() ,
lovely Josephine,
(, )
by the (principles of the) objective truth, that is based onto the reality itself.
clearly that truth .
( !),
epistemologically applying) () . OK?
So, you, lovely Josephine,
dont have @ all to go to
to (obey &) prey (to a) God(dess)!
YOU just ought to read
() ,
its so much, much more (rationally!) SPIRITual!
, , lovely Josephine,
the (real) GOODness of (using) () rationality/practicality/morality!
Yes, really! Absolutely!
So, welcome
to my short books review! 😊

The Insides Of My [Better] Book/World.
[The Better World, lovely Josephine,
is the (honestly earned) rational life =
achieved successful living!
(), lovely Josephine, ?
, ,
lovely Josephine,
on Earth!
lovely Josephine,
(because I want to HELP YOU,
just to make you FEEL good!)
, ,
fairy tale stories,
( )
all (versions of) !]

A rational persons guide -

[a real
NON-mystical GUIDE TO
self-reliance & living truly ;
a manual for the truly rational
OF HOW TO REALLY (become able to)
C-H-A-N-G-E ones own life(time) -
the (really ) (-)(),
(-) & actions,
(-) stuffs
building a really BETTER world.
How? How to achieve (& keep) this?
By () applying
(set of) ,
when absolutely living, lovely Jos,
the (one & only) reality of our world!
What for?
the baseline
() , lovely Josephine,
to achieve (& keep) !
Why? Why do it?
really your
- :
being in a life-time state of Eudaimonia
i.e. to achieve the moral purpose in life.
[Training your mind, lovely Josephine,
for (being able of) living a happy life(time),
here on Earth, within the reality! OK?]

[Feel free to read & to use this ,
lovely Josephine!
Yes, feel free to give it a read,
lovely Josephine!
, , lovely Jos,
really -------

written in English!
Its important not because of this book,
it is important as a matter of principle,
as a matter of the (objective) reality,
as a matter of the time we live in,
it is important for (
achieving) all of your life!
Under 2% of the
ppl this requirement.
, , English!]


() :
( ) TO (really) (and deeply) UNDERSTAND how the (objective) world (really) works;
[] truly understand thyself(s mind)!

really to self-do, lovely Jos,
a true (moral!) your (, & economic) !
really manage your own religious real mind(set), lovely !
What for?
to really identify1, recognize2 & know3 the truth (reality) [and the (ir)rational characters of other ppl].
, & ,
to really pursue1, to really (very ) achieve2 & to be able to really keep3 (intact) your own real ,
as an individual qua individual, , !
, lovely Josephine, -
to really
be(come) the (one and only) real god of (your own real) thyself;
to NOT
, NOT, NOT BE an absofreakinlutely MINDLESS
[or a parasite; () ] - all over the time-space of the universe!
For as long as you live (your one and only life), & , (the objective) .

The art.
The (st)
art of reading by a (sm)art (wo)man!
The delight in reading of a rational (wo)man!
This is a delight, that sets you free, for good!

lovely Josephine, .
an irrational
) () (i.e. mind)
above a certain age,
() ()!


really , (& )!

So, (&
) , lovely Josephine?


My book, my thought(s),
principles, my actions,
my own (achieved, deserved) results.
My (
flourishing) life(time). My world.

, lovely Josephine,
upholds (& withholds) some/all
fundamental (ir)rational values!
Most of the books are doing it
& .

Reading (rationally) this book;
to know your own TRUE self ;
& to live passionately for your irrational values!
Living out loud, upholding the rational values!

Its about rationally living, lovely Jos,
YOUR own
life &
to really (be able to)
achieve great flourishing results,
on YOUR own
(objective) terms/values (of thinking, motivation and action)
i.e. living a life from perspective!
(in fact) to treat you -
lifes all about (ir)rational (voluntary) relationships. To never feed (off) negativity!
really consistently (& actively) managing/reprogramming your own mindset,
based on the objective
persistently ( everyday fear & conformism ) implementing the emotional rational methodology
(self-made) ,
, , to give negative ppl too much power in your life! OK?
Thats all. And Ill really hit (& heat) you up, lovely Jos!
But it aint easy! Achieving
/earning real abundance/flourishing
is not easy, lovely Josephine! Not at all. But can be done. Really!
[Living the best life, that you (really) can! But how (to do it)?
By using your (rationality of the) mind - to the fullest!
Doing really efficiently (long-term) productive work -
to experience
peace of mind, joy, 2Us & beauty.]
, lovely Josephine,
you should really, really
make (a desire for) reading your best friend! Yes!
And then, lovely Jos, to [be able to] convert it into rational action, life-long!

To read a book. And to think about the MORALITY that it presents/supports!

A truly rational (wo)man, lovely Jos, makes a really brilliant use of her/his mind!


( , ) , ;

yes, lovely Josephine,
(small letter) /facts (what/whos right and what/whos wrong, and why)sooner or laterone day -
/understandable for the rational ppl, and much later for almost all the rest of ppl, in the long run.


The strong power of the written words. Yes, its all about (written) ideas/messages, lovely Josephine!
Its absolutely , lovely Jos, , , & idea(l)s ! Beware!
And yes, rationally , , [& to practice idea(l)s], lovely Josephine,
[& according rational evaluation & justification]! , () !


the () always speak (, in principle,) (uniquely identify a character) louder than [ , , () ];
yes, lovely Jos, ; action really matter;
truth be told, absolute speak too many
most of the time is (dishonest) small talk
(/ ).

[, , , , , - really (), or irrational.]

the Universe -

, & , .

human , life e , , -

(, voluntary long term honestly & happily):

  & , &.

[, the essence of being just, (true and firm) respect for IR and to treat (accordingly) as he/she objectively () /earns ..

differentiating () according to the (identified) facts and (the way/method of) his/her [(ir)rational; (in)valid] morality & actions.]

- ( ): & , F&F.

Self-interest (, ) ,

  self-esteem - precondition .

( voluntary charity) &

- & - 5 ,

: of ,

voluntary ( joy, pride, happiness & self-) the human qua human.

All a free man really needs to prosper -in the human field- is (ought) to be:

objectively honest & to think freely, based on individual rational values and principles,

in a concrete time & place & context of a (dynamic) matter,

defined & checked

  () & ( ) - hands off, let go, keep off, let it be.

, ,

, , - ; -

( ) ,

, , - ( );

  : -
, , in the name of the common good/interest ( ).

, - on its own, self-sustain-- & ,
& /;


  support- ,
/ ,
respect, passively actively &

 - justice ( judgment) & ,

, & , , . Everything else is secondary.

All ( ) is binary based, :

; value or anti-value; -;

true or false; -; ; ; positive negative ; ;


; ;



joy & happiness or pain & fear -

within the meantime- , mankind.
So, lovely Josephine,
(whos they, a?) have been (sentimentally) singing & (emotionally) preaching (i.e. selling to the individual) for a long, very long time ( ),
staying, , in the of , the wrong ,
all you need is love, love, love /
(capital letter) Love is the answer to all our (human) problems!
Well, lovely Jos,
(small letter) love (theres no. no. no capital letter love) is just a part of the right answer!

But love without rationality ( & objective ) is (kak wealth without rationality) ! Thats blind/primitive (small or capital letter) love/faith - real .

OK? Get it?

I could only love you, Jos
for your real virtues
& values/principles - if and when youve successfully acquired and (every day, and every night) rightly/ and in the right context /apply-,
in the long run,
, (our beautiful) !

- to be applied to me, too.

It should, ought to be a mutual thing; an exchange of values/principles of .

Or else - it does not, it cannot work - it becomes .
OK? Get it?


"Reading makes a full man;
Conference a ready man;
and Writing
(more of) an exact man." -
if really (becoming a) rational there,

( @ 50), lovely Josephine,
E . Really!

- , .
(, ), , .
, . .
, .
, , .
, . .

It is written: In the beginning was the word
Here I am! Who will help me on? 
I cannot appreciate the word so highly, 
I have to translate it differently, 
When I am quite enlightened by the spirit. 
Written is: In the beginning was the meaning
Consider the first line, 
that your pen is not hasty! 
Is it the meaning that works and creates everything? 
It should stand: in the beginning was the power
But, even by writing this down, 
something already warns me that I'm not staying here.
The spirit helps me! Suddenly I see advice 
And write confidently: In the beginning was the act!

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

that we today call Milky way,
() one of its planets (, that we today call Earth)
In the beginning, lovely Josephine,
there was only (non-living) nature [reality];
then, later, came
lifeand of (hu)man.

