Josephine, that &
achieve (by their own merit) the three selves - these are
the only (
of) () ppl!
The psycho-physio-econological (wo)man!
You are really responsible, lovey Josephine,
to take a rel good care of your own self -
to the best that you really can, are able to!
[You ought to be an & lifetime achiever,
a long term
, lovely Jos,
absolutely , !]

" -
- ,
Remember, lovely Josephine,
[of a human]
, , ;
these are absolutes
; absolute (real) concepts -
for all the
(billions of) ppl, on Earth, !
always based on (core) moral !

a mind (of a human) , lovely Jos,
, human relationships, , etc.]
on an irrational morality ( postmodern of thinking),
most of the fundamentally important wrong;
but when a mind is based on the
rational morality (logical ),
(lifetime) , lovely Jos,
is absolutely only with achievements of values (),
is absolutely possible & real by using ones own rationality! OK? Get that?
of the Strata ones own ! OK? Get it?


, , hommo sapiens, lovely Josephine,
complex of real () body/matter and real (conscious) mind/spirit!
(an entity). An individual of (possessing) 1 & reason2. A moral creature.

There are, lovely Jos,
three (objective) aspects -
of this integrated whole, of an individual(s entity/identity)!

The [(dis)integration of the] three internal selves - f the human nature.


The (ir)rational integration is really threefold, lovely Josephine,
3 into 1.
{ , like it or not,
objectively of those contexts//aspects}
[, , ,
the Christian - of ", e ",
which cannot be divided
/separated, aspect, the whole, and at the same time e , , complete .]
The rational integration, lovely Josephine,
ought to be done through
( & )
applying irrational & (real, passionate love for) hard work,
, , not based on () ( )
, , /, parasitism fraud!
lovely Jos,
the ( of) irrational mentality -
of the
(hard & soft) & (4Zs) (doom & gloom) character of a (wo)man//nation/world!
, , lovely ,
any of these three internal selves
(is not in harmony) with another self in you (in an individual), lovely Jos,
then youve absofreakinlutely got a real (big) problem!
[an internal process of] disintegration/misintegration!
the badness of disintegrity [misintegrity i.e. irrational integration]!
It brings (you) pain. It brings (you) ! Thats a (real) killer of (individual) happiness!
Thats a process of self-sabotage! Against your rational (long-term) self-interest. Against your self-preserving nature.
And remember, lovely Jos,
your [the conscious part of your brain]
is the (un)objective mediator
[(ir)rational (mis)integration of] the three selves
to (mis)achi
ve the internal peace of [your own] mind; and the according (ir)rational view of life!
OK? Get that?

Well, lovely Jos,
now then,
let us put
in(to the right) context;
lets objectively reveal & understand
the [process of rational integration of the three
rational r
[to be an & lifetime (real value) achiever,
a long term (rational) doer,
absolutely () , !]
of a truly successful (lovable) living
a true productive (flourishing) life the
parallel :

-1- of health/wealth/success/achievement; of really (un)flourishing/(un)fulfilling living-

[feeding and training ones own body; achieving (& life-long keeping) a good body]
(ir)Rational purcuit of & passion
[of an individual; of a nation, of a region or of the world]
Of ;
] of a human.
ones own ability of personal strong physical (mis)achievement.
() - a state of individual health and well-being.
(of the context) of human action/behavior.

The physical (part of the) self; the individual ; the Physio!
Every (wo)man is a self-made body! ( create), !
ones own (un)real physical (un)likeability & (un)strong growth;
[and the according truly (un)earned/(un)deserved high self-esteem, based on ones own achieved ()]
s own physical identity.

Ppl (because of their evolutionary nature) are stored, lovely Jos,
into each others minds as
(the avatars of) their identity/ face, body, etc. .


[It's] the body/hardware/flesh (asset), stupid!
[ () , your actions, 2Us ();
/ , 2
It is a real value,
, lovely Josephine, ,
for your lifetime!
(persistently) to a () healthy lifestyle, lovely Jos!

(rationally) training your own (in the long-term)! That matters! Really.
You, lovely Jos, if to be happy,
be(come; to life-long feel) (very) good/stable! Really!
Physical health is wealth
[and is objectively a diminishing ]

Its about the (really) (un)healthy state/ of (your own) physical wellbeing/strenth -
feeling (un)happy with(in) your body!

You, sorry or not, are either in a good physical shape or not. Are you physically fit to be a happy ?
(really) matters, a lot! Its power!
Get that
(sexual; ) power, lovely Jos!
Its absolutely important especially for

your own body! , , every enjoyment must be earned; has a price!
Keep yourself alive and never ever be fat or overweight (/ - ); less , longer & healthier (better shape & happier) ! Are you really fit to be?
You better be a
successful (); should and ought to, especially ( & ) if youre (), no matter your (, especially if you are under 39) age!
Keep thyself fit (stable & strong), all your life really , to // earn/achieve a happy successful living!