1 ;
....of the MAN(kind),
() (since theres no such thing as a Supernatural eternal Wizard)!
Well, lovely Jos, , - ,

it all starts with the ( ) (conceptual) THOUGHT1 [ self-()]; and then the according (ir)rational ACTing2! OK? Get it?

And (there are) no, no
, no numbers, geometry or any other magic stuffs i.e. theres no, no, no magic!

, lovely Josephine,

the (objective) truth is important in life,
[yes, the truth matters; yes, truth is freedom!]

the (objective) reasoning [yes, using rationality HUGELY matters!]
can "reset"
the really rational people [to be(come)] free!
Free, free, free!
FREE from the ( based on) COERCION & FREE from THE ( of) LIE
both of these based on
the (absolutely harmful narrative of) (ist)

i.e. FREE form (any form of) the (EVILness, ) !
Because, lovely Josephine,
all the
(really) RATIONAL (non-dumb) people,
the ppl that have (
managed themselves to) become real (free) people,
deeply (and to rationally act on the idea),
, , (, by them ppl rationally & NON-coercively !),
- (of a nation//world)
the (protection of the) IR ( with free market ) ( ) (& ) to the individual!
And yes, lovely Josephine, what a (wo)man (ir)rationally DO matters most of all!


2, lovely Josephine,
absolutely to really grasp, to really identify & to really recognize
our own self as INDIVIDUAL(s);

, ,
[ virtual , ].
-really- personal , in a life(time)!
really (meaningfully) pursue and discover/produce/earn/deserve/happen/make/produce
our own (really rational, & consistent) character,
grow & flourish
our own
(individual) h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s (& accordingly real );
our individual highest & best self! Really.
(individually) /healthy/ ppl () in a nation//world, lovely Jos,
the happier
/better/- the nation//world [really is]!



Its all about rationality, lovely Josephine i.e.
all about (principles of) efficiency, practicality!

Writing (my) life. Of a really mans life.
Writing (my) (
view of life, liberty & the) world!

I consider it
, lovely Josephine,
real challenge and
a real great pleasure
- to get across MY MESSAGE.
/ ?
(, - in BG a very, very much a tiny minority of) ppl;
for the () ppl UNDER (MID) 40S and living in a NON- & NON-authoritarian (NON-democratic & NON-FREEdom-based )
.. living
in a (semi-)CAPITALISTIC (= demoCRATIC or FREEdom-based) (based essentially on FUNDAMENTAL capitalistic principles).



   this book? Who is NOT my target reader?
[Who cannot (l)earn, lovely Josephine, his bachelor's degree in 
the rational morality, 
   in the rational politics, the (business &) economics from this book (by the Ro(b)cast Alternative Media & Reality TV), 
 cannot really [(l)earn how to] self-master his own living - in order to be(come)really  & really  BG
real winner, , ?]

This book, lovely Josephine,
provides food for thought
RATIONALLY ppl, (are on the way to) independent1 & 2 (, , , ) !
This book, lovely Josephine,
is not, not, not really
(no matter of age)
() - BG, , is full of ppl;
, , really the (indoctrinated) ()!
of (moral, political and economic) altruism! And ()  .

book of mine, lovely Jos,
really & really way
, by using the right method

in the right & in very ,
lots of
 fundamental principles of the (objective) reality & the (real) rationality,
, lovely Jos,
real knowledge, real practicality and real joy:
for really intelligent & really productive ppl that want
(are -passionately- interested) to know more (exactly whats really going onin lifeand why).
Thats all.
Right makes might, ! Really. OK?
[reading] this book,
if you really want and
if you really c
-a-n (afford -to understand & - it).
, , (rationally blinded) ! ?
you ought to UNDERSTAND (& accept), lovely Josephine,
() (todays ) (because collectivist )
( ) ( )
() in this book.
( ) objectively intel (rational) ,
( ) , .
You, lovely Josephine,
( to build ) YOUR rationality; , for your own self!
OK? Get it.


, you, lovely Josephine,
( ) below 27(-29) years of age
its (-) ( ) too early for you
& rationally comprehend (the true content of) this book!
[, you can be rationally , lovely Jos, 18 27, if, if, if only you have a rational -teacher around you!
to happen! The absofuckinlutely huge majority of the (BG) ppl up to the age of 27-29 are young & stupid! OK? Get that?
And one more thing
brains mature about a half a dozen year than ! Beware! Be aware! OK?]
-. You are too young [too green] a mind!
And, yes, I know, the young adults
(much) - ( much -; -; -; -),
but [in fact] you are not! Really!
No real(ly rational) (wo)man, lovely Jos,
can be ( &)  
(independent ) satisfied with ones own life  ,
and if a woman - , ,  

 rational self (ego), 
 (mind &) ,
achieving & long-term keeping )   (& Positivity bias personality),
, e, e, 
lovely Josephine, if, if, if
from the moment, that you (really) achieve (the age of) your intellectual 
of around 27 years old; a     !) 
for the next -  
only ( ) with   (your own)   having   (just a) !
dont be stupid, lovely Jos! Dont waste your (personal) highest (realrational) value! ?
No, no, no (young) mind, under the age of 27
(-29), lovely Jos,
( ) in
to really UNDERSTAND & mentally (, consistetly) APPLY
(core) objective (complex) principles (based onto a rational value system) of () - .
-to rationally comprehend core principles/values (described in this book)-
can (& should; ought to) really happen within ones own 30s!
Get it?

Yes, lovely Josephine,
a rational (wo)man should, ought to really
KNOW thyself
latest by the (early!) 30s! A , , when in his 50s,
is absofuckinlutely TOO LATE i.e.
at that age a human ( if ) is TOO OLD
to be(come) a happy !
Yes, it is
absofreakinlutely TOO LATE! ,
yes, , ! ? Get it?
time matters, lovely Jos! Absolutely! So, dont be a dumb! OK?
, , , lovely Josephine,
( & ) ,
, achieve- in !
to live a truly fulfilling life, lovely Joss,
of age 33 53 is absofuckinlutely ! , !
, ,
of life in the reality! OK? Get it?!

[ , , , TO START at the ones own 50s or 60s!
A truly rational (wo)man knows, that
time is really short, theres no time to waste!
So, dont be stupid (as the BG majority), lovely Josephine -
be(come) a rational (& independent) doer, and
do achieve early in life
the meaning of life; and keep it life-long! OK? Get it?]

, 30- ( ), lovely Josephine,
( )
within YOUR 30s); &
then to keep & expand it in YOUR 40s (& 50s)
, ,
lovely Josephine,
( his (early!) 30s )
critical/analytical (method) of
(no matter his social-economic )
, ,
any kind of ,
lovely Josephine, :
reasoning- (psyche),
his own happiness in life!
() ( )
, ;
of the fakeness of the great(ly unhappy) pretenders!
, ( ) ,
, lovely Josephine, ,
most of his fundamental idea(l)s are irrational (impossible), bad!]
So, do achieve,
& do (rationally) use, lovely Jos,
the critical () (your own) ! Yes,
you are personally responsible to be(
come) () !

Yes, lovely Josephine, you really are!
, lovely Jos, ,
( )
4 23 (, 25-27) , ?
, ?!
, ( ) rationally () !


  Of the (real) CHANGE; of changing (the human entitys IDEAS/values/principles, productivity & living)
- -, @ the individual, @ the social /context.

YES, () . ( ) [become] their own (), (ir)rational (set of) IDEA(L)S! OK?
, ( ) (CAN & DO) CHANGE, lovely Josephine,
(becoming -rational/practical) (becoming -) in (their) thought, motivation & action!

YES, lovely Josephine,
YOU ought [i.e. should be(
come) able] TO UNDERSTAND (whats & whos) the (really) good and the (really) evil [i.e. the really good vs the really bad ideas],
YOU ought [i.e. should be(
come) able] to (THE ESSENTIAL) (-) [i.e. the main principles vs the supporting principles],
( ) ( ), lovely Josephine, () -, , , -! ? Get that?

, ,
(a Bulgarian)
ABOVE the age of (mid) 40s [i.e. Constitution],
( ) with the (objective principles of) reality the world [of a (un)practical mans mind],
[, based onto (
), (non-)emotionalism, () & (private, , , collective) ]
well then, Im (for you),
Im TERRIBLY sorry,
, - , , ( & )
if you dont know ( who) you really are!
of your life(time)
positive ( ) (, ) , , ( , ) really ;
, (,
POSITIVE) (of the individuals morality, understandings, view of the world/life/liberty, ideology);
(further) negative , lovely Jos, is very, very likely to happen, () rationally !
by the time of your (mid) 40s
, , really a (basic!) rational () of (& action).
() ( into) ()! Yes, you really are [,because method () is absolutely essentially ]!
So, AFTER that time, lovely Josephine,
, , (really) ; () ,
, , //shaping/ () [ =ones own self i.e. ones own mind/reasoning = ones own main (set of) IDEAS]
it has ALREADY become BIASED , based on his own (ir)rational[ly accepted] VALUES!
Yes, after that age [ () -] we ALL really (ir)rationally BIASED (, , )!
, after that age, lovely Jose, ( , ) (ir)rational VIEW of the world that we live in!

by the time of your (mid) 40s you are not a rational , ()
YOU - are (too) greyish a mind [a worn-out mind in moral context],
that cannot really change (or be changed) for the better, long-term!
Furthermore, you (and the others, too) know how (un)competitive you really
based on what youve really (un)achieved in IHS terms (by yourself) in your life, so far.
So, if you are in this
just look @ yourself
& you, if
honest with your own self,
will know the (un)pleasant truth
of ( , ideological & )!

(the age of) his (mid) FORTIES, lovely Josephine,
(& educated) , omfg,
(s)he CANNO
T really (do the big fundamental) CHANGE of his own (ir)rational IDEA(L)S
i.e. is NOT really able
() THE (either rational or dumb) METHOD OF his own (ir)rational THINKING,
(all the main set of) (ir)rational of life, liberty, ( ) !
So, are YOU , lovely Josephine,
(in IHS terms)
NOT quite (and to add to )?
, after the mid 40s, lovely Josephine,
really fundamental big , really really , within the (objective) reality of his own life!
Of course, to pretend otherwise, ?
, , ,
ever !


A , above (the golden jubilee of) your 50-th year - absolutely not!
Its absolutely not for you!
Its absolutely
too late
for you!
[if you have not acquired real principles by that age, youve turned yourself into a ]
For (
) knowing yourself.
For a real change, a positive/good/practical/moral CHANGE
based not, not, not onto
blind faith & emotions [i.e. ()], but onto real rational method(ology) of thinking!
truly & fully enjoying (your own) life(time)! Youve no time! (Your) Time is up! Sorry!
The (BG) world is full of (wo)men with really stagnating (long-term IHS) results. Thats a fact.
I dont like that fact, lovely Jos,
but a fact is really a fact for all the
rational (i.e. logically thinking & acting i.e. ) ppl!
, ,
! (to try to read, & understand it. You simple cannot and will be & confused the content/idea(l)s of this book)
this book! , , for you! OK?
(real) - this book will NOT provide value to you!
, if by this age you are (still being) an irrational mind,
you shall never be able to really understand this book;

a - , if ( ) you try to read it irrationally copy-paste of its ideas,
again will happen the same youll get no, no, no real value! Get that?
Well, it would be nice, lovely Josephine,
such ppl , ?
all them, lovely Jos,
, , the gigglers, , the drunks () of all ages (& classes)!
the () , too. () () . All the dumb ppl.
Once again, lovely Joss,
look at all them ppls (their own) actualized talents, that produce stagnating in the longer run (IHS) !
Yes, after all, lovely Josephine,
its (always) all about the reality of the individually (mis)achieved (IHS) !
And the(ir) according


Of the (positive & possible)
really changeABLE (

(using) rationality,
coming) ()
& (objectively)
in thought1, motivation2 & action3.
[Yes, it all starts with a thought, lovely Jos,
with an (ir)rational (school of)
thought 1,
which produces ones own (ir)rational
motivation &
action3. OK? Get that?
And no, its not easy to change
the heart
an emotionalized in thought person,
is in fact a thoughtless
creature, who can be(
come) DANGEROUS or can even
turn into a (polit-economic)
Monster for (many of) the ppl!

A rational person CAN change
the mind of another
rational in thought person,

, lovely Josephine,
(objectively true) conceptual
/structure ( set of principles)! OK?
Only THE SMART ppl can
understand1, know2 & differentiate3, lovely Joss,
( ) , ,
The irrational ppl
(the smart)    ,
(rationally (the objectively) 1 (stupid).
(the smart)  
(rationally (the égalité) 2 (evil & vicious). 
Changing YOUrself towards the good,
, , towards ;
it is (),
cause its only based on faith & emotion,
, , facts, REASONing & logic!

() ?
About 60 days.
()( )?
Well, lovely Josephine,
it depends only on the individual (
) -
it could be a few years , it could be ten
or it could be never
On average?
Theres no average, its only individual!

 could be this book? Who is my target reader?
[Who can really (l)earn, lovely Josephine, his bachelor's degree in 
the rational morality, 
   in the rational politics, the (business &) economics from this book (by the Ro(b)cast Alternative Media & Reality TV), 
 can really [(l)earn how to] self-master his own living in order to be(come) really  & really  BG
real winner, , the ?
enjoy (your) living, on Earth.]





Of this book. Of life, living.
Of (ones own) world, within the reality.
Of the world out there, out of the cave!
Out of the (doctrine of) !
Outside the (dumbness of), lovely Jos,
rational blindness i.e. thoughtlessness
i.e. (of the real)


all the rest (of the minority) of ppl
[i.e. intellectual -of their individual mind- about the age of 27 , in the 2-nd half of their autumn years] -
well, well, well,
I m
welcoming all of you here
to really try to comprehend
the (objective) truth (of things) out there, within the real () world (living)!
So, welcome, lovely Josephine, out of the (intellectual) cave!
, lovely Josephine, of rational blindness (dumbness)! Absolutely!
So, be my guest, but (you must) do it
truly rationally! OK?
Be my guest here - to my personal (
i.e.) ideology!
I salute you

you most probably can!
You most probably, lovely Jos,
(l)earn how to enjoy (your) life, , ! Rationally!
life is real,
yes, life is real, life is real,
life is real (theres no parallel// up in the Skies),
beautiful, lovely Jos,
and can be(come) beautiful (& successful) to you, too! Absolutely!

njoy (life, your life),
, , , lovely Josephine,
(BG) ppl do try to [] emulate/imitate the enjoyment [oh, those great (& dumb) pretenders!],
but [to] do it absofuckinlutely ; to earn it, to deserve (your) happiness!
, living happily, living , lovely Josephine, is for your own sake! Absolutely!
Success is my breathing space
I brought it on myself
I will price it, I will cash it
I can take it or leave it
Life is real!

Life is
real () ! OK? Get that!
So, (you ought to) be(come) !
, , is not easy, not at all;
its a hard, hard job to be done all of your active years, (the coming of) season!]
- this book (of mine), lovely Josephine,
is essentially targeted at
children of) my grand-children! OK? Get it?

Thats my true audience; the products of this book are targeting the young (essentially the yet unborn) people!
Im targeting time! Yes!
[learning (how) to really love and (how) to really use] rationality (on bigger scale), lovely Josephine,
is not a fast & easy process (especially
ppl, our terrible ),
is (hugely) time consuming,
is a multi-generation process! Yes, really!

Because I know, lovely Jos, that the truth will be revealed, one day!
Because the truth is timeless! And (the ppl of) the world become
smarter, truly rational!
And because the (objective) principles
() the ! , timelessly! In the reality!
a really rational () to focus itself
i.e. to identify, , to understand, to evaluateand to rationally apply (act on) them, in the right context! Why?
really a (successful) happy (wo)man!
And yes,
( really )
in the right (objective) way, in the right (true) context,
( )
[ practical of]
the rational (,
, , - of) morality1 the (only) morality of objective thinking & practical action;
, efficient (individual) politics, efficient (individual) economics & real () !
that possess ( ) the rational morality, lovely Josephine,
(could at all be) truly & fully happy all of their individual life-time!
Yes, only the rational(ly integrated)
values, lovely Jos, the (life-time process of a truly) happy (healthy) living!
OK! Get that?
Now, then,
all you ought to do, lovely (young) Jos
if really a smart woman,
is to
[really acquire the rational background, ) (l)earn (how)
to (really) (consistently
) think [in principles],
to be (really) motivated &
to (really) (persistently) act & logically
i.e. in the non-delusional
() way and in the long run
i.e. to rationally cultivate YOUR own
[, ] be(come)
an  smart & strong , not a stuck & stupid [i.e. a zombie] ! OK?
Dont fuck yourself up over (a version of) !
Because if you do
, then you shall be absofreakinlutely lost, UNefficent and not happy, in the long run!
It ain't easy,
lovely Jos,
it aint easy at all [to rationally achieve that knowledge; it takes a lot of time & efforts], absofuckinlutely !
And can be really done,
could be consistently (l)earned accordingly, to the best of ones own self,
! Absolutely!
Read & think globally big [ really , , , , the (great) majority of ppl], lovely Josephine,
but start small (its an objective all businesses principle);
(learn to) read & think [and  
in a truly serious & rationally organized way!

, - ; shall be really INefficient - for you; and (you) shall not (consistently & persistently) happen your highest & best self!
A, to
be(come) ones own highest & best self, lovely Josephine,
that is
the (most important) of ones own life(time)!     
So, welcome! Welcome, lovely Jos!




THE M💡ND; updating upgrading your knowledge to be (truly & fully) reality compatible,
by using the (method of thinking of) rational morality, lovely Jos.

The main goal of this book
[The message of this book]
[ [ ],  (),
to truly [(😉)earn to)] rationally (on his own)!
(learn how to) Use your rationality, lovely Josephine!]

The main goal of this book, lovely Josephine,
is (all about) the real passionate pursuit
of (real) (self-)knowledge, 
of ( of the) truth/reality,
of (rightly) building your own (real) self/mindset/ 
i.e. automatically   
recognizing, objectively identifying & rationally figuring/choosing [& arranging]
your own (real) values[principles] (, what they should be;  of these  to choose to achieve in your own life within the 4 different stages of your lifetime)
33 years of age (the sooner the better);
is (all about) the
rational mind
(and the according motivation and action).
The mind that:


The (individual) mind, lovely Josephine,
that is really

independent, strong, productive
and objectively, lovely Jos,
the happy - of the rational achievement (of real values)!
mindset, lovely Jos,
really satisfying,
is a real delight

to be
really able & actually capable to put (/ read) the right ( ) /exact the /exact/meaningful .
To (be able -as a human- to) , negative positive ,
r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l-l-y identify, recognize, understand & ( , non-reactively & joyfully -in the name of your own happiness -)
the truth (i.e.. a true principle of the objective reality).
(small letter!) truth, , lovely Jos,
(and could/can be) and should be rationally understood & applied by the right & in the right ;
is non-truth. Yes, lovely Jos!

Too many (of the) ppl, , talk (nonsense & small talk) too much;
most of the (
) ppl have an (in-group!) opinion and want to express itusually about everything,

really objective (personal) knowledge. , - have acquired real
The world is full of them ppl; and many of them are full of
. Absolutely.
They are all around (us);
are the majority,
has been (negatively) influenced by the Media (& Academia).



What this book is really all about?


, lovely Jos,
this book is about THE (human)(reasoning) MIND the mind of a real (productive & ) hero vs the mind of (unproductive & ) dogmatist!

, its about morality (of a mind)! Rational morality vs .
Yes, the morality (values) runs our (individual) mind(s)! Absolutely! It produces the politics, economics, , culture and all the rest of stuffs! OK?
The book is
about the real (human ability of) rational (individual)(successful) ACHIEVEment and
(joy, , peace of mind &) HAPPINESS that it always
vs the common goodness (collectivist) and the suffering it always .
all that stuff shaped
(with the objective reality and fact&logic-based ; and incoherent with and faith&dogma-based )
view of life, liberty, , knowledge, , happiness i.e.
objective, & rational ,
its according , &
social of rational/ .
, lovely Jos,
, yes really , and 10 000 , in the history of mankind,
really category of
goodnessthe god-like character/mind of the real
Yes, !
The , creator, the value-adder. A (real) producer.

has a really beautiful(ly ) mind! really independent, strong, productive ..
healthily happy mind,
& ( consistent & persistent -love of- hard work)
rationally achieves [on his own merit(s) & ()] a really happy living (in lon-term abundance) ( ) , .
, lovely Jos, real ,
theres () a real fight (, a a real war) (going on)
for (getting) your own mind! Who wants to get it, ?
Well, lovely Jos,
the different (ir)rational (set of) idea(l)s, the ideologies! Yes. Its natural.
Beware, lovely Jos, ( , no matter the space-time )
, ,
(be able ) rationally/ ( ) for (achieving keeping)
his own
( objective!) values!

, lovely Josephine, is about
stuff that I truly & fully love - about

() ;
productive creators, long-term value adders & value keepers;
real (), that
live (happy). The winners. Doers.
They can. Really!
[ them winners-ppl  all over the world.  , lovely Jos, 
because of ( of the spirit of) them real heroes,
   better (,  . ,  e  ,) than ever before!]
Writing (my) life mans life.



Having your own (really) (long-term)   (i.e. added value creation) (  ppl  the awesome 1989), lovely Josephine,
 -sweet dreams of the last (1)50 years -   really ()  [BG] (fe)male!
 in fact  (my own) real view of the world;
,  is really 
the essential (stuff);
its all about 
(achieving & applying in the right ) the real (rational) ethics - of productivity!

Its all about [ of] real ,
about   & 
 ( of ppl biz),
its all about ones own real [honest] 
that make a (wo)man a free &
independent individual! 
Its all about [achieving] real
productivity, long-term; 
, its about 
(rationally achieving) the really earned
self-sustainability, self-reliability, 
self-sufficiency & self-esteem!
Its about 
(honestly & single-mindedly) ( pursuing & achieving)  of (individuals) life, 
, in the 
Yes, its all about 
(real) (healthy, ) living, about  &  living!
Yes, because   
   , lovely Josephine,
of an average or higher  in the Strata,
 has really made & really 
know  ,
by using his rational abilities [of 
& choice],
can really   &  
, ,  
cowardishly! ?
, lovely Jos, cannot be(come) an () ;
,  cannot; , too; , ;
a (morally) greyish (
 ) ,  cannot! Get it?

Its all about the (rational) will to succeed,  and (moral) ambition to win,
 acting on real 
 principle!  to be
be(come) really , really  & really 
(according) to the very best & the very most of ones own true abilities & true , 
(  only) 
, in ones own lifetime,  !
, lovely Josephine,
 rationally &  
(, but productively)
/flourishing ones own self ( free market trading, voluntary exchanging values)
the real 
( rational i.e.   &  ) 
is  and really 
/benefitting the country (s)he lives/works for in (and the whole world)!



, , ,
lovely Josephine,
can (should & ought to) be ,
can be , ,
can be
productive and
can be
, ; a [to be] just a duck. Of course!
And should and ought to be
a duck. Can be a duck.
rational (hu)man is based on
the rational
/ideology/morality/ & objective .
[] () cannot (ever) be.

The (glory of the) self-made (hu)man. The (real) fighter. The (real) value creator & value keeper. The () .
The life-long (successful) doer! The primary mover! The producer!
Thats the kind of (hu)man, lovely Josephine, that shall never ever go out of style, in a free society! Why?
Because, lovely Jos, such a (hu)man is the essence/basis of a free (
productive & prosperous) society! That is why!

Yes, I
like love the real most (of all the ppl) - for his (real) innovation & productiveness
i.e. for
(the abilities of) making/happening himself (, through applying honest rational efforts,)
(independent &) , real Positivity bias (wo)man
for making the world a (really) much better/happier place (in IHS terms) - for living!
Each according, , to his (real) abilities/, of course. !

- economic   - 
[, , an artist, , ,
-, - -,
all of   absofreakinlutely, scum] 
, lovely Jos, can only exist in a free(r) , , , in (the publicness ) a state like !]               
 ----- of (all the) human  & human , 
a fighter  the (real) change against the status quo - , , , & evaluate- (new) ,
, & ,  intensively, fully-, passionately & ,
 private capital, his own time & energy business!)
 (be able to)  in real terms /  long range, 
& ,  
[, ( )] 
  , lovely Jos, 
! Really. , .  ( )  , ( of) .




, lovely Josephine,
(proud) capitalist (living in a -semi- free market society),
the motor of the world;
the self-made)
really ( ) objective , motivation, priority and action/doing ( the wrong - many different in shape, color and form ),
/independently () rationally ,
/independently consistently
/independently persistently
- &
objective ,
(his personality) &
guide- ,
& ,
absolutely )
(or add-) real value & ! ( / , , , !)
() & ( )

(, and consistently, )
& ;
, .

, , (& can never be) really ( ) --------- ( ), lovely Jos,
, ( real interest ) ( ) (real) intellectual values!



, lovely Jos,
the really (
)able & ,
free & ,
with taking care of practicalities & money (in a non- & non-inter-- society),
objective ,
- - to increase, keep and protect! ?
lovely Josephine,
, , &
[ , & ,
(, , , , , , , , )
, , , , , ,
really (fully & healthily)
to satisfy his own
rational self-interest:
( really ) healthily happy , !
ts why!
, , lovely Josephine,
(functionally) , &
i.e. n radical CEO () -
[ , , , moral , )
the change, ideas,
evaluate-, , change, ideas,
evaluate-, change,
, ,
evaluate- , ... ... -
(always) , (always) ( ),
(of ppl) , , & () .
The change, lovely Josephine,
is one of the properties of the whole somethin;
[ & ( , () ) constants are constants, variable are variables, , mix- ( ) (the way of) :
, , - (, on a whim) , ,

( of) , ( ought to)

, & ;
( ) !
[ , ,
, , ( & )
, in fact,
the peace of his own mind & - & choices & !

at root,
& evaluate- - ( ) context
, & :

joy, work, , , respect & !
better off ( , , - fully completed)
i.e. the [make/build/(l)earn-] happiness,
his own
love & passion for sense of life & ,
in the very first place ( : -, & - );
this is primary!
Everything else
is secondary
: philanthropy,
(terribly) ;
(terribly) ;
(terribly) ;
(, irrational) (-);
(terribly) ! (life: - objective )






, lovely Josephine, 
the entrepreneur, 
(,  and all the state-cartel public servants)
is not  , 
but is an  
problem solver
            , , , , 
,  & ; 
an efficient f-a-c-i-l-i-t-a-t-o-r
             in real terms 
-------  i.e. really
--------  of 
(all) the ppl; 
and at the end of the day makes   (& the ppl) happier
 the real
/  - the bigger the better   ( )!



, lovely ,
the reality , , ( ) ,
() (& external)
to the
( !) - problems;
[all the stuffs in a nation, region, world]
() [successful!] solutions! Get that!
() (& external) , lovely Jos, omfg,
only very, very few ppl
very many problems of the many ppl!
And no, lovely Josephine, all () ppl , , ;
ALL REAL , lovely Josephine,
the majority of them , , (practical) ! ?
. the ( of) !

The P&P&P model: of INDIVIDUALISM i.e.
the (UNcompromising) protection of the IRs ( & free markets) i.e.
the (social-economic system of) (real) CAPITALISM!


            (rational) , lovely Josephine,
                        is an
individualist, a free marketeer, (, , just a rich or !)
            , (really) clearly ,  
             (-) , 
            theres (and there can be) no, no, no external &
collectivist(ic) solution(s) 
            to the problem of  
(uncertainty, worrying / anxiety about thyself)
                        theres only (and there cannot be no other, but)
individual(istic) (, , non-utopic) solution to all problems  
()    of his own (cap)abilities & !
So, dont be an irrational
, an absofreakinlutely , lovely Jos!
- you shall never be (positivity bias) happy personality!
, you shall be failing the meaning of (your own) life! !
            , lovely Josephine, 
            the  rational 

                         ()  of the Strata, 
- /player 
of any , -, ,  
free market (economics) society, 
- & -//practical 
-, of course; , is a successful achiever; a hero!
the whole of the casino socio-economic) !

Where do you see yourself, lovely Jos,
in say, five or ten years time?
Can you

rationally see/project your future self?
What are you gonna do about it?

Real  or real ..

 real , lovely Josephine,
            ! Absolutely! 
               (abilities) to really self-do this  
(of enterpriship; of doing enterprise, on the - free market) 
            in the 
 rational way 
                        i.e. the practical
/honestly efficient way.
            Yes, lovely Jos,
            the real  & the real   
            should be & ought to be  hated celebrated! Celebrate the (real) producers; celebrate (your own ) productivity, in IHS terms!

            - & -  
(& admiration) 
(vision & ) 
(real) free market a - -
            real  & real   
            immense passion for his 
             (value added; efficiently done) 
  () & effort,
                        consistent & persistent energy, 
                        true creativity,
                        rational vision  
(serious and objective) achievements, 
                        efficiency &  success - in the longer run of  life. 
          The winner & the  , 
                        in a - /, 
            rational (free market) 
- no matter of his , (social-economic) , , 唅 his own /doing.

            Yes, , lovely Josephine, 
                         the (really) greatest stuff, ever!

             ( , , & ),
no matter the nation,  or race, 
( )! Yes. 
            Lets  the very, very much important , (all the ppl in) 
            the world ()  
 ( of) polit free market  
( pseudo )
the primary
                        the  , 
            of the really free market 
(vs the - ) economics. 
 real  & action  , 
              all, all, all the ppl in this nation are benefiting, too!  - & happier is this nation
i.e.  -, - &  the nation/region,  . ?

            , lovely Jos,
an really honest (.. loyal/respectful to the facts/principlesof the o-b-j-e-c-t-i-v-e reality) and
competitive (based on & applying )
mind ( the mind),
             long term   (/) 
                        at root, 
             , motivations and actions 
(moral, political & free market economics) 
            (- )
  & , 
[oh, that  -greyish-  !   !] 
             projection  / 
(hyper link-, consistent- )
            Practicality,   and  . 
                         & . 
                        Achieving, achieving, 
() achieving really parasitical 
                        productive & 
// flourishing (in personal IHS terms) life,  .
            And the winner  
            is the 
false  rational mind - which, never in history (so far), has been the /average/majoritys mind/mentality/culture! 
(really) rational mind 
            is the best 
(and the most beautiful) working , 
            that puts his 
(practical) ideas (seriously) into  and is usually rewarded (with happiness)   (by the reality), . 
                        The really rational mind is the true mind. 
              really  & really incorruptible ,

rationally /understand - , 
(.. independent mind, based on  rational morality)
            could/can be  happy, in the IHS terms, in the long run.  mind 
            can be   
            living in an irrational world
/region/nation - its   mind! Based,  , on 
            the rational -moral & practical-  i.e. 
            set of () objective ideas & method
s, put ( ) into the right context.







Yes, lovely Jos,
its all about the virtue of
, , , idealism, materialism
put into (the principles of) the practice/reality,
into the right context,
into the right time-space
successful mind, (of) really () , in IHS terms.
A beautiful
earned/produced real (private/personal/individual)
(of a strong body, strong economics and a strong/rational psyche; all in)!
Well, lovely
& young ,
my sub-goal of this book is: after youve read understood itreally & fully understood itto start doing the intel - based on your own
(rational part of your) mind & the highest possible (objective) standard of value i.e. of real thinking, real motivation, real priority & real action! Why?
For the only meaningful purpose of living -
pursuing your own happiness!
Welcome to the
godless - rational & secular- !
& young ,

. Try to think about it:

Joseph Rudyard Kipling


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, dont deal in lies,
Or being hated dont give way to hating,
And yet dont look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dreamand not make dreams your master;
If you can thinkand not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:
If you can bear to hear the truth youve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: Hold on!

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kingsnor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything thats in it,
Andwhich is moreyoull be a Man, my son!


   (increase &)   ,
     /stagnate (are being UNable)
   (the rational & the objective)   .
   really     ,
  (, because confused)    
   a  ,    .
    (rationally) ,
 (tried to be)       ,
        (skepticism & )


   (4Zs) ,   ,   ;
do not be , do not be () , be a realist.
   ,        (stay a realist)

  /smart,    /irrationalist,
   (small letter!)    ,
     experience- (small letter!) ,

   , ,      .

   (small letter!)     ,
           ( ),

  /capable        real
     (,  )    ,
if ,     
    , ,   (---) 

  (small letter!)  -  ,

  (coherently)    .

     the majority (explaining what a value/principle really is)   () your own  &  ,

  ,      (really) (in the long run)

  .  lovely   .


     (earned, deserved, successful by yourself) ,

,  ,   ,

 (),  !






If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, dont deal in
Or being hated dont give way to hating,
And yet dont look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dreamand not make dreams your master;
If you can thinkand not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:
If you can bear to hear the truth youve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: Hold on!

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kingsnor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything thats in it,
And which is more youll be a Man, my son!

Joseph Rudyard Kipling




O ( )


- -


; ;
, ;
, ,


! !




IF (you really can!)

(my edited , courtesy to all other )


(really) () ,

(,based on real principles,) ,

a , [and never ()]!

, , .
, , ,
, ,

( the
negaliving ),
experience- ,
, , strong.

if ,

, , (-) your (-based morality)

(will power, objective & rational choice) -
effectively & efficiently
the (objective) ( of) .
() & ,
, (really)
(healthily happy)
( valueable)
lovely objectively (and meaningfully) !
& successfully ,
(real) [ ()] ,
(honest, healthy, rational, really in thought, & action .. objectively & in principle ) ,
, (real) ! A [serious, not ] (hu)man.




So, welcome!
Welcome here!
Welcome my (grand-) (grand-) sons & daughters,

Welcome and you, lovely Josephine,
welcome to the machine!
Where have you been? It's alright we know where you've been.
You've been in the pipeline, filling in time,
provided with toys and Scouting for Boys.
You bought a guitar to punish your ma,
And you didn't like school, and you (should, objectively) know you're nobody's fool,
So welcome to the (objectively knowledge) machine.
Welcome my son, welcome Jos, welcome to the (world of free will, rational) machine!


If it comes to pride with a philosopher then it is a great pride.
His work never refers him to a public, the applause of the masses, and the hailing chorus of contemporaries. To wander lonely along his path belongs to the nature of the philosopher. His talents are the most rare, in a certain sense the most unnatural and at the same time exclusive and hostile even to kindred talents. The wall of his self-sufficiency must be of diamond, if it is not to be demolished and broken, for everything is in motion against him. His journey to immortality is more cumbersome and impeded than any other and yet nobody can believe more firmly than the philosopher that he will attain the goal by that journey. He has truth; the wheel of time may roll whither it pleases, never can it escape from truth. It is important to hear that such men have lived.

(Friedrich Nietzsche, 1890)


beliefs , lovely Josephine,
applied consistently & into objective (-) (moral) ,
, -

( )
how -
(by using the right/wrong, rational/irrational, objective/non-objective methodology!), .
a Benjamin Franklin
( in economic terms) e ,
, , ,

(absolutely ) :
1 & 2 (THE IR) 3 - !
( ) (rational & secular & civilized , , Jesus Christ, Allahs - )
() ,
lovely Jos,
(i.e. moral & practical) ,

& apply-
(in thought and action, credo & , , real-lifes, everydays () problems)
the better off ,
in the name of
(achieving) his own (healthily) happiness,
in the name of his (beautiful) life.
; within the frame of his own individual abilities and capacities biological, /economic & /spiritual.




A (fe)male

, lovely Josephine,
(put into)
the right context
(the essence of this book):
( & ) ( a human)
& rational
(moral & ) (that are really existing!),
into practice ,

(, , no matter the uncertainty & complexity of the future, ):

really & really
, ( ) (, ),
& free & productive & happy
/honorable ,
noble man, long term, , internal comfort, peace of mind, & prosperity
(healthily) happiness;
, () (functionally) a or absofuckinlutely (, , usually, & ),
crazy ( , (self) , imge),
( )
- ,
[for the deserved is the (l)earned] (functionally)
, ! [ all of , , , , , & ( human ),

( ) ,
absofreakinlutely (), () guide- , , lovely Jos,
& ( ) ,
, , & (, , ) !]
, two cases, lovely Josephine,

the (ir)rational
& ,
(ir)rational [(un)true, (ir)rational & (in)consistent)
of () 
Beware, be 
aware, lovely Josephine, 
             absofuckinlutely , copy-paste

                                                                                                                                  , all kinds of
                                                                                                                                  lots of
                                                                                                                                  () , 
dont (you) be stupid, lovely Jos, 
            to integrate this stuff into your (lovely) mind, 
             () into an absofreakinlutely 
delusional mind!
, (mind)!
            You ought to be real 
smart, real  and really [healthily] alive !

The Guy in the Glass

by Peter Dale Wimbrow (18951954)


When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf,

And the world makes you King for a day,

Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,

And see what that guy has to say.


For it isnt your Father, or Mother, or Wife,

Who judgement upon you must pass.

The feller whose verdict counts most in your life

Is the guy staring back from the glass.


Hes the feller to please, never mind all the rest,

For hes with you clear up to the end,

And youve passed your most dangerous, difficult test

If the guy in the glass is your friend.


You may be like Jack Horner and chisel a plum,

And think youre a wonderful guy,

But the man in the glass says youre only a bum

If you cant look him straight in the eye.


You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,

And get pats on the back as you pass,

But your final reward will be heartaches and tears

If youve cheated the guy in the glass.


 So, lovely Jos, (you ought to) be really honest!




of a truly MORAL modern human, a
real INdependent (wo)man.
[All, all, all
the IRrational (), lovely Josephine,
are trying TO
So, these people are DIShonest
. Yes, absolutely!]

of a
successful (competitive) (private) business ().
In all honesty, lovely Josephine,
the truth matters! Absolutely!
In all honesty, lovely Josephine,
truth is not relative! No, its not!

{It means: to always search the truth, but not just (believing)
on faith,
to not just on faith to believe in a
Wizards delusional tower of stone,
but it DOES NOT necessarily mean to ALWAYS tell the truth! OK?
And yes, lovely Josephine,
you ought to learn (how) to detect dishonesty (fraud) in (your) life -
by using your rationality!
irrational people are morally & intellectually dishonest people!
the irrational ppl (radical)
ppl, most of their (life)time are full of anxiety.
, , who beLIEve in fairy tales (unreality)!}

( ) , .
(, & ) .
moral & intellectual) , , UNtruth.
, ! (& 4Zs) .

( & ) !

() !

(the absofreakinlutely) (), (),
, , lovely Josephine, ()!
. . Bad morality. !
() , !
, , !
, an irrationality, a dishonesty, always fails;
, based on irrationality, always fails;
(), based on irrationality, always fails;
/, based on irrationality, fails!
it is INcoherent with the (objective) reality!
On the (
todays coercive) social(ized) DISHONESTY -
on a grand (
EU, BG) scale; !
the radically irrational ppl, lovely Jos,
) in ( ) ,
based on (
dumb) of Great Wizard!
Wizard always fails in the long-term!
100 (billion) , lovely Josephine,
if a human is truly rational.
f anything may go.
, all subjectivists, non-objective minds.
So, ,
lovely Josephine! Dont be(come) a mystic!
Never be(
come) a statist, a collectivist, a liar!

Honesty (& objectivity) - truly !
Honesty - the only right (i.e. rational; objective) moral policy! OK?

Be(coming) a rationally reasoning ! (good) !
It is SUPER IMPORTANT, lovely Jos, to be(come & stay) an honest human!
It is super important, lovely Jos, to be(
come & stay) a (truly) moral human!

E truth (rational) virtues, values.
Never lie, lovely Josephine! And never give up! Use your rationality!
And never, never ever [(un)consciously] be(
come) a mystic!
always matters! Definitely! Yes, absolutely!
, lovely Jos,
in the first place) , , !
And yes,
(dis)honesty, lovely Jos, every character;
the (ir)rational & (non-)good morality of a human!
, absolutely , lovely Josephine,
honesty (& truth) () () real ,
, lovely Jos, is a truly rational ,
based on mystic beliefs () /!
, lovely Josephine,
() (wo)men , ,
irrational absofreakinlutely (are great pretenders),
, & , ,
1, integrity2 & efficent efforts3 the CORNERSTONES of
the ( ) () of happily living!
rational , , , tribal-!
That should make (to you) good sense if you use your true rationality!
Without being honest (consistently coherent with the objective reality)
you can (& shall) not be a happy human i.e. you fail the meaning of life
i.e. youre living a meaningless life, a
fake life, a (version of) negaliving!
Because if you do not understand (
) or honest (but a coward)
about the facts of the (objective) reality, then you are
an irrational human!
An irrational human
, lovely Jos, cannot ever be a life-long happy persona!
So, being honest, honesty, lovely Josephine, serves your own happiness;
being dishonest, dishonesty, always makes you unhappy in the long run!

, , () !
[ , , ()
/ , , , , ?!

THE () , !]
, / ONLY ,
( ) WISHES, !]


[Truth-identifying & Truth-telling]
Honesty- One of the most essential values.]
[Lying on (behalf of) a good , lovely Jos, 
is  absofuckinlutely (,  & psyche)  
 the individual,   the society/nation//world!
Only bad stuff can come out of being a dishonest , lovely Jos!]


( ) really !
, lovely Josephine,
(!) () -
firmly, strongly
, ,
() rational (values) ,
, ,
onto () !
, !
really (dumb) irrational people,
abso(freakin)lutely !
, ,
lovely Josephine,
to be(come)
(. )
& dishonest !
() !]

, Ǒ ( ) ()----! ? GET IT?

() ()
.. () hypocritical (wo)men absolutely
(intellectually) dishonest (standard of) moral . !
 (searching  for and reaching the)  
(& putting it into the right i.e.rational context!), lovely Jos,
there can be no, no, no rational (real, objective) morality 
of success, security, peace (of mind) and spirituality, in terms of IHS
i.e. cannot be, cannot be achieved (any real) happiness! OK? Get that?
The corporatists (; ) , lovely Josephine,
the self-respect! , corruption & resentment!
, :
peace of mind!
, , () ,
but just pretend to be! () !

the (absolutely irrational) PRINCIPLE of
(populist ) .
Dishonesty so many
()! .

, () (wo)men, lovely Josephine,
() ! Why?
, lovely Jos, cowards! Thats why!
They are (
4Zs) irrationalists:
, irrationally (, )
their own interest?!
, !
huge () , lovely Josephine,
dishonest, ?! !
, !
, 1, 2 ()
3 /, lovely Josephine,
really applying the principle of integrity]
cannot be
achieved, ever! Why?
these stuffs are
practical idea(l)! UNpractical idea(l)!
especially polit ), lovely Josephine,
(to do) , ! Polit ,
the political
(only )
only (all kind of collectivists-),
& only people - in a nation/region,
- (in a way) !

, , lovely Josephine, really
, dependent , no matter his wealth or intellect!
(morally & intellectually)  , lovely Josephine,
that has productively built &  () 
that has honestly earned (
by his own) all of his (real) values,
really  & really  (wo)man!
(really) actively , lovely Jos,
[to practically achieve]  
() , long-term i.e.
a truly & fully (successful & proud) 
happy living, based on his efforts!
The dishonest
(, , ) is irrationalist,
and any
irrationalist (tribalist) can never ever be really happy,
no matter how (not) well he
pretends to be () !
Because, you see, lovely Josephine,
this is only a matter of
rational principle (, based only on values)!
Yes, lovely , 
earning !
[So, tell me, lovely Jos,
are you being REALLY honest to yourself & to the others?
The rational (wo)man is the honest (wo)man,

! ? Get it?
So, tell me, lovely Jos,
do you want to
(can you really) be a really honest
or do you prefer to be (as the majority of BG ppl)
or even worse a big
irrationalist ( in IHS context)?]
, honesty, !

All, an () RR-man 
(and ought to) 
(even if he has to lose some friends, but its OK, because friends like that he can better do without to act on - yes, moral!) 
to tell the 
(objective) truth as he really sees it, as it is, because it is!

I mean, as (s)he objectively & rationally (i.e. morally & pracically) 
sees it, 
not as he thinks 
he is supposed 
(--) to see it!



All the versions of
] !
be(com)ing real () !
the (moral & intellectual) deceivers! .

On the (evil) (yes, its all about ), lovely Jos,
of the (inter-
) liars (, & the greatest )!
[ , , lovely Josephine,
( )
of the (rational) morality! Absolutely!
() , lovely Jos, is absolutely MORAL stuff,
( ) !
Thats, lovely Josephine, my own rational
of fraternité!
You should always apply that rational
against the domain
of the [inter-
-mystical] AGGRESSIVE (& violent)
(all the) !
, , lovely Jos,
All the (radically!) irrational people, all ,
are INcurable of self- () :
CANNOT, CANNOT, CANNOT (are not able to)
differentiate between (morally) !]

Of the world of (
, polit) irratonalists!
On the (-) postmodern Égalité populism!

Of the
( ) (tribal-) ( drug, SJWs)
Égalité populism [i.e. égalité
of the
(postmodern) identity politics,
honest) ,
UNprincipled) - globalism & feminism, !


To be(come) a liar [] is an absofreakinlutely irrational stuff!
This stuff is: for losers only! A
liars worst enemy is an honest friend.
liar, lovely Josephine, likes & values any dishonest (wo)man. OK?

There is no such thing as objective reality; there are no absolutes!
objective , . ! All is subjective!
(, , etc)  only !
Theres no absolute truth(s)! I make up the reality just by my thoughts!
All truth -
as George admits- is [becomes] relative! Yes, it is! says who?
That is, lovely Jos, absofreakinlutely ( of) the post-modern !
Oh, that ( of) absofreakinlutely () () !
, lovely Jos,   individual & social ;
it is an absofreakinlutely moral (and intellectual) [,   

If you see fraud and do not say fraud,
you are a
fraud. Nassim Taleb

(), lovely Josephine, , , sacrifice the truth,
just because
() ! ? Get it?
(), lovely Josephine, , , be(come) a liar!
(), lovely Josephine, , , replace the reality for lies!

Yes, there is a very close connection between
the irrational and the evil!

So, tell me, lovely Josephine,
do you really know who the
real liar is?
Who Is The [
BG, Russian] Liar?
BG, Russian] ?
, , , lovely Joss,
(do not believe in)
, Jesus, Mary !
, , absofreakinlutely, lovely Joss,
( -) !
absofreakinlutely stuffs ,
yes, all of them
all of them
all of them
the greatest ()! !
Oh, those (absfreakinlutelly) , tribalists!
, ()
dumb !
, lovely Josephine,
is the realist,
the self-determined realist,
is a (truly)
rational (wo)man, is the productive & the happy human!
() ( the truth),
[() to be a war drummer] i.e.
to be(come) (& ) dishonest , lovely Jos,
e absofreakinlutely irrational ! (the real) !
absofuckinlutely (like) ! Dominos effect!
, lovely Josephine, irrationalist!
() , , ! non-stop!
! ! ! !
! ! !
, meaningful to a rational (wo)man! !

All the ( ) absofreakinlutely
All the
, lovely Josephine, ! .
, lovely Jos, whose mind is like (being)
hooked on a drug! Really!
Its all about the corrupt mind (
morality)! Corrupt values!
Its the
drunk-like [i.e. () human]!
And a
drunk-like morality .. & culture; its a lunatic-like mentality;
a minds repression (& depression, suffering)
[ irrational human (
) !
, , obeys () (a God of) !
, , ) , , lovely Josephine,
(morally & intellectually) dishonest ppl i.e. immoral & PRs; !
George Orwell once observed,
the very function of political speech is to hide, soften, or misrepresent difficult truths.
It would be naive (or cynical) for anyone in today's world to act shocked when a politician tries to hide the real truth from the public.

So, tell me, lovely Josephine,
do you really understand,
- (, -) , - , whole !
-, -, -
fake (-smiling face) , -, -, -negativistic (s)he is!]
So, remember lovely Josephine,
that you shouldnt deal (
with the dishonest ppl (
Governments) -
these are: liars,
() !
[, any & context!]

, lovely Josephine, ,
( !) an absofreakinlutely huge (irrational) ,
( ) (& multiculturally); dishonest (postmodern) ppl!
to rationally
search for (comprehend) & to ( & explicit) say (and act on) the truth (about ),
, :
1 2 (3 & act4) ,
( ) ! ( bad )!
Thats a bad methodology, that produces a bad morality (, bad politics, bad economics & bad ) of dishonesty!
makes it really tough ( sometimes ), lovely Jos,
(to really have)
, good (). And (to experience) a good life(time).
e (to experience) a dysfunctional life(time)
absofreakinlutely pretending to be happy, no matter that you are not, and cannot really be!



Stick to the truth! Stick to honesty! Thats really best for you!
And for anybody,
is a rational , ! ?

" " -



"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell
Always speak truth to lies! Time will (certainly), lovely Josephine, back you up!
So, never lie, lovely Josephine!
 and achieve all things in a (productive) way!
And do learn (how) to recognize all the lies told by the irrational individuals.
main types of ( telling)  -
packing truths with non-truths (and telling these as -)
telling the truth
out of 3 !
types of , lovely J
can be recognized as (
, )
logically ()
inconsistent/incoherent (with the reality),
if & when dissected by a mind,
by such a truly rational mind, lovely Jos,
is persistently using objective principles () them lies!}

The absofreakinlutely worst thing 
a (wo)man
can do (for himself/herself) (and absofuckinlutely must not)
to (rationally) see (understand; to know) the (objective) truth [(principles of) reality] 
 ( not tell , but to) 
tell (or act on) 
a lie (to be a liar, , gossip (fe)male, , immoral ) 

and I,  & ,  the 
(--) / MORALITY 
as a 
( big) lie; 
, humans, lovely Jos,
( -)

 ( , )
, ever,  & , 
 introduce- & apply- 
( free ) in fully  the rational morality!
[As opposed to 
(primitive & subjective) giggles, non-sense & (-) pragmatism,
the morality of   todays Standard
the race to nowhere, or even worse the fast   to down where!]
So, beware, lovely Josephine,
MOST of the (BG) (wo)men are absofreakinlutely LIE-LOVERS! Yes, they love to (every day) TELL LIES (in so many ways), !
yes, lovely Jos, those people are absofreakinlutely , that are full of the NEGATIVE PERSPECTIVE ( VIEW of life),
are loving to REPLACE the (facts of the objective) reality with (emotionalized) FAIRY TALES & (all kinds of) CONSPIRACY THEORIES, !
All (versions of)
, lovely Jos, ( & ) ,
& other peoples minds , ANXIETY & (deep) !
Oh, those , oh, those () ! , (& ), , absofreakinlutely Negativity (irrational) minds!
So, be aware, dont be stupid, lovely Josephine!

,  ( , ; )
, lovely Jos,
()  () 
( mankind-a )  , , . 
The more time it takes, the higher & worse the price/cost to pay.
 the things will get worse 
(hard to survive), before they get better. 

, lovely Jos, 
-, lobbyists, , parasites & 
(and hopelessly and desperately & they do) 
buy time, 
 they cannot 
(fundamentally & structurally) 
change the outcome of deficits & huge debts 
( regulations and spending & tax increases: ).


, lovely Jos,
( , , !) 
 offer-, , 
 ( , )   (omg) , spiritualism & success. 

who (TheFreak),

is offering 

moral (i.e. ) support,

, absolutely , -human ; -intellectually
(to understand and to awake the mind )
rationally guide- (and exercise-)
the choices
that he makes in his life,
objectively better off (in all lifes aspects & )?
i.e. to (rationally & ) build a truly beautiful (sweet) world () & and his own (real) values!
Yes, to be
to (truly) say:
hello, my wonderful world! I absolutely & totally love you
the way that Ive
honestly built (i.e. earned) you, on my own!
By using
the rational , , , !
A, , , lovely Josephine,
the greatest (living, will & reason)
(in thought & action), of all! To be able to preserve and
to be able
(, based on the rational method, any version of ) to absolutely justify
, & passionately
one's own existence
, self-making, experience and higher (real) self-esteem!

To be able & to be,
when you accept to possess the sense of being right,
(objectively & rationally) know that is
a sense of certainty & security
(of fulfillment, joy & healthy happiness) in your own (could be beautiful) life, within the (objective) uncertainty & complexity of the (ones) future (, which is unknown, of course).

, lovely Jos,
into the practice/reality
(and I really mean it!):

truly objectively
{ ,
the way to competitive(ness): success, profiting & (cost-)effectiveness

i.e. the objective goodness, - Strata.

Reality + Rationality = moRality & Rightly.
R+R = R&R practicality: the foundation of the model of
Peace (of mind) & Progress & Profit [Prosperity], P&P&P,

[the application of] passive/
active, forceful
effortful and cost-efficient (practical) productive



, lovely Jos,
and better (way of) life -
the (productive) individual, no matter of (the objectively achieved) ones own social-economic Strata.

, all an individual really needs
to (l)earn (how) to
objectively & rationally,
, ,
be motivated
- in the long run, based on (universal) values/principles and method(ology).

Thats it.

Welcome, lovely Jos!




book, lovely Josephine,

is my vision i.e.
/real/ principles i.e.
(, politics, , ; guidelines ) of

life, Homo sapiens,
IR, liberty, property, contracting,
creation/innovation/production &
exchange of values,
sexuality and
of the individual (healthily) happiness.
Its my full
rational e-v-a-l-u-a-t-i-o-n,
based on fundamental core (
) abstract values & moral principles.

This book
is really my
(personal) philosophy, objectively within the of the rational .

Lovely ,
gorgeous Josephine,

please remember,
wo)man either (freely) chooses to be
into the domain of the rational thought, motivation and action i.e. the rational
(P&P&P) philosophy

or else
, ,

like it or not,
understanding it or not,
of (irrational conceptual thinking///delusion) - dumbness / evilness; D&D&D .

() -reality;
() stupidity;
e . . . , !

Every (wo)man, lovely Josephine,
(sub)consciously chooses
to live his own one and only
(mortal) life(span)
in the domain of reality/rationality/RR
or else - is living his life (sub)consciously into
(the much, much bigger, larger, wider and deeper of the)
and the social drug
/ (of the majority)!

Think (start thinking) (about these things), lovely Jos!
Do you want to be a part of the
(BG, EU, worlds) () majority (of ppl)?

You are choosing, every day (and every night), lovely Jos.
So, d
ont be stupid, but be (really) smart; unlock & explore the energy of your own () power.

Jos, lovely,

& confused , objectivity, consistency, & sincerity in deficits,

smart () too ,

here I am,
proudly, uncompromisingly and in full honesty

presenting to you, my (grand-)children

my own (philosophical) manifesto (set of objective and rational values/principles),
thats (been) guiding really , my (quality) life (by productively pursuing & achieving the objective and rational values and value creation) -
staying in the long run always within the of , rationality and the chosen/earned/deserved P&P&P !

very much (intellectually) (its quite a high /bar; its not for everybody),
& pleasurable,
(and self-knowledge accumulation/integration)
, lovely Jos, 
by the 
(morality, ideas, culture, behavior of the) , the status quo!

Yes, lovely Jos, absolutely -
to really rationally and really happily 
do with your own life, your own 
(objectively & rational) way!

Now, lovely , 
            this one is for you:




Joseph Rudyard Kipling


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, dont deal in lies,
Or being hated dont give way to hating,
And yet dont look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dreamand not make dreams your master;
If you can thinkand not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:
If you can bear to hear the truth youve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: Hold on!

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kingsnor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything thats in it,
Andwhich is moreyoull be a Man, my son!


(increase &) ,
/stagnate (are being UNable)
(the rational & the objective) .
really ,
(, because confused)
a , .
(rationally) ,
(tried to be)
(skepticism & )


(4Zs) , , ;
do not be , do not be () , be a realist.
, (stay a realist)

/smart, /irrationalist,
(small letter!) ,
experience- (small letter!) ,

, , .

(small letter!) ,
( ),

/capable real
(, ) ,
if ,
, , (---)

(small letter!) - ,

(coherently) .

the majority (explaining what a value/principle really is) () your own & ,

, (really) (in the long run)

. lovely .

(earned, deserved, successful by yourself) ,

, , ,

(), !




Ready? Really ready?
Are you really ready to (radically &
) reconsider your views on the fundamental /principles of (un)happy living?
I challenge you, lovely Jos! I challenge your ideas, your (method of) thinking, motivations &

Lets (steadily) go, then. 
Inside, and really deep,
 the objective 
(i.e. non-mystical, , social media) 
, ,
and has never been,
a matter of personal opinion, ,   or taste.
And long live 
(my own beloved band, that Ive watched live a few times in the great 70s) 
(really great) Queen!(, based essentially on )

            Come now, lovely Josephine, (welcome to) be my queen. Ill make you so.

Because I can. I really can.
And you, lovely Jos,
also could -
if you rationally understand and
integrate some of the core (real) principles described in this book.
( ) (),
based on fundamental rational !
consistently & persistently (), (). Why?
achieve objective values i.e. to enjoy (your) life, to be long-term happy! till your old age!

And yes,
I challenge you to really [try to] read this book [and get into all the fundamental principles it states (for you)],
-to read or not to read it, lovely Josephine,
try to think
, lovely Jos, !
[ .. .. ], , , !
, ,
lovely Jos,
. lovely .


(earned, deserved, - by your actions) ,

, , ,

(), lovely Josephine!
A your life is absofreakinlutely doomed [by a god] to a negaliving! !

OK? Get it?

So, hit the road with me...lovely Josephine,
with the absolute magic of the

that will truly guide (& glint) your (path in your) life(time) within the reality,
that will
shine (the light ) onto your GOOD personal intellectual (& economic) development without absolutely no, no, no !
So, welcome, lovely Josephine, to the reality & rationality lifebook: a (true) celebration of (a) life, based on (true) !