["Don't forget health care."; health care delayed - socialized/single-payer medicine system- is health care denied]

You ought to -improve and self-sustain your , lovely Jos! You out to take care (to afford) your own good , ! You are responsible - to be productive. Really.

ones own (social, . sexual) partners, the right of this , you ought to be match to your partner(s).


: , , .

: When the body perishes, so does the soul, just as the shape of a building block disappears with destruction of the block.

RR: /biological ( sexual) , flourishing - ones own physical self. Physical wellbeing.
Its really healthy to be a /biologically independent & consistent (o to be a fitness body) human entity. 
To survive happily and to flourish ones life, an individual needs a healthy body.
, , , ()
rational movement, actively and regularly moving/walking/running
very good (and needed) a healthy/ body;
experiencing (a sense of) real .
, - ppl can be (should ) in good /shape (especially after 50)!
, physical body/pleasure, matters. Do not, , ( & greatly ) risk your health - its (of) a great objective value/treasure to you.

Do, do, do/produce (, practically, consistently and persistently) this (physical type of) work (by the application and to the best of your o-w-n objective abilities & efforts) -
 to successfully achieve
/produce the (objectively) good results, the good status of your body!

Oh, yes, it is work/effort!

Keep yourself (/objectively) physically fit; it takes true and true will power;
, , , ;
, really and rationally his values.

All human action is physical action.

Be productive/efficient;
keep yourself
alive to the best of your (cap)abilities. Good things take time and really consistent/persistent in the long run , , integrity & rational effort.
Its () business as usual! Powered by thyself;
good for your body real of self-interest, in the long-term for your body - against your rational self-interest!
huge majority of the BG ppl [] and do not, not, not (put consistent & persistent efforts to) excercize their body after their mid 40s!
, thats !


1.     Requirement number one (of three).
(self-)Shaping (& forming ) of (i.e. learn to manage and control) your own body/matter.
(existential) independence; supporting & maintaining (a really good/quality/) of ones own body (, the majority of ppl , . Dont do that, lovely Jos! Dont, dont you your own body! Keep it fit - for as long as you are alive! OK?). -  up to 22% accordingly (of the total IHS, 100%; of abilities & capacity , based on an absolute time-space domain); no, / ( ) , in ones lifetime.

Here's to your (physical) health/wealth, lovely ! (self-)Adding/gaining value to your life.


// context,
(pain-free) ,
lovely Josephine,
to (consistently & ) (value and) apply personal (productive, rational) efforts/
, & (min 3-4 times EVERY week, about 1-2 hours per )
qualitative /training
.. eating/drinking healthily  & healthily/regularly exercising/moving of your own body (outside/nature is better than inside)
[, , , ,
to be passive
/mussels/skin/ meat//,
because of your WEAK , WEAK & WEAK ,


with sweets, chocolates & cookies
junk & crap processed food, etc.
, /
upon your own body,
, ,
yes, ,
I will
, I definitely will I will absolutely change my bad habit.
stop ,
stop/ the consumption of ,
stop/ the consumption of  / ,
/ /
you never, never do it. consistently & long term. 
() , ,
// ,
, unreliable
the effectives of the brain, your brain,
all your body is constructed on integration of objective principles, lovely Josephine,
; synergy!]
{, , really , , ,
160+/170+/180+/190+ & (in the long-term)
65+/75+/90+/100+ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index
, ,
( , , !), many  !
really , lovely Jos,
in the long run apply- -car- ---car- / every (other) night !
( ) (<175 ) !
( ) () / legs!
( ) (fe)males - oh, those () !

( thyself as if being part of ) - T-shirts}
, , , , , humans body/matter?
Oh, it only
matter/flash, ,

, ,
, , , , , ,
/obey /to ?
take a very good care of, your own body!
60%-70% of the BG/EU/USA population - metabolically obese!
Taller & thinner bodies are the good thing; shorter and ppl is the non-good/beautiful .
Most of the people can to lose weight & not to eat crap food,
in the short run (in the middle run they gain even more weight)!

, , lovely Jos,

can lose weight and KEEP it that way for years & years!
, () , in fact, can do what they say. This is absolute shit, big trouble, hypocrisy - dont accept it, dont do it!}

Our body,
is contingent upon
our (, preferably outside) activity (the ratio between input/charging and output/discharging quantity of energy);
( , & ) ,
regular   activity ,
/earn- (, because of personal effort)
objectively (because of our -level of- successful achievement) / , / ,
.. ,
, in the best possible way, ( experiencing of)
inner strength/spirit//
/energy, , , , a state of ),
objectively, makes us to look to the best of our own birth/gene potentials;

- regularly activity! (, , !